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For nearly 10 years, the game industry in the domestic development for all to see, whether it is the end of the tour, the page or the hand tour has a considerable range of gamers, but compared to the world's more developed countries and regions, the game industry in China still has a larger development space, at the same time, Game industry in the development of the problems encountered are beginning to surface, such as the original quality of the game is scarce, the original ability to severely restrict the development of the domestic original game industry.

Business model for quick success

In the domestic gaming industry, quick success of the business model led to few like "World of Warcraft", "StarCraft" and other entrenched gaming industry for decades and the emergence of the game, blindly pursuing rapid development and commercialization, which led to the game in the development of the game core culture is missing, through a simple copy imitation, Shoddy game making is hard to form a cohesive group of gamers. For many foreign classic games, we will clearly find that the domestic game in the theme of the game set, operating mode and the game experience there are too many deficiencies, such as in the original game. Just rely on a simple adaptation of a novel or movie, it is difficult to make a unique culture of the original game, so the development of the game in the production of domestic game makers may wish to further stand in the direction of making a good game to understand, after all, with the domestic game environment changes, the quality of the game can be more attractive, Market competitiveness will be stronger, such a game often can be recognized by the game group, with more lasting vitality.

Pure imitation leads to original loss

Relying on imitation this is the biggest sticking point of the domestic game in the lack of original ability, a classic game will often be copied to infinity, for example, there are still many 2D game developers remain in the "legendary" era of ideas, but when the game to play the game experience is difficult to feel the classic charm, and then like the "World of Warcraft , "StarCraft" "Diablo" this kind of game is also being a lot of domestic game developers are competing to imitate, so that gamers feel uninteresting, the game of curiosity has been reduced a lot. Relying on the imitation side is because the domestic game open business technology is relatively backward, on the other hand, because of the lack of innovative game talent, small game companies are difficult to have independent game development funds and strength, while the big game companies are more inclined to agent foreign games in the short term to obtain profits, These aspects also exacerbated the trend of domestic game imitation wind.

Learn the domestic advanced game concept

In the future fierce competition in the global game market, the open degree of the game industry and mutual influence will further deepen, want to further enhance the domestic original game level, it needs domestic game developers in the continuous upgrading of application technology, increase the game industry funds to invest and cultivate more game talent on the basis of More active learning of foreign advanced game concept, forming a good interactive cultural exchanges, to create more of their own original quality games, so that the realization of domestic games from the quality of the transformation, so as to get more gamers favor.

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