Housing lease volume soared twice times rigid demand to buy for rent push higher rents

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Rent peak season approaching, Shanghai, housing rents rose 10%. Xu Xiaolin morning paper reporter Shen Yu July approaching, with the university graduates, rent a house, find a stable job is their concern of the top priority. In order to save money, most graduates choose the way to rent together. The reporter visited Shanghai many real estate intermediary found that, although the housing monthly rent generally rose about 10%, but still by a large number of tenants favor.  Real Estate intermediary Business Center also from the housing sales to rent transfer, the recent lease turnover significantly increased, and some turnover even doubled twice times. Rental per capita in the rental of more than thousand Yuan Hu is graduating this year, after the internship has been in the Xuhui Day Key Bridge Road, an education and training institutions as trainers.  The job was found, but another problem before him was not solved--looking for a house. "The company is near the Shanghai Stadium, originally intended to rent a house in this neighborhood, but this side of the room for a monthly rent will be 2500 yuan, has exceeded my salary." "Xiao Hu reluctantly said, after a number of online inquiries and their own thoughtful, and finally decided to share with their classmates in the Pudong Jinqiao plate Long I. Road near Taierzhuang Road two-room households." "Although this is far from the company, but the morning 1 hours in advance of the subway is not a problem, just an average of 1000 yuan rent or let me a little too much."  According to the monthly report of the 2010-year university graduates ' follow-up survey published by Max, at the end of May, 2010 college graduates signed a monthly salary of 2316 yuan in May, of which the undergraduate and higher vocational graduates were 2439 yuan and 2154 yuan respectively. and graduates rent per capita rent to not exceed the monthly income of 1/3 is advisable.  On this basis, it can be learned that per capita rents more than 772 yuan, will cause a greater burden on graduates.  The graduates have made an appointment to see Mr. Fanggao and the landlord signed a year's contract, rented in the road near Changle, a 12-square-metre room, the original contract when the rent price of 1300 yuan/month. "I was going to move out recently because the company provided housing." But there is a 5-month lease on this side and I have to find a tenant by the end of the month. "Mr. Gao said," but the landlord suddenly told me that the recent rental peak, the rent from 1300 yuan to 1500 yuan, up to 13%, which increased my difficulty in finding a tenant. However, since the sublet message has been posted online, at least 7 calls a day, many people have made an appointment to see the house.  Most of the people in the house are the students who have just graduated to find work in the vicinity, and the young couple who are looking for a job. A number of real estate companies in Shanghai found that the downtown rental prices generally rose about 10%, some of the most convenient traffic in the popular lot of the rise of more than 10%.  Xuhui District, 11 village of the Mei Le community, a room for the monthly rent from 2200 yuan rose to 2500 yuan, up to 12%. Recent property sales cold 21st century real estate Shanghai Rui Feng Yu Road shop staff WangHealth told reporters that because of the recent graduation for rent season coming, the store's housing rental volume soared twice times.  Up to June a total of 10 sets of rental rooms, compared to 3 sets of last month, increased 7 sets, turnover increased by 70%. "We mainly do the surrounding school District room business, the plate can be rented in the house is relatively limited, now graduated to rent a busy season, basically a card can find a tenant."  "said Mr. Wang. Shanghai Jing Wei Real Estate business director Mao Ronghua analysis, the current market for rent, graduates probably accounted for 30%, to a large extent caused the recent housing leasing hot situation. And the delayed Shanghai property market local rules, but also led to a lot of the original plan to buy the rigid demand for rent, continue to wait and see.  In addition, in the Expo during the World Expo rental housing demand, as well as the cold sales, real estate agents have shifted the focus of the business to rental housing, to a certain extent, have played a role of "fuelling". He added: "In fact, intermediaries rely on housing leasing is not to make money, mainly by the sale of housing." Everyone is now on the sidelines, as long as the Shanghai property market local rules, we will not be like this hanging heart, after all, rigid demand of the buyers still accounted for a high proportion, the House will buy sooner or later. ”
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