Gold Week market price reduction intensity is obviously less than the first half

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Dealers who have always valued "Golden Week" have started "collective silence" this year.  Yesterday (October 4), the reporter visited the market found that this year's "Golden Week" car price unusually smooth, not as in previous years to play down the price of information, mostly "discount", "buy" concessions and other words, completely less than the first half of the Korean model "straight down million" promotional efforts. "Originally thought that the dealer will be ' price war ' to attract the latent guest, unexpectedly this year's discount is playing ' fictitious '." Yesterday, Mr. Li, who was looking at a 4S shop, said that the promotion did "look beautiful", and that the package, the gift bag, was not a direct price cut.  "The reporter learned that the golden Week these days, in addition to some of the stock special cars, the overall actual price of the automobile market has not been significantly reduced." The dealer's preferential promotion activity appears many, but mostly is the National Day gift package or the repair maintenance preferential.  The reporter found that many dealers introduced the concessions are mostly included in the 3000 national energy-saving subsidies, really belong to the dealers really let only thousands of yuan, obviously less than the first half of this year's concessions.  Huangpu Science and Technology Park in Wuhan City, a 4S shop, a distributor launched "Upgrade does not increase, down payment only 40,000 yuan" promotion, not only do not reduce prices, but play a "fare increase" stunt. "This year, although the automobile market has a certain decline, but is a normal return to the state, promotional efforts less than usual, the price war did not anticipate." "In the industry, car dealers in the consideration of sales will also ensure profit margins, less than the end of the year-end stage, after countless car market ups and downs will not blindly price impulse." (Zhang Lei)
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