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This article in fact, the text is not much, strongly recommend that you read the full text, I am here to introduce the introduction of the PPT briefly, easy to find. Most people are very concerned about the technical advancement of individuals. But keeping an understanding of new technologies is a big challenge, after all, the amount of information we need is too large. 2012 years, along with the front-end development is a lot of revolutionary breakthroughs and the redefinition of the front end.

We are on the way to practice, the concrete progress is reflected in the use of abstraction, excellent code quality, maintenance of the upgrade and better performance. Don't worry if you're too busy to keep up with the latest technology. With the advent of the holiday, we have some free time to control, I think, if I collect the front-end related to the quality of the discussion list to share, it will be helpful to everyone. You don't have to read all of them, but these tips will help you learn more about your knowledge and prepare yourself for a better front-end developer next year.


Basic section

The way to go at the forefront of technology

How to Stay up to Date on Web Stuff, Chris coyier

Even if technology-related ideas change, we can still make ourselves at the forefront of technology.


Make sure your development model is up to the Times

A New Baseline for front-end developers, Rebecca Murphey

Once we edited the file, the local test and then uploaded to FTP is the most conventional card issuing practice. We can use a front-end to write a compatible IE6 page to judge his front-end level. Our skills in Html,css and JavaScript are not strong enough.

The situation has changed a lot in recent years, with the improvement of working methods and the introduction of various kinds of tools. Front-End development is getting more and more attention, this topic explains the front-end in the development of a new starting point.


A new starting point for front-end development engineers

Understand how the browser works behind the screen

So, your Want to be a front-end Engineer, David Mosher

Some people will say that browsers are the least stable of the development platforms he knows. If you are a client development engineer, understanding the inner workings of the browser will help you make better decisions to pay, and you will be amazed at the debates behind the best practices. In one of the best topics of the year, David Mosher will be waiting for you to understand browser parsing and page rendering.


Learn what the Web platform needs to offer now

Tooling for the Xiandai Web App Developer, Addy Osmani

The web is evolving, and it's not easy to understand the new technology in this platform. The new features of HTML5 allow us to build a completely new Web application that contains many features that were not previously implemented (at least, without plug-ins).

In this topic, my teammate Eric will take you to the edge of HTML5 's pain and focus on many solutions to real-world problems. You will learn about media streaming, device input, modern CSS design, media capture, file I/O, and more.


Working mode

How web App development engineers work

Whether you're using coffeescript or javascript,less or sass, building a good Web application now requires a lot of reference to external resources, frameworks, tools, and binding tools to integrate them together. Simply put, you need a utility belt for spanking.

In this topic, you will learn about the current front-end system and learn a new tool to integrate these systems, called Yeoman.

You can also access the extended version of this topic.


How Web Designers work

A Xiandai Web Designer ' s Workflow, Chris coyier (VIDEO)

Today we have a high demand for Web architects. If previously, the name of the post has already expressed its corresponding work, but now is not just visual design posts, even involves the construction of interaction. Designers need to consider the different shapes, sizes, and connections of different devices, and these devices should be able to work properly.

As a designer, you often need to communicate and share code between teams, and you need to know a lot of different technologies. In this topic, Chris Coyier will talk about a lot of amazing tools to help you get the work done more smoothly and discuss what you should do to provide a high standard of modern workflows.


How mobile Web development works

Mobile Web developers Toolbelt, Pete Le Page (VIDEO)

There is a big difference between mobile-side development and PC-side development, and this topic tells a variety of tools to make mobile web development more convenient and easier for mobile web development.


How to Debug

LSA of the Chrome Devtools, Patrick Dubroy (VIDEO)

Deep understanding of Google Developer tools


Future-oriented development


The CSS of Tomorrow, Peter Gasston

This topic describes what CSS brings to your current development, as a CSS programmer, how to use CSS3 to achieve future-oriented development.



The Future of Javascript, Dave Herman

Learn about new features of ES6 and how to use them


WEB applications

Web RS and the Future of Web App Development, Eric Bidelman

How to better integrate a variety of new technologies into your Web application.



Art in the field of CSS

All the New CSS hawtness, Darcy Clarke

This topic introduces the latest CSS implementations and related standards, and learns how these new CSS technologies change our day-to-day development.


Modular CSS

Your CSS is a Mess, Jonathan Snook

Most people's CSS code is a mess, in this topic, you will know how to solve the problem of CSS modularity, ease of management and maintenance.


CSS Preprocessor

CSS pre-processors, Bermon painter

If you haven't used a CSS preprocessor, you're out. This topic outlines some of the more popular CSS preprocessor.



A decoupled Future with KSS, Kyle Neath

This topic describes one of Kyle's tools, KSS, to format documents and code to generate CSS files.



The importance of code style

Maintainable Javascript, Nicholas Zakas

Writing interesting JavaScript code and writing professional JavaScript code are not the same thing, and in Zakas's topic you will learn how to write JavaScript code for sustainable maintenance


Build a massive app

SoundCloud ' s Stack, Nick Fisher

In this topic, Nick Fisher, from SoundCloud, introduces the company's story of developing a mass JavaScript app, and shares their development steps and how to improve development efficiency.


Rethinking the structure of applications

Re-imagining the Browser with Angularjs, Igor Minar

In this topic, you will learn how to use the power of the future Web platform in your current Web application.



Entschuldigen, Parlez Vouz Javascript, Sebastian Golasch (VIDEO)

In this topic, Sebastian describes how to position the internationalization of the real world, and how to solve it in an elegant way.


Patterns and principles

The plight of Pinocchio, Brandon keepers

We need to use JavaScript as a real language, and we need a variety of best practices that can be used in real language on JavaScript. JavaScript is no longer a toy language. #p # subtitle #e#


When to delay (lazy) Load script

How Late is Later?, Massimiliano Marcon

We all know that lazy load scripts can increase the load time of Web applications, so when is the right time to load the script?


Mobile Web Development

Creating responsive HTML5 touch interfaces, Stephen Woods Audio)

How to solve the interaction between the UI and the user, to avoid these pitfalls are many application developers in the future to face.


The challenge from the scroll bar

Embracing Touch:cross-platform scrolling, Mark Dalgleish

Scrolling effects are the most popular way to move a page. Unfortunately, the effect of sliding is always not comparable to the original scroll bar. How do we solve this problem in mobile browsers?


Native, HTML5 and mixed applications

Native, HTML5 and Hybrid Mobile Development, Eran Zinman

In this topic, Eran shared his experience with cross-platform development.


Performance, distribution and Facebook practices on HTML5

On the Future of Mobile Web Apps, Simon Cross

What does Facebook do with HTML5? What else needs to be improved?


Debugging Tools for mobile development

Mobile debugging, Remy Sharp


Response Design Technology

Responsive Web Design:clever Tips and techniques, Vitaly Friedman

This topic provides an overview of the implementation of the response design.


Web Apps

Offline Web applications

Offline Rules, Andrew Betts (VIDEO)

How to store the client in the Web application and how to use it to improve the automatic platform experience of the website.


State of the ART

Building Web Apps of the Future:tomorrow, today and yesterday, Paul Kinlan (Audio)

Paul describes how to build a future-oriented web App.


Client Storage

Storage in the Browser, Andrew Betts


Application caching

Creator Cache:douchebag, Jake Archibald (VIDEO)

How to use creator cache to build your website




High-performance CSS, Paul Irish

Find CSS that affects page performance, such as raising the browser to draw at least 70 milliseconds of Box-shadow, and solutions.


GitHub ' s CSS configured, Jon Rohan


Avoid Jank

Jank-free:in Pursuit of Smooth Web Apps, Tom Wiltzius

Jank refers to when the animation card, the effect of slow performance, or the page scrolling slow when a state. This topic describes how to avoid these states.



Building Faster Websites, Ilya Grigorik

How to consider the overall performance improvement in the perspective of the website.



Breaking the Javascript Speed Limit with V8, Daniel Clifford

How to break the speed limit of V8 execution scripts.



Understand why the code is bad

Why our Code smells, Brandon keepers

In this topic, Brandon introduces his day-to-day code, looks for bad code that causes problems, understands why the code appears, and what it means, and finally how to refactor it.


Current state of the ART

Javascript testing:the Holy Grail, Adam Hawkins (VIDEO)

How to use test tools to ensure an application experience.


Improving the testability of your code

Writing testable Javascript, Rebecca murphey (Audio)



It is worthwhile to spend time thinking about your skills upgrading. The more you hone, the more opportunities you will have to become a good engineer.

This list does not necessarily cover all of the best ppt of the year, but hopefully it will provide some guidance. Go and read some of the things you're interested in. This kind of reading will improve your ability and also hope to help you with your daily development. Finally, I wish you all enjoy the festival, the new Year has more progress and breakthroughs.

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