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The above problem for some local enterprises and businesses have been a more puzzling problem, here from my shallow into deep to help you understand the mysteries.

First of all, for the enterprise or business, I create a company in a city to sell products, here for example: "Huai", take Huaian the city to illustrate the details. Huaian for the general consumer groups of enterprises or businesses, want to find a relatively good results of the site advertising, for these businesses you have to do the first time is a simple understanding of the basic knowledge of website marketing. The next thing I want to say in this article is to be denied part of the link but you want to get to know the complete read.

A website is good or bad in ordinary people's opinion, the first is the popularity, professional point is that the number of visits, and the number of visits to IP and PV two, IP is an independent IP access to the site once recorded a day of visits. PV is the number of times a day has been recorded by an independent IP visit to a website. Popularity decides whether to advertise the answer in this website is affirmative. Good is the right choice. Only people with popular website "may" go back to see your ads, if not even the popularity of it is certainly not necessary to do.

The second is to see the site's main keyword rankings, for professional network industry personnel, to see a site quality of the high and low there are many ways, such as across the sea, ordinary people are certainly not aware of these technologies and skills, the only thing to see is the site's main keyword ranking, The main keyword ranking in China Needless to say that everyone is accustomed to using Baidu to search for keywords, to see if the home 第1-3名, if not within 1-3, please give up such a site to do, because a site is not the main keyword first second, but think this webmaster technology is not how.

The third is to see whether the users in this site are your counterparts, for example: Huaian area Decoration Industry merchants, you can go to Huai ' an most popular website forum advertising, may go to see your ad people also have, but the number is certainly not a lot, the relative effect is very poor, Because of the Huai ' an area of popular forum is only a strong friend of the site, people go to this site is not to find the decoration industry business, the purpose is to play, or to show off the boredom of the time and so on in short I can be sure is definitely not to find the decoration business, people go to play will care about your ads? The answer is yes, The big number is not, a few of the only boring to the limit or the same industry people saw into the look. In our web site to do is the picture of psychological comfort, if some businessmen feel that some people gas on the line I do the brand effect, which I must say sorry, your ideological awareness if so high, you should go to CCTV to do a year's advertising that is called brand effect. You as a regional business to more should be the effect is not effect, with the effect of promoting customer Word-of-mouth marketing to achieve regional brand effect is the most direct and efficient and cost-effective way.

And then it goes on and on. Huai ' an area of decoration industry businessmen should be calm analysis, if you are a customer, is the need to decorate or buy home decoration products customers, then no day and night is also work is busy anytime no time to see, then to the site above buyers, building materials, furniture, sanitary, And so on products customers must want to sell local businesses, then certainly will Baidu to search these main keywords website, to social psychology analysis, the customer needs the product in the website generally likes many kinds of products to compare directly with each other, after determines the intention to check the merchant's contact way, the last link is the quotation. For customers to change the psychological analysis of site users, Huai ' an area decorate the main keyword site I looked at: Huaian Decorative Network is ranked the most prominent site, the main keyword ranking are home 第1-2名, relatively prominent.

The next analysis of users of the Web site ads Click the psychological, business such as optimistic about Huai ' an decorative site advertising, here I think is more correct choice, because the decoration industry website inside are decoration, decoration products, domestic and foreign mainstream psychological assembly place, Users in the front of the Baidu rankings to see the process has been determined that users are demand users, the user needs of Huaian area of decorative information, the world's latest decorative information, to understand the domestic and foreign decoration industry prominent news content reports. So good. Since the user is the demand user, then 1000 to 3,000 of the daily traffic is most of the users want to understand the needs of the user, the ads for these users is your real most effective advertising.

Users whether or not to click on your product shop, decoration and so on demand customers have a certain periodicity, generally can be divided into three kinds of mentality:

The first step: first, a simple understanding of the relevant product content

Step two: Want to buy related products

Step three: decide to buy related products

For the average family, the speed is 7 working days, the slow may need a single-day time.

Customers have two choices first:

The first to decorate the city to see

Second, go online and check.

At present, the network has become popular all over the country, to the online search in 70-80 years after the social subject today has been the mainstream, and back to the above topic, for the corresponding popular website advertising is a preferred way to promote and marketing. Can directly grasp the needs of the user's psychology, of course, want to turn users into customers there is a distance, the following detailed instructions if the user into a customer.

Website advertising and online shops, the important point is to the site's user experience to decide, the above is called User experience: Simple understanding is the user in this website feeling this website content novel outstanding, the Merchant shop quality is high, the beautiful intuitive, is convenient, the user once can remember your brand, in hesitated time two times, three times, Four times, repeatedly check your store and other industry shop to do a product comparison, here is the user experience, in line with product quality promotional activities, prices and after-sale and so on the strength of the business can directly buy the user's desire to upgrade, and the trend they pick up the phone and merchants to get in touch.

So the user needs of the counterpart is the business mouth often said the effect. If you ask the merchant directly what effect you need, the merchant also has no way to say it in detail, the effect needs a process, without the process of the attempt is certainly will not appear effect. But only by boasting is no use, businessmen choose a good local site to do product promotion, network Marketing and customers choose a good product purchase is a truth.

I said above that I would overturn some of these points, mainly for traffic, in fact, a day to visit the flow of the Web site absolutely can not directly affirm the effect, here again to repeat the point of view, the user is the first choice for your promotion, a selling computer you sell to a need to buy a mobile phone, you think you can sell the computer? But a person who needs a computer is a customer who needs to introduce his own product. The above example to the Huai ' an decorative network of their main keywords ranking prominent, User IP highlight, user experience highlighting (here highlighting simple PV can be decided) there is no false information, merchants store rich content, the user is outstanding and can make a better choice. is the decoration industry business choice.

Just mentioned false information, here false information such as Huai ' an decorative network in the user bidding, tender information real can directly highlight the authenticity of its website. Before I write, I particularly contact Huai ' an decoration site long, and have the honor to see a number of tender information, and contacted a number of tender users to confirm the truth of the information. Moreover, the number of information on the tender. Have a certain number and regularly through the website platform to obtain the first time real information, this also fully explain the quality of the site users affirmation, and the user the most intuitive needs. It is also the business's appetite. In particular, decorate the company's complete set of home order is the absolute gold information.

This paragraph put pen to note: In fact, the site high popularity is useless, the user's website, the demand for users assembled in the site with the industry's highest popularity of the site is the first choice. Other web site popularity is equivalent to wasting energy, spending money to buy a self comfort. For example, Huai ' an district decoration industry business enterprises, should also seize the needs of the user eye, should go to decorate the industry site to assemble the same industry product information. is equal to now the mainstream decoration industry has decorated city, automobile industry has car city. Users want to find decorative products in the site business, his brain feedback is to find a local decoration network, will not go to interactive dating, Huchui site to find products and other related product content. Users do not want to find you, even if there is nothing will not find you, here also can reply to some of the customer's questions, why others effect than my good. Concrete has no effect is not mouth said, more is to see how to operate. Customers want to find you here through the Huai ' an decorative network can know your product information and contact the way more intuitive, easy to choose.

Here I will teach you how to better use the Web site stores and web ads to implement network marketing, to create regional product brand influence and how to better seize the user to change customer methods.

The above example goes on to say: You now decide to do a network shop in Huaian decorative net, in fact, the next really need you do not have much, you only need to own product information, relatively transparent individual product market price can be published, because the market price of some products is users want to know. Other layouts, picture design should be done by relatively professional people. Do the beautiful intuitive, convenient is the key, this Huai ' an decorative network ( Interior decoration Business I have seen a few are very good, so these work is certainly not required you to do, decorate the site should be customer service, these are their job.

The second is that advertising can not be a single, should be in the advertisement highlight the brand and your industry product name, can not see a half-day of your ads do not know what to sell anything. It is best to see your contact address and telephone directly in the advertisement, pay attention to a concise, novel, prominent center, reflect the truth.

The third is to keep your store links, to facilitate customers through the network to ask you product information, you can directly store the website URL directly sent to customers to choose and continue to communicate.

The other is that your shop is the best to be able to search Baidu directly for example, Huai ' an so-and-so decoration company, Huai ' an so-and-so mobile wooden door, if you can directly search, I think you send out the leaflets if there is a certain degree of influence, or say your brand has a certain degree of visibility, users directly search can directly find you, That is to say, customers want to find your products, peers in the case of competition, you can directly find. Enhance the advantages of regional peer competition.

The network is a convenient place for service, can do to catch 100 of users to do the promotion than you in the street hair 10,000 points more outstanding effect. And now that the internet has just risen in China, there are not many people who can see the market, the threshold for the site is two words "do not understand" businessmen do not understand, and Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and other large and medium-sized cities to understand certain people in which the profit is very considerable, can bring convenience is not negligible. If not, then the market believes that it should be long overdue, rather than growing. So to believe that a market for years to withstand the test of the industry, to correct treatment and make the most correct choice.

A bit off the top, let the decoration Network customer service to help you do the store keyword rankings, as far as possible to the top. This is important. Very important. The key word is your store's main words, the user will search the word, the most favorable word for your product.

The second is to let the decoration to help you design a free enterprise website. The same keyword as above, the content of the site more than the shop. If necessary, can independently edit some of the industry content to the website release. Can be up to a keyword ranking to enhance the role, but there are certain skills, need to decorate the network customer service with guidance, learn very simple. Do not worry. Can't learn. In fact, there are many things in the network is very simple, just ordinary people lazy like to understand, as long as I want to learn I think 20 minutes I can teach you a lot of things. Can be two-pronged, increase the intensity of network promotion, but pay attention to the website to promote the brand and regional marketing product differences. Can not be promoted to promote are to help agents of the products of the head office, rather than their own shops, the effect is to have a master to guide you, many people do good and do not have the effect of the difference is to understand and do not understand.

Industry competition Incentive, here only for example Huaian decoration industry to reflect the problem, China's local agent marketing, regional and regional product shop sales are entering an era of integration, is no longer the same as in the past, integration will produce greater competition, the market can give you the space to live more and more small, Want to stand firm in this area only need more means, better way, more effective way to compete for the market, occupy the market. Marketing thinking is the key to the key. Then it means that network promotion is one of the most direct and cost-saving ways.

The Three Musketeers website construction Specialized technical team synthesizes each big local profession website operation experience and the own view to make the above detailed understanding and the analysis, hoped that can be useful to everybody:

Author: Xiao de 253778969

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