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Dennis Rodman Sina Entertainment news Beijing Time November 25, according to foreign media reports, former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman (Dennis Rodman) in the morning called the radio chat program scene did an "interview", but apparently he was not sober,  Because of the nanhuannu voice on the phone, the process spread directly to the audience through radio broadcasts. This Tuesday morning in the United States, Dennis Rodman, known as "Flower Japper," suddenly called the Hodge-Saidano talk show on the United States radio 790 to talk about his views on the Miami Heat.  But his voice was quickly interrupted by a woman's laughter and wheezing, which Rodman said was the voice of the woman lying beside him. Dennis Rodman is currently in the midst of a rehabilitation phase in the treatment of alcoholism, a behavior that can be said to have ruined all his previous efforts. A spokesman for Dennis Rodman said in an interview: "It is clear that Dennis was not sober enough to remember anything now." He wants to apologize to his family, friends and fans. Dennis Rodman, together with Scott-Pepper, helped Jordan prop up the Bull dynasty, but Dennis Rodman, known as the Bad Boy, had a colourful life, had a rotten film, wrote an autobiography, and also had an explicit description of his and Madonna's bed. (Yingge)
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