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Everyone good, first into the SEO industry friends may generally think: Website optimization is simple outside the chain construction and internal chain optimization. Of course, these two points in the Web site optimization process is played an important role, but imagine, if a site is all text and no pictures, it is not to appear to be monotonous? So, today to discuss with you how to start from the site's picture to do SEO optimization. A friend may query, picture optimization is the minutiae, the role of optimization is negligible. Well, since there is such a question, then we may wish to first on a flow statistics screenshot, we use the facts to speak:

Our most science and technology website believe that A5 friends should be familiar with, before we also take this site as a case to explain how to quickly improve the PR value of the site. We can see from the above picture, this website obtains from the Baidu picture search the traffic to have more than 500 IP, accounted for the total traffic 8%. This shows that if a site's picture optimization is good, then the Web site's contribution to the traffic is also not! As a focus on the Internet technology and application of the blog site, the most scientific and technical cast personnel on the site at the beginning of the more Abundant website mapping optimization up and down a lot of kung Fu, the following to talk about, How do we do, hope to give you a reference:

First, to ensure that the image can be crawled by search engines

This is through Baidu image search to bring the key to flow, imagine if not included, then how to talk about traffic and rankings. Many times because of our attention, save the picture of the directory by the robots file to cut off, I hope you seriously check. Set the robots.txt file of the website to ensure that the image files can be crawled by spiders. Be careful not to use JavaScript to link picture files, because the search engine is unable to retrieve your picture document.

Second, set good picture title and Alt tag

We all know that the search engine is not able to identify the content of the picture, so the most important thing to do is to do the image SEO is the need to be in the attribute tag and contextual hint to tell the search engine what the picture said. In reality, many people only attach importance to the ALT tag, in fact, the context of the content is also very important, in what kind of context in what kind of picture Baidu has its own analysis, on this point, we search in Baidu to see the effect of the picture.

Three, picture name and picture keyword Best related

This is mainly for keyword ranking use, you can consider, a picture name (for example: 20120212.jpg) and the picture keyword without any correlation, with a picture name (for example: zuikeji.jpg) and picture keyword correlation, if the weight are the same, Who will the Baidu put in front? The result is self-evident. In addition, please note that the name of the picture suggested that you use Pinyin, Chinese characters are not suitable for search engine "understanding", English Baidu and "do not understand".

Four, the picture also needs outside the chain

Like the website or the article, the picture if wants to get the good rank, also needs to have the outside chain support. The more times the image is referenced externally, the more likely it is to tell the search engine that the picture is more popular, and the likelihood of being found and included is greater. At the same time, its weight in the same type of picture will gradually improve, get a better ranking is taken for granted.

The anchor text pointing to the picture should have the keyword

Sometimes we need to use hyperlinks to open a picture, and the name of the hyperlink should contain the keyword of the picture. For example, the most technology web site is ready to do a description of our own site, so when the reminder click should not use the "click to get the full size" and other link text, but should try to use such as "the most technical @zuitehch website introduction" And so on the name form.

Vi. images need to be localized

The principle is the same as the 3rd. If you are linking to a picture of someone else's site, so can only be for each other accumulated weights, and you want to do in Baidu image rankings, it is impossible, others Baidu Spider is following the image of others site, how can you release to, Baidu like the original, do not save space and lost traffic oh.

Well, do a good job of SEO optimization, is probably the above six aspects of it, basically in the site optimization of the details of the work, but it is these details, Make us pay attention to the Internet technology and application of the most scientific and technological get a good ranking and flow, a word to do SEO friends to encourage each other: Details determine success or failure!

Above is we in the Picture SEO optimization actual combat process to make the experience to share, hoped everybody adds our qq:2603044372 to carry on the discussion research, hoped everybody may concern our science and technology blog most technology thanks!

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