Dream Integration WordPress Blog System Method Introduction

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In the dream site to integrate a WordPress system, for the increase in the number of sites to upgrade the site rankings are very helpful. This article describes in detail, how to use the Dream system Integration Call WordPress Blog system article.

1, Dream System and WordPress blog system installation.

Dream System and WordPress blog system in the installation should choose the same database installation. Otherwise, the integration of the two cannot be achieved. During the installation of two systems, three important parameters, including database name, database username, and database password should be consistent.

Dream System can be installed in the site root directory, wordpress blog system can be installed in the/blog directory.

Attention to the problem: Dream system and WordPress system in the reinstall, the database prefix can not conflict, otherwise it will cause both systems can not be used normally.

2, in the Dream System home page call WordPress blog system article

Here is the default dream template For example, explain how the Dream System home page call WordPress blog system's latest article.

1 Modify the Dream homepage Template:

In the Dream homepage template, add the following code to the appropriate location:

{dede:sql sql= ' select ID as post_id,post_title as Post_title,post_type from wp_posts where post_status = ' publish ' and POS T_type = ' post ' ORDER by post_date desc limit 0,10 "}
<a href= ' http://www.iesheji.com/blog/?p=[field:post_id/] ' >[field:post_title/]</a> |

Command explanation: The above code calls the dream-dreaming SQL tag. Dreaming SQL tags can directly read the contents of the database. The above SQL statement can invoke the latest published article in 10 WordPress.

Note the problem: The red code above wp_posts represents the WordPress system datasheet, please change the default database prefix wp_ to your wordpress system prefix. Please change the hyperlink URL to your website address.

2 Regenerate the Dream home page.

After the regeneration, The Dream System home page will be able to display the WordPress blog article.

This article introduced in detail, the most basic Dream System integrated WordPress blog method. If you need more personalized integration call requirements, please contact love Easy Design Shandong website Building Studio official. The original address of this article: Http://www.iesheji.com/News/news_255.html. Reprint please reserve the official link for easy design.

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