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This article is admin5 compiled by the foreign Webmaster Station translation, hoping to be able to provide some new ideas for stationmaster.

Web links are necessary and natural for network connectors. Search engine based on the number of links and quality of the site, you can easily analyze and judge the quality of a website. Site links are not like other page factors, it is more difficult to manipulate. It is difficult to manipulate web links, but for search engines it is relatively simple to extract related results. Site links in the search engine algorithm rules in the core position, so how to get outside the chain is particularly important.

To learn the site link optimization construction must first understand the "authoritative link" and "trust factor" two terms. "Authoritative links"-these are links from very important websites. These links are at the top of search engines for the most competitive keywords in your industry. In addition, the authoritative website also includes the university and the academic field as well as the government and the library website. "Trust factor"--search engine does not trust all links. In fact, some Web links will not be indexed by Google because of the lack of trust in algorithms or link types (such as in a simple link page or channel).

Website Link building is the core of search engine optimization. High quality, authoritative and reputable links are easily crawled by search engines. Here, we provide 33 links to optimize the construction of the method for your reference.

Build an excellent website

Google's mission is to restructure the world's information and make it accessible and beneficial to everyone. For a website to be successful, you need to have a good reason to let Google arrange your site on the first page of the search results. If you want to row on the first page of Google, you must let other webmaster links to your site. They also need a good reason. As the saying goes, "The content is king," the content of your website is built as "king", it is easier to get more "Queen" link.

1, the establishment of a large number of high-quality content of the site. High-quality content is "King". Look at, and More than half of the existing search comes from their premium content and voluntary links to other webmaster sites. Of course there are all kinds of Xu, but because of these sites, lured webmasters to actively link to the content. These quality links help them build strong brands and make them the top of search engine results in their respective fields.

2. Make a sexy design. A cool, highly featured Web 2.0 website image can attract other websites to link themselves.

Create links "bait" and "tie"

3. Create a list of the best resources for your site theme. This helps users to bookmark your Web page and possibly link it to it. Such a list can include 100 (any number) of the best resources, the best tools, the best pictures, the best web site, the best blog log, the best experts, the best of any thing can, or can be the worst of anything.

4, is good at discovering what the webmaster needs. Contact webmaster and learn what they think are scarce Internet resources in the field, then collect these resources, send them by email, and ask as much as possible to exchange links with their sites. Most people are enthusiastic, so they will provide you with links.

5. Have you found something new? Are you sure no one knows about it? Create a Web page on this topic and send it to webmaster in your field. If it's really as valuable as you think it is, you'll get a link to the site.

6, News-Fresh, the latest news to ensure that you get links to other sites. Releasing a piece of news requires effort, and it takes 24 hours to observe the topic of the news throughout the network. The internet is powerful, and you can't guarantee 24 hours of sleep, and it takes at least two people to track the news. So if you want to catch a piece of news, you need to make careful arrangements in advance. Sometimes you can get involved in a hot topic before someone else, and your news sensitivity is the key. After doing the news, email it to all the news sites in the field, and then your site links will naturally follow.

7. Entertain the public. In the rhythm of life today, everyone rarely smiles. You can provide more articles to make people smile, and people will naturally collect or reprint your article if they feel good about it.

8, create a dispute, and then put forward challenging ideas and new ideas, so that your site will be more people's attention.

Submit your website

9. Submit your website to DMOZ and other free catalogue. Quality is the key.

10, to pay the directory to submit your site, such as the Yahoo directory and Quality is also the key.

11, add,,furl and so on your website bookmark. If you build these useful collections on your site, users can view your profile and come to your site via a link. Perhaps through it, the blogger or webmaster will link to your site.

12. Submit your website to social news website. Like Digg,newswine and stumble upon. Make sure your content is not in the business world, but is high quality content. In Digg, the content of the business world never has a living space. If your article is very valuable to Digg, you'll be able to get good links from other blogs and websites. At this point, when your article is on Digg's home page or when you get a link, you can add commercial content to your article.

Buy links, text ads and quality websites

13. Purchase link. While Google has made clear that it wants to declare war on paid links, smart links are still going on. Try to get a link on the content page, not just a simple list of links. Links in content wrapping are invaluable. Adding links to quality content on a high-quality Web site is most effective.

14, in the link intermediary to rent the link. Must be far away from the cunning intermediary agencies, using trustworthy brands, such as Text link Ads,text link brokers,patrick Gavin.

15, purchase the website. If you have a big project, a big customer or a lot of money, you can buy a quality website at a price of 10000-20000 dollars per website.

16. Sponsor a charitable organization. They may use the website link to return you, so you will feel good.

17. Purchase the old domain name. Search engines Trust old domain names that have established high-quality links. Usually, it's much easier to spend 2000 dollars on an old domain name than it is to build a high-quality linked site.

Create blogs and social networking

18. Create a blog. But don't build blogs for blogging, learn to share your insights, use it to discuss industry events, knowledge, and communicate progress with industry experts. Find out who is the hottest blog in your field and communicate with him. Insightful comments or new ideas will entice them to click on your blog. They may subscribe to or link some of your wonderful posts in the future.

19. Comment on other blogs. People are eager to be concerned, you give them comments, they will pay attention to your blog, and they may exchange links with you.

20. If you know a lot about a hot topic in a field, you can publish a blog post about it. Remember, be sure to focus on, such as an SEO blog bar, you only focus on keyword analysis, link optimization and other aspects of the construction can be.

21. Create your account in some social networking sites. such as Facebook,twitter,friendster and LinkedIn. If you pay attention to others, they will also pay attention to you. They may visit your site and may also link to you.

22, linked to other blogs. Many blog Content management systems will provide link trackbacks, so whenever someone links, the blog site will immediately notify the blogger, then the blogger will check their trackbacks and see what other people say about them.

Access to government and business links

23, join your local industry organizations, access to the Government's website authoritative links.

24. Local colleges and Universities network. To meet a professor, if you have enough valuable information, you can get a link on the education website.

25, to join a better business circle. It's a good idea to do this even if you don't leave a link behind, customers want to see proof of truth before they open their wallets.

26. Talk to your business partners, manufacturers, distributors, and affiliates, perhaps you can get a link from their website.

27. Submit your website to your local, city and government resources. If you can provide useful Web pages, webmaster will link it.

Create links to your site online

28, to meet your peers. Your social connection is also a potential link to your site.

29. Participate in various social activities, conferences and industry gatherings. Building more social ties is the driving force behind your web site development.

30, put your website affixed to your car. This will not give you an Added link to the site, but may produce quality advertising effects.

31, know a librarian to get links from the library's website. Make a university professor and get a link from the EDU domain name.

32. Print your website on pens, t-shirts, hats, cups and other possible promotional items. Some webmaster may see it and will visit and link to your site.

33, put your website on the roof of your house. Google Earth users will see a Web site on your roof so that people will not be able to link to your site.

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