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When the site ranked stable in an ideal position, the profit model is also maturing, the webmaster next how to do? In fact, this is a lot of webmaster confusion, of course, including me, because when we run a goal always feel the direction, there are goals, do everything feel very down-to-earth, but when the site developed to a certain extent, Do not need us to keep it every day, we seem to lose the power, do not know what to do, but do not dare to rest, for fear of their own temporary relaxation to the opportunity to the opponent. In fact, this is the bottleneck of the development of the Web site, this time everything seems beautiful, but full of uncertainty, and we this time to do is actually very simple, is to find the permanent power of the development of the website.

Webmaster to build their own, to promote the site to lay the foundation

Webmaster is the overall site operators, we master the direction of the development of the site, our every move is related to the future of the site, so our own construction is often the first source of permanent power of the site. This time only strengthens our own construction we can guarantee the website to have the unceasing development possibility.

First stationmaster must unceasingly consummates own technical ability, because depends on who is inferior to depend on oneself, only then understands optimizes the website key point, can the website development control in own hand, the website keyword rank Why drops, the snapshot why slows down, the space why does not open, these questions must solve by oneself, Relying on others is not a long-term tactic.

2nd, the webmaster should be reasonable operation team, good communication with team members, because when things do seem perfect, we will have a kind of impetuous mentality, this time the members will become pompous, between each other is likely because of a little misunderstanding and split up, so in this key when the webmaster to do well with the members of the communication , can not put their ideas on the head of others, especially at this time, make any decision to go through everyone's consent, because although they are the site's overall planners, but the team is all the launch.

The 3rd is the extension of webmaster connections. Although the Internet does not know each other's identity, but there is real turnover, it must rely on interpersonal communication, because of their own site's actual situation, just start must be based on the local, and want to win customers will use their personal relationships, when the site developed to a certain extent, that is, in the local have a certain degree of recognition, Webmaster will find ways to expand their network popularity, more to participate in the trade site exchanges, or contact with competitors, and they become friends, often let the site development to upgrade a grade.

Improve team building and increase the power for website development

The construction of the team is definitely not a part of the development of the site, many times a team cohesion can let the site in the ledge, my site was very difficult to profit, but we are in the same boat, regardless of personal interests, mutual understanding and support, have today's achievements, So the construction of the team is the site to obtain a lasting impetus of the fundamental.

1 Set up a team responsibility system

Since the operation should be individualized, because people use. Assign different jobs based on each individual merit small a strong writing skills, let her do the text, small B programming ability, let him do day-to-day maintenance, so that everyone can play their own expertise, so not only can improve work efficiency, but also in accordance with the issue of timely identification of the responsible person, improve processing capacity.

2 Setting up Attendance system

Every day who is late, who leave early, must have a clear stipulation, and not because we are small, it is not the case, we must establish a rigorous work attitude, only in order to provide overall efficiency.

3 Create a unified working atmosphere

Not to mention that, fierce competition in the Internet, we have to fight against competitors has been very difficult, if the backyard fire, then it will involve us a lot of energy, more importantly, the development of the Web site faces many challenges, we only together, to resolve all the difficulties, into their own driving force. So it is a good choice to hold a group outing or a regular group dinner on holidays.

4 Reserve a certain working capital for the team

Not to mention that, who also said bad things, although now the site can achieve a certain profitability, but these are based on the normal operation of the Web site, if the supply chain or logistics link a little mistake, we will face a certain loss, and this time if there is no capital as turnover, Then the site will be in a dilemma.

Develop market sales channels, and strive for the development of multi-faceted website

Site to a certain degree of profitability, there will be the saturation of sales resources, this time the site to want further development, we must continue to expand their sales channels, of course, this can be combined with the current more popular sales model, such as group buying. Two days ago on the A5, I have seen a writer write A5 profit model, one point mentioned that combine group purchase for more orders, so I and my team to discuss, based on their own sourcing costs to carry out an assessment, and then on this basis to let, lead to buy, to attract more merchants. Don't say this is very useful, just buy the first day, I have more than usual more than 10 orders, although a single profit is low, but the overall profit is good, of course, this is just an example, the purpose is to remind you to dig more suitable for their own sales channels.

Expand the scope of business, and continuously extend the site coverage area

In fact, in my opinion, the website will never be stagnant, there is no thing to do. Because one thing is done, it extends to another thing, for the industry class site is the case, if your source site is done, you can be physical store transactions, or related to the supply of relevant industries, such as garment processing industry, etc., are we can relate to, like the original Kyocera, first of their own diode to do a good job , and then gradually expand the scope of the business to achieve from the electrical to mobile equipment conversion, but in the expansion of business, you should think about these points:

1 Whether you have the industry's connections, this is the most helpful helper to help the new business to develop quickly.

2 new business with the main business has a strong correlation, so that resources can be shared, reduce the actual operating process of pressure.

3 Sales channels must be ascertained, since the expansion of the original business must have planned, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the main business site.

Website stability is that we all want to see things, but "learn like rowing against the tide," the site to continue to develop, it is necessary to constantly dig their own impetus, only in order to let the site on the Internet to find their real location. OK, today is the point, the above from China Sourcing Network, welcome reprint, Reprint please retain the above information, thank you.

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