Hae skirt under the suspicion of white toilet paper suffered humiliation micro Bo complain

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The humiliated actor Hae March 1 on Twitter Weibo revealed his own depressing mood as the February 28 Seoul Culture and Art awards, which looked like toilet paper, on a tuxedo. Hae porcelain Way "seems to put me in the middle of the playground, everyone is pointing point, ridicule, tease me like ... It would be better to kick me and hit me with your feet. (Photo Source: Korea net) [Page] Hae wrote, "What's the use of telling someone what's in my dress, what it was like?", "It's just a shabby, ridiculous explanation and justification ... Anyway, people are thought to be the toilet paper that comes out of the bathroom ... Is that the only thing that makes it interesting? At the same time, she said, "It's funny to think that it's interesting to enlarge the middle part of a woman's skirt, and even those with arrows, to see it unshaven." Think of the faces I don't know, and feel more evil and terrible than the devil.  [Page] "I occasionally feel that being an actor is something to be thankful for as a lot of people, because maybe it's a matter of caring for me and the part I should feel." But very hard. Because at the thought of this world there are many more than encouragement, but more interested in bad things, like to slander others. [Page] At the same time, she was very depressed to say "this may be just an accident, tomorrow will be forgotten." But it may take longer than that to eliminate the trauma and shame of my heart. Hae explained, "I'm still scared." Before I became an actress, I was a woman, and before I became a woman I was just a mortal who could easily fail, she confided, "I even doubted if I could really live a good actress." [Page] hae at the end, "because I know even so, there are a lot of people who are tolerant of me and support me, so I will get back on my feet."  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page] [Page]
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