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In fact I did not do a rental network, today is only the actual and experience here to talk about their own ideas.


first of all we have seen, in the city streets of those rental agencies. A big sesame store, a shabby work, a small blackboard, plus a book of real estate information, in fact, their core is that a lot of junk information. In such a shop, one months income will have a good thousands of! You think, if we make a rental network, how big will the market be?


, let me just say my plan:


website Content Construction

1, Domain name: Reference local area code, ZIP code and so on. I use: I am pengcheng. So call Pengcheng Rental network

2, Website: The simpler the better, what purchase information, home improvement information, those are no one to see, we have to do is to help everyone rent to the house, on the homepage of the call rental housing information on the line.

3, update timely, adhere to the daily update, content to be true, can not let people waste telephone charges, and did not find the house, then he will never come again.


second, information source, information is the core product AH

1, open the listing function, let the landlord himself to register their rental information.

2, Cool News, 58 and other urban classification information channel, their information is very rich. It's a pity that not many people use it, so let's turn his message around.

3, intermediary, to find intermediary add in, give them each open an account, let them register their listings, contact the way also leave their, do not do, they will never come up with information.


Third, the information has, began to publicize it.

1, Word-of-mouth publicity, not out of the house can be rented. Spread, wildfire.

2, poster publicity, often in the community wall, telegraph poles to see, transfer, rental information, we also do. With A4 paper, printed on a few W, platinum-style carpet publicity, cheap and effect of the starling.

3, newspaper classified information publicity. 500 blocks or so can be done for one months, covering a wide range.

4, forum propaganda, in addition to posting, buy the top text ads, this is cheap, the effect is good.

5, wall ads, to the suburbs of the residential wall to spray a few meters big ads, as long as the owner of a pack of cigarettes a few sweet words or dozens of pieces on the line, perhaps this advertising is a few decades, bring a long-term continuous effect.


Four, the information has, the flow also has, should think to make money.

1, the use of intermediary fee system: The previous intermediary must have experienced the site to their users, now free lunch is over, 500 yuan a year. Let them send information free of charge, information in the rental contact telephone to stay in the intermediary. This way is better, do not manage, information someone updated, money someone to pay you regularly, you can go to some other business, if tired, do your landlord at home. However, regular to take out some money, to do publicity for the site Oh, so as to ensure the flow of the site!

2, and intermediary into the proceeds, to the intermediary to guide a user, so that the intermediary to give you a few percent, so also line, but there is a management and distribution problems, how to guide the amount of statistics? Will the intermediary company take it? This is also very difficult, need to have a strong management and coordination capabilities.

3, if it is less money to earn intermediary, want to earn their own intermediary fees, it is difficult. First of all, to solve the source of housing information, the latter to solve the problem of intermediary charges. Unless you're going to open an intermediary yourself, it's hard to do that.

basically the whole process is like this, say very relaxed, actually do, the problem should be more. But as long as you work hard, again, your local is not very strong related competition, the feasibility is still very big, no matter how big the portal does, how great, rent this need is very big, and many portals do not realize this, the portal do basically all-inclusive real estate network, what show ah, second-hand house ah, You don't have to think about it for a while, concentrate on renting this piece well first.


from the beginning, to the realization of money, the whole process will take about a year or so, if you really want to do, to do a good job every step of the plan, to prepare a full amount of money, and then is that each place different environment, maybe this plan in our Xuzhou is feasible, but can not guarantee to get you there can be successful Oh, So maybe people in some places will feel that I am this plan: impossible, or unrealistic. I think we still have to learn to "ingenious" it, leaving the essence, remove the useless.


my qq:50184894 is very happy to share with you, but also very much hope that with you to discuss the establishment of the station.
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