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We all know that in the process of optimizing the website, the outside chain of the website is very important for a website. Website Optimizer should all know that the chain is the emperor's argument, enough to show the importance of a site outside the chain. So how to increase the site optimization of the outside chain? Exchange friends or send some soft text. It is believed that many website optimizer will think of these. Exchange friend chain should be for us often do SEO, it is not difficult, we can find some professional friend chain Exchange platform for the exchange of friends. Even we can buy some good friends chain. But only by exchanging links to increase the site's external chain, is far from enough. Site links up to more than 20 of the friendship, or more or else there will be negative side effects. So here to say is through the publication of soft text to continuously increase the friends of the site chain. But the prerequisite is that the quality of soft paper must be recognized by people. Then we do site optimizer how to create high-quality soft text to increase the site's outside the chain?

When it comes to soft, perhaps a lot of website optimizer will feel difficult, because write a soft wen is enough to let a person headaches, not to mention to create a high-quality soft wen to get other people's recognition and reprint. But we should believe that, spend a few hours to build a high-quality soft paper may, get a lot of people like and constantly reproduced, so that in a short time to get a lot of outside the chain, save time and effort to do it. But the face of many network optimizer face the fear of soft wen. Let this be an easy and easy thing, become a lot of trouble, a high quality of soft wen, really so difficult to face the creation, in fact, just start to do site optimization, I and everyone like the soft wen is very afraid, but slowly after a while, It's not that hard to create a high-quality soft paper. The following is the way I create soft text to share with you.

1. Soft writing should keep pace with the times, focus on hot spots. There's nothing going on around us every moment, as long as we have a little attention, it will be a very good topic, with the topic, we think again, so we will have words to say, sit down settle quiet for a while, natural a good soft wen will be vividly on paper. But we're going to hold on to these hot topics, is not to say that all the hot we can say, some of the topic of politics, we still avoid talking for good, otherwise the chain has not increased, but will also bring themselves a trouble, this is not worth it. In addition, when we write hot topics, do not stand on the individual point of view to discuss the argument, we have to stand on a higher level, that is, the third party angle to see, so that the writing of the article naturally has risen a level, the same will attract a lot of people's attention and reprint, so increase the chain is not a legend.

2. Soft paper writing to learn to hype. Look at the current turmoil in the entertainment world, you may understand that hype is also a good way to promote popularity. Then we should also learn to write soft text hype, however, we have a soft text of the hype to have a limit, not to be irresponsible, to have the basis, for example, today in a good news site to see a good news, we can be modified according to its content, with their own words to say it out, In their own blog or the forum, will certainly attract a lot of people to reprint. But this kind of practice must pay attention to the limit and the degree, must not play with fire.

3. Soft writing should pay attention to strategic skills, that is, keywords, titles, emotions and so on. When we write soft text, sometimes we can put the keywords of our website to do out, to the keyword to plan the soft text. The content direction of the soft text revolves around this key word to write. Soft article title easy short Not easy long, to do soft text title dapper, the main thrust. Let a person see the title will be bright. Naturally there will be a high rate of reprint. At the same time, soft writing to pay attention to feelings, in fact, the creation of the article is the outpouring of human feelings. We do not create for the creation, do and advertising, so naturally no one likes. Emotional soft wen, will naturally get people's love and recognition. Finally, do not forget the soft text at the end of the text and their own web site URL, this is the most important, otherwise all do is in vain. In this way, a high-quality soft text will bring you a lot of outside the chain. This article by the Tea House creation, House Welcome your reprint. Reprint please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

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