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In fact, a-share has long been adjusted demand, but overseas market up, a-share has been down. Now the fund is entering the style switching phase.  Wei Ligang, director of the Consumer Growth Fund in Paris, told a weekly newspaper reporter. From the offensive to a stalemate, and then to the defense, is already 2,600 points up and down the fund's mainstream action.  Position tracking at the Trust Research Center shows that the Fund's position in the first week of May has been the most recent in nearly one months.  De-sheng Fund chief analyst Jiang Saichun told reporters that no matter how the fund views the future, at least this is a tactical action, because the stock fund early positions have generally reached more than 80%, so is currently in the Fund to carry out a structural transfer period. Reporter according to the great wisdom of capital flow analysis, from the general direction, the mainstream capital is from small and medium market stocks into large market value stocks.  However, with the structural pattern of the market, the fund is also showing a structural idea in the exchange of positions.  2600 up and down, the fund structure change warehouse how to deduce?  Micro-drop position only for temporary risk management a week newspaper reporter found that, although the fund position has been reduced, but the reduction is not large, at any time waiting for a new round of market opportunities. According to the German Holy position report, the first week of May showed the most significant decline in nearly January. The average position of the fund with stock as the main investment direction declines more obviously. The average position of the stock fund is 78.86%, down 2.68% from April 23; the average position of the mixed-stock fund is 73.36%, which is 3.2% lower than April 23, and the average position of the mixed fund is 60.85%, which is 1.78% lower than April 23.  The average active reduction range of three types of partial stock funds exceeds 3%. It is worth pondering that, at the end of April, when the stock market adjusted, the fund positions did not sync downward but still increase the position, and in this week's stock market, there is a considerable number of funds to choose a high level of reduction. Industry insiders pointed out that this means that the fund in the middle line is still optimistic attitude, while short-term also in the market upsurge in some reverse operation, actively adjust the warehouse to lock the proceeds.  Overall, the light is tactical, band-operated, which is beneficial to prevent the fund from overheating tendency. From the specific funds and fund companies, the position strategy differences and differences are also quite clear. Most of the funds in the larger positions were reduced to a certain extent.  Rich countries, Everbright, Guangdong, China and other companies have always been relatively heavy position of the fund company generally reduced, while the late opening of the bank, the exchange of the rich to maintain a higher position, highlighting the fund's band operating mentality. Rich-Time Money market fund Yang Guibin told reporters that the fund is now from the early enthusiasm into a partial calm, the position in the past two weeks has been declining. But almost everyone believes that the market will not have the same unilateral downward conditions as last year, so there is limited room to fall.  At present, only moderately lighten, at any time may be based on market changes again. Shenwan Paris Wei Ligang also said that the market is difficult to bear the situation again, economic recovery is the overall trend, if the stock appears unreasonableFall, but it is a better chance of admission. Many fund managers would like to have a relatively deep adjustment for the next round of momentum to do the groundwork.  Market personage Analysis, perhaps everybody bites a chip, but in the near future does not see the obvious decline.  Abandon medicine, logistics reporter tracking two weeks since the main capital flow, found that the main funds in and out of the stock is almost all fund heavy warehouse stocks, the fund in this wave of adjustment in the market played a vital role. On the main capital flow, the inflow of the plate is mainly banks, coal oil, steel and other plate, and outflow plate is mainly medicine, transport logistics.  Prior to the more popular infrastructure sectors, real estate differences, but most of the funds have chosen to lighten the profits. Initial statistics of the fund outflow plate and shares, the reporter found that the pharmaceutical sector to become a fund to abandon the town, the main abandoned stock has sig medicine, 39 medicine, on the real medicine, Shanghai Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine. None of this is a heavy stock of the fund.  Some private-equity insiders told reporters that a large number of funds to withdraw the cloud-dimensional shares, it is also a typical fund heavy warehouse stocks. Non-ferrous Metal plate Zijin Mining, Shandong Gold, Jiangxi Copper industry has also become popular abandoned stocks.  Abandoned the Zijin mining is a typical fund heavy stock, except the first major shareholder is the Hong Kong Central Clearing Agent Company, the remaining nine major shareholders are the fund. Reporter found that interesting is that the direction of the fund to change positions is not mainly the large market capitalisation of stocks.  To the real estate sector, the inflow of capital is not only the main shares of Vanke A, second-line real estate, such as Chen shares, deep vibration industry A is also very active. On the current fund operation direction of the overall consistency, there are funds insiders told reporters that the current information is relatively fast, and the fund exchange of communication frequently, we can easily in the same period bullish or withdraw the same plate, rhythm is almost accurate.  In a sense, the fund controls the pace of this round of market adjustment. Although the current relatively sound banking stocks, real estate stocks are large market share, but does not represent the investment direction of the fund. Data tracking found that real estate stocks and bank funds to handle time is relatively short, or even change the speed in a week. In the early stage of the small increase in pharmaceutical stocks, logistics stocks, the fund chose to abandon the total. From the financial side, although the fund to take the defense, but the tactics in essence more radical than earlier, mainly to reduce the previous increase in the defensive plate, the accumulation of cash chips, to create a stronger pattern of the strong.  Admission to large market shares is only a temporary tactic in the adjustment. Yang Guibin bluntly to reporters: "We feel that some large market capitalisation of the future increase in space is not, the index share money is more difficult to earn." It's just that a lot of popular stocks have risen so much earlier, that's a little bit less. However, some people see the market is rising, think it is the direction of the position, in fact, only the round has risen again it is their turn. "Shenzhen Golden and investment director Deng Jijun direct the reason for the fund, he told reporters that the current market in the long run is still at the bottom of the stage, they have to break the market to maintain confidence 2,800 points." Large market valueSome of the ideas mean the end of the bull market, it seems, is far from this time.  The general direction is still subject investment so it seems that the current stage of the fund layout thinking, may become the next phase of the focus of the stock rally. On the next stage of the specific operation, Yang Guibin said, thematic investment is still a thread through the always. In addition, some pharmaceutical stocks, especially general medicine this year poor performance, but the individual performance is good, this part of the stock is worth a look. In addition, food and beverages are also worth seeing.  Logistics, communication software is also worthy of attention. In terms of individual plates, a Shanghai fund manager told reporters that the expectation is to see inflation, which can become an important idea after 2,600 points. The recent hot coal, real estate and insurance sectors will be affected by inflation. These stocks may bounce back and forth at any time because of inflation, and they can also moderately reduce the allocation of shares in line with inflationary expectations. Another important thing is to step on the point, such as the benefit of the World Expo Shanghai stock Plate, can follow the Olympic stock thinking operation. As early as the countdown to the first anniversary of the Expo, there have been a lot of funds to do the layout, there have been a lot of profits to finish. This year's military sector is also a major theme. In short, the market is now more dispersed, the fund at each stage will be combined with the current hot band operation.  On the new energy sector, he said, some are pseudo concepts, but there is no lack of "real material." These two weeks of capital flow to show the future of the fund layout ideas. Reporter statistics for the May since the inflow of plates and stocks, the discovery of non-ferrous metals and real estate sector has been the main funds back and forth speculation several times. Water supply, electricity, paper printing and other unpopular plate hype began to appear, foreign trade and electrical plate also began to rise. Qingdao Haier, Gree electrical appliances, Shuang Liang shares Liaoning, Zhejiang Oriental, Minmetals Development in recent days have hundreds of millions of scale into. (Refer to the fund roadmap for two weeks.) It is not hard to see that the water supply sector is simply benefiting from the recent rise in water price expectations.  The whole year theme investment runs through, the short-term hype hot spot already occupied the fund operation the upper hand.  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