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The newspaper "Palace" in the first lunar month in the hot screen, a time through the wind, unfortunately, the end of the TV drama has no choice, and more reverie can only freeze.  These envy hate, Hengdian movie city to cross the fans find a way to vent, the recent film and television City tree a lot of life-size models, waiting to go through the fans into the play. From TVB's "Qin Dynasty" began to Mango Taiwan's "palace", and then this summer launched the "step-by-step", carefully look at, no matter what to wear, are like déjà vu. Yes, the Qin Dynasty, Koo through back to help Feng decoration of the Qin Shihuang throne, in the Hengdian film City of the magnificent Palace Hall shooting completed.  and "Palace" in the four elder brother "heartache Therapy" and the Qing Chuan against eight elder brother and the scene is dealt with in Qing Antoinette Imperial Palace completed.  In addition, all the elder brother to the dry Qing Palace, and the emperor to throne in the South study are all across the cast in Hengdian together shooting place. In fact, through the fans can not envy these characters, they can only travel through a dynasty, to the Hengdian here, want to wear to where to go. Want to witness the "Qin when the Moon Han Guan," the Ancients can only imagine, you can be done in one day.  Is "the rule of the Zhen" pomp or "Kangxi flourishing" wallet drum, you can get a computer to calculate.  "Palace" hasty End, to "palace" fans left a lot of regrets, some fans are dissatisfied with the plot: Four The age of the throne should be more bedding, some people are very sad to read the feelings between the eight elder brother: not shocking enough, not bold enough.  Dissatisfied, want to change, line, "Palace" of the grassroots version of you to interpret. For the throne plot dissatisfaction, line, change! For the Qing Chuan and eight elder brother's tangled emotion, still want to be more shocking, line, change!  What else, want to interpret Dramatis, line, and immediately help you achieve. You only need to carry a very rich feelings, clothing, makeup, script, lighting, completely do not consider, so that you have a full play addiction, to Hengdian film and television City of the site in advance booking, but also for your "works" production disc, let you slowly intoxicated and show off.  Maybe you can really touch the "eight elder brother" Feng Shao in the Han costume and flash in your lens. This newspaper trainee reporter Qinye Intern Yu Yue our correspondent Zhao Handan
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