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At present, China's key news sites have completed a nationwide strategic layout, and entered a rapid development phase. According to the statistics report on the development status of Internet in China published in January, the network news of our country has been developing rapidly in the 2008, and the network news users have reached 234 million CNNIC2009. News website has become the main position of public opinion propaganda, and its status as the four media has been further consolidated and expanded because of the enlargement of the audience group and the enhancement of influence. In the face of the "playboy" netizens in the information ocean, how to effectively provide them with rich and convenient news information service is the key to the development strategy planning of the major news websites. The homepage design of the news website is the first step in the implementation of the development strategy planning, it is very important to take this step, because the homepage is the general hub of news information for the whole news website, which plays a key role in promoting and retrieving quickly. The characteristic homepage can grasp the Netizen's heart at once, guide them to experience the fast, convenient information service, thus effectively satisfies the netizen to the news information demand.

To effectively attract the attention of netizens, to enhance the "attention" level and improve the effectiveness of the information experience, the homepage design of the news website should be based on the full investigation, accurately grasp the information demand psychology of netizens, reading habits, behavior patterns and so on, combined with the target location of the website and the characteristic service provided by the target users, According to certain principles, to carry out the design work targeted.

One, mesh highlight features

Mesh, as the name suggests, is the Web site's eyes, is the first step of the homepage design. Painting dragon still need to touch the eye, the website is so, no matter is the news website or the commercial website, the logo are the eyes, is also the soul, through the display of the logo, can the website purpose and the idea powerfully to interpret. A design exquisite logo, can give netizens surprise, can quickly attract netizens eyeball, can leave deep imprint on Netizen's heart version, finally enhance website influence. Such a logo, people like to see a pair of large and bright eyes, crystal clear, can achieve "June asked poor Tong, fishing into the deep" effect. Logo design methods are many, but the general principle is to strive for simple and easy to remember, vivid image, rich characteristics, strong impact, highlight the strength. In many websites, Sina, Baidu and so on logo design is called classics. Sina to "Sina" as the main logo, let a person at a glance, at the same time, "I" on the point of hollowing out, the cartoon processing, into a "can rightly eyes", indicating that through Sina can clearly see the world, insight into everything. So have a rich imagination space logo, how can netizens not like it? Baidu logo Design, the "Du" attached to the Blue Bear's paw, at first glance, resembles the forward footprints, not only with the search engine services to provide a close combination, but also give people "Baidu can let people go all the way" feeling-Baidu gives people confidence, Give people direction, give people strength!

Second, the overall design concise

The main feature of news websites and the ability to form core competence is to provide massive and high-value news information. The primary purpose of Internet users to visit news websites is to satisfy the demand of news information, the goal is clear and the behavior is direct. News websites should strive to strengthen and not dilute and weaken this function, and to achieve a harmonious unification of expression form and news content. Therefore, in the design of the home page, to strive for the overall simplicity, simplicity, color with smooth, balanced, harmonious; page layout generous, transition coordination, reasonable, word spacing, line spacing moderate. At the same time, to strengthen the function of the news itself, must not let advertising, so to abandon the messy ads, links and so on, so that users in the consumption of news information will not be too much interference, efficient, comfortable to enjoy the news information feast. Because the assorted things together, will dilute the news function, weakening the service theme, so that netizens at a loss. If the home design is complex, tempests, fancy, very easy to let netizens produce visual fatigue, causing them to lose in the gaudy page environment and boredom, not only affect the Internet users stay on the page time, to a certain extent will also affect the Web site traffic and page access viscosity, eventually by the vast number of netizens abandoned. Let the target Netizen enjoy the easy online information journey, it should be one of the important goals that the news website diligently sandwich Sandwich pursues.

Third, the column classification clear

The homepage is the news website to provide the key news and the characteristic service careful design and the combination carrier, can effectively guide the netizen to find the necessary news or the service quickly, and implements clicks the browsing behavior. For the overall appearance of the page and the convenience of Internet users to find access, it is necessary for news information and related services to carry out the necessary classification, to form a clear, reasonable and feasible column planning, and then designed into a site map, the overall structure of the site glance. The homepage is like the restaurant menu, can guide the Netizen easy, quick on-demand "order", if the column classification clear, can let the netizen in inquires the news information and the service at a glance, goes straight to the topic, enhances the visit efficiency; If the column classification is not clear, will let the netizen have the not serious feeling, also can let them fall into the information to sink Do not know the news information or services you need to find, to a certain extent, reduce the efficiency of access, may lead to the loss of netizens, even through the word of mouth of netizens lead to more netizens lost. Therefore, the homepage design, the most fear is "home is a box, the news all into the", which is a very irresponsible behavior. If the same news in many places at the same time, netizens will be at a loss; If a news appears in the wrong column, then the credibility of the site will be questioned, and then weaken the influence, this will inevitably affect the promotion of public opinion guidance.

Iv. Local Characteristics Highlight

At present, news site homogeneity phenomenon is more prominent, what to use to attract netizens is very important, to raise this to matter the height of the survival of the site is not too. To do so, we should study to the target market for scientific subdivision, to find the target audience, accurate market positioning, reflecting the unique regional characteristics and profound cultural connotation and perfect service function, to build the characteristics of the fist news products and services, with local characteristics to win the hearts of the target netizens, to seize the commanding heights of the market. In this regard, special attention should be paid to the situation of resources, focus on the strength to do what can be done, and strive to specialize and refined, otherwise, the force is not caught and everything, is clearly not a good choice, but also form a strong market competitiveness, to meet the needs of netizens information and services will become an empty words. To create a visual impact center, so that the characteristics of news information suddenly grasp the eyes of netizens, improve its click to browse the possibility. Visual Center This position should be in strict accordance with the requirements recommended netizens interested in, readable, illustrated by the local characteristics of the news, and further strengthen the local characteristics. Local characteristics of the strengthening directly from the homepage of the design reflects, in the visual Impact Center to highlight, so as to cultivate users to browse the characteristics of the column awareness, habit, become subconscious click action, effectively shape the website characteristics of the brand. Of course, to avoid creating multiple visual centers, so as not to create a page imbalance and confusion.

Five, the news function is complete

In the era of lack of network news resources, the supply and demand are unbalanced, inevitably form a news website as the leading network news power center, the right to speak in the hands of a few news sites, netizens can only passively accept news, its demand for news information is not effectively satisfied. But in the computer network, the information communication and the communication technology highly developed today, the news website is numerous, the news information is extremely rich, the Netizen no longer is the network news Power Center's weak group, the network discourse right pattern completely subversion. Based on the interactive dialogue of Equality, open network environment, the Netizen's right to speak has been a strong promotion, they can say "no" to the website, you can have the necessary news information to do arbitrary choice and memory, they even determine the survival of the site. In this context, all to from the needs of netizens, for netizens to provide thoughtful, simple and convenient news information services, to maximize the satisfaction of their differentiated news information needs. Basic news Information service functions, such as news retrieval, hot reading, navigation bar, site map, rolling news, community landing, news tracking, personalized news customization. At the same time, to continuously develop and promote new service functions, and make it easy for netizens to see and use these functions, for their news information needs activities to provide as much convenience as possible to improve the function of their access to news information added value, win satisfaction, improve loyalty.

Vi. Strong Local innovation

The network is not fixed, innovation is endless. Relying on a variety of advanced technology and rapid development of the network media, in all respects to maintain the trend of continuous innovation, especially directly with the vast number of Internet users face-to-face friendly interface-home. Therefore, the content layout and overall style of the homepage of the news website, in order to maintain a relatively stable basis in the local position bold to change, to alter the face of the stiff, outdated image, to adapt to the vast number of Internet users to seek novelty, change, seek odd, special psychology, to maintain the continued interest of netizens. In particular, the first screen, can be described as a land-inch gold, should be based on phased work deployment, targeted to make part of the adjustment to netizens often create new, eclectic innovative image. At this point, you can learn from the experience of traditional print media, in the font, font size, color, row, news picture composition and so on according to the news content and the needs of the News Guide to make corresponding adjustments. such as the logo, banner, as well as the location of news pictures, can make more bold design, why can the column name only horizontally, and not as the newspaper title like the implementation of vertical row? It should be pointed out that when the strategic planning of the news site changes, the home page should be a major adjustment, Even radically changed to meet the needs of new strategic deployments. Of course, before making this decision, should conduct the necessary network opinion polls, fully consider the wishes of netizens, in the final analysis, netizens satisfied or not, is the basis for decision, behind closed doors, wishful thinking to upgrade the revision, will only thankless. Not to the good of netizens, not to mention the brand-building, public opinion guidance.

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