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Website optimization of the ultimate goal is: to allow the site to have a number of keyword rankings, whether it is the long tail keyword or the main keyword, can have more than one site page rankings. With such a purpose to optimize, may webmaster need to have a deeper understanding of their own site, the need for detailed analysis of each page, at the same time such optimization plan how to plan.

First: Find the website need to do keyword. Website optimization needs to optimize those keywords, these keywords to distribute to those pages to optimize, each page needs to optimize several keywords at the same time, the advantages of each page in that, the content of the page construction more biased in that respect, these problems are in the analysis of the page needs to be prepared, This is also the first plan to include. In this to remind is to start doing page optimization, a page to assign 2-3 keywords on it, do too much you do not have time to optimize, and some long tail keyword in your optimization, you will have a corresponding ranking, a page does not need to optimize too much.

Second: Analyze the page keyword density. In the first step to assign a good page to do the keyword, at this time we need to start Analysis page, the keyword density of the page, the keyword density of the page is best in between 2%-8%, there are a lot of webmaster will be in order to improve the single page of the keyword weight, with the means of stacking keywords to operate, such a method is best not desirable, Too many keywords to make users feel cumbersome, and will certainly lead to semantic, although the keyword density on the site is not the impact of weight, but in the optimization as far as possible to pay attention to user experience, reasonable distribution of the density of keywords.

Third, analyze the page structure. The site in the construction may be because of the effect, using some JS code, or Flash animation, or frame frames, but these structural construction will affect the Spiders crawl the site, not to say not available, but it is best to use less. Spiders come to your site laborious in order to convert this code, there is this time can crawl your site more things. There is the use of the site nofollow tags, do not randomly use nofollow tags, especially in the links, or to pay attention to the optimization of the site.

Four: Analyze the page meta tag. Meta Tag property settings are very important, the site's keywords to appear in title, the title of the writing to conform to the habit of search engines, can not appear in the accumulation of keywords. In addition to title tags, other descriptions, keywords, picture alt attributes can be added to the corresponding keywords, the focus is not to appear the accumulation of keywords can be.

V: Analyze page content. Unexpectedly want to do page keyword ranking, that page content update is very important, a dust unchanged page content, want to do keyword ranking is more difficult. The content of the page to update, here is not a casual update, content, if and keyword-related, so the user experience will be high, the page bounce rate is not too tall.

Sixth: Analysis of the page within the chain. Single page to do keyword optimization, this page of the keyword anchor text chain is not less, the relevant key words can link to other pages, do not need all the chain back page, you can directly link to other related pages, so that the internal construction of the site has a net effect. In the construction of the chain can not take the means of cheating, hidden text, hidden links are not used in the method. There is no internal chain construction of the page, as soon as possible to add the corresponding internal chain.

Seventh: Analysis of the chain outside the page. Keyword ranking not only rely on the station optimization, outside the station optimization is also indispensable, the analysis of the chain to be specific. At the same time, the analysis of the page chain will also be combined with flow tools, the effect of the chain to spend a large amount of time to do, no effect may have to reduce the time, to maximize the scope of the chain, so that the weight of the chain will be high. In doing keyword optimization, perhaps more is the need to do anchor text outside the chain, through the form of anchor text to improve the weight of the keyword, so as to improve the ranking of the page.

Based on the above 7 points Analysis Site page, customized to meet the optimization of the page, set out to implement the optimization program, keyword ranking rise is just around the corner. But there is no rule of failure here, probably because your own execution is not enough, or it may be your optimized scheme to customize the error. Therefore, in order to better optimize the optimization, before the analysis is indispensable.

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