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A5 as a popular and very popular webmaster sharing platform, its forum every day gathered millions of of users in the exchange. For such a mature webmaster communication community, we are learning to build station knowledge or optimization knowledge, can find a lot of good resources. For friends about website problems, the A5 forum is an important place to find answers. But a lot of friends in the group to respond to their own do not know how to quickly find the relevant quality stickers, after all, some popular hot post itself to answer is irrigation, to the chain and reply, such a post does not make sense. Today I teach you how to find relevant boutique bar.

First in the question and answer section to find the top recommended stickers. In the A5 forum, each of the posts approved by the moderator will be recommended or the top of its plate, and the post itself has a certain degree of precision. Of course, for some version of the activities such as the regulation can be ignored, as shown:


Top Sticker for Boutique


Recommended topics in the boutique

From the picture we can see that the top sticker in the red Circle is the forum of the question and answer the essence of the posts. And by browsing the top recommended posts, its content must have strong readability, after all, moderators also need to be recommended by the user's needs, if the user does not like this post, or the readability of the post, the user's value is not high, but also to recommend the top, it will certainly reduce the forum in the eyes of the user's grade, Randomly put a post recommended top, is a user irresponsible performance, I think no moderator will do it. When we understand this principle, nature to find quality stickers can be made through the top and recommended posts, this kind of posts will be fine.

Second Look A5 daily ask this sub section. Today's daily question not only brings together the hot questions of the day, but also focuses on the weekly review, the monthly review of these two posts, and can enter the daily question and answer posts, itself have excellent answers. We can understand this, in the daily ask this sub-section of all the questions have a corresponding answer, no matter which one you see, the moderator will be the answer attached to the question below, as shown:


Figure I


Figure II

As the author casually open a daily ask the post, we can see, which can enter the daily to ask this sub-section of the post, it must have a good answer attached to the question below, so that we in the forum quickly looking for relevant boutique stickers to browse, you can save a lot of search time, And it's better for us to choose the answers to the questions we need. Therefore, the webmaster in the A5 question and answer forum to find boutique stickers, so often pay attention to a daily ask this sub-section can let you save a lot of the false quality of popular cheat posts, at the same time for us to find the solution to their own problems or to increase their knowledge of processing, apply a word of advertising is, the daily question is worth your browsing !

Finally look for the index sticker in the sub section. This is believed to be many in the A5 question and answer forum to find the quality of the posts of webmaster overlooked, in fact, the beginning of the author also do not know what the meaning of the index, most of the time is regarded as an ordinary post, in fact, when we want to find boutique stickers in this section, I think that every index posts should not let go, such as the author to flow this index post examples, such as figure:


In the vast post, you will notice the value of these two posts? After all, although there is a fine and fire icon behind it, but put together, it is difficult to appear prominent, and we want to find quality posts, such index posts are very valuable, let's take a look at, as shown:


Open, we can see that the first post introduces the definition of flow, and then some stationmaster more concerned about the problem, and these problems, each was selected as excellent answer, for us to find the section of the boutique posts browsing is not very helpful ah.

So that in the A5 question and answer section to find relevant boutique stickers to browse, as long as you are careful, in fact, is very simple, and if it is not clear, then you can browse the different sub-sections of a random post to see how the composition of the way, and with the growth of A5, Question and Answer forum is set thousands of wisdom in one, for us to learn the knowledge of the website is to help greatly, as the saying goes, slow work out malt, the same careful also can find more boutique stickers. The above is the author to share all the content, this experience by the Royal Mud Square flagship store http://www.ten222.com/exclusive feeds, A5 starting, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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