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Han came to Singapore single-handedly and received enthusiastic support from fans.  Han Geng signed only 50 minutes, let some fans topological Beijing, October 5 electric Han Geng first to Singapore to do the signing, local fans are willing to Shing queue for 18 hours, Singapore media, "New Ming daily" reported that fans to the signature, that is, the scene of tears, but also dozen security.  According to reports, former Super Junior member Han Geng recently held a signature meeting in Singapore, his Thursday-year trip to the new, two days before the media interview, in the signature meeting, still have to rush for the song Club rehearsal, so strict adherence to only sign an hour, let 200 fans topological. The signature will be held 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but according to the mall lot one shoppers ' mall staff revealed that fans for the first to see Han Geng, the night before 10 o'clock more on the scene to queue, the silly wait 18 hours.  In order to maintain order, the mall also hired another two security Shing "stare at the field", and arranged for fans to queue outside the mall, in addition, it is reported that from Hong Kong, mainland fans also do not fall behind, yesterday morning to the scene of a good bit, during the period, there are Chinese fans and Singapore fans even quarrel.  Han Geng did not let 2000 fans at home and abroad for too long, about 4:10 P.M. arrived at the venue, his debut, fans scream four, and then sing the chorus of "Love Wings", obviously let the stage Han Geng was very touched. The organizer opened at 4:20 to ask the fans to take the autograph, before having bought the song club tickets, and holds the local version of the album can give priority to the stage, but the time is tight, Geng signed about 50 minutes after the leave, so that about 200 of the album's fans to Cry no tears, there are female fans can not cover disappointment, on the spot of tears, delayed to leave the venue  , there are female fans even when the security is "punching bag", a face of Anger, the album on the hands of the security to knock on the head.  Big Dozen pro people licensing according to and Han to get along with a few days down the staff said, Han Geng privately no shelf, easy-going, very good to get along with, he signed yesterday will also go pro-people line, almost with each stage of the fans shook hands, and occasionally looked up to smile. During the year, about 3, 4-year-old little Meimei in the mother accompanied the stage, in order not to delay the time, on stage fans are strictly forbidden to take pictures, but Han is an exception for little Meimei, and soon after, and a young mother with 2, 3-year-old son together on stage, it seems that in the situation outside the children silly hand to the French fries, Han leaned to bite down, but also together to kiss his face,  Envy All fans!  The signature will end 5:15, it is worth mentioning that Han Geng fans will be very automatic, the signature will stay after the meeting, automatically pick up rubbish, clean the scene.   SJ 13 members? Han Geng: As long as I go back to Korea Han in Friday for the first time to meet with the Singapore media, he was in the press conference, talk about the SJ members in Korea to fight the day.  He said that in South Korea on the game show, the production units generally will not communicate with them in advance, video, they often do not know the situation, but also do not know how the host program will "play", everything depends on their on-the-spot response. Although before the debut bitter, but Han said, then the temper helped him to debut as an entertainer, is a valuable experience. SJ Colonel Littlefield is about to enlist, he recently said, looking forward to the enlistment of SJ 13 members can fit, Han Geng smell speech, said to be happy, but said: "As long as the Korean side let me go back." ”
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