Foreign media to the biochemical crisis advice: do not change FPS game!

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"Biochemical crisis 5" since the listing has been a lot of controversy, the good place is that it inherited the previous "biochemical Crisis 4" excellent system and evolved to make this a series of fine, but because of the great improvement also makes it completely out of the traditional features of the series. So what is the next "biochemical crisis" game to do to take care of both tradition and innovation?  Overseas website GamesRadar recently made several suggestions for improvement. 1: Please be a little more scary we all know that since the "biochemical 4" system reform directly let the horror of the game greatly reduced, although in the 4 generation we can still feel the game itself the atmosphere of terror, but still let the series of old players disdain.  To "Biochemistry 5" simply is no longer a horror game, even in the game of the song is completely out of horror style, in the battle that is "Passion March"! 2: Please let the game be as bloody as before. This is also starting from 4, killing the enemy after the body directly disappeared, unlike before the blood DC.  To be honest, a horror game without blood is really hard to accept. 3: Please do not always put the old characters out of the "biochemical crisis" always let the new players do not understand the story of the game background, if you make us play before, it is better to give up directly.  Why not consider creating a new role and then taking another perspective to explain the plot?  4: Can't we shoot while we move? There is also a great debate about this, because if it is really improved in this way, it may simply erase the tension of the game.  But it's a bit of a myth that the majestic protagonists can't even shoot while they're walking.  5: The original has been installed in the disc in the Battle mode please do not let us pay again!!  This is believed that "biochemical crisis 5" players are very clear, because this is the battle model DLC is only so small, clearly just a unlock but still have to accept our money, old card This abacus also played too fine? Comments: A large number of bleeding, more shoulder angle of view, while moving one side shooting, coupled with the back to a lot of mutation, how to look like "War Machine", and then replace those classic role, biochemical series of old fans will play? Just call a new series OK, but the last point is very reasonable ... "biochemical crisis 5" in pursuit of a straightforward fight

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