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The Forum's development direction has been more and more fine, the user group also more and more geographical, therefore, in recent years, the local forum has gradually become a new star, in the Internet unceasing emerging. But many friends do a few months local forum, but no one gas, by blindly follow the bandwagon to do not know how to promote the disheartened, this is not only the cost of money, lost more time. So how should the local forum be promoted?

Keywords Search engine optimization

The website should be active to perfect the content at the beginning of on-line, do a good job in all aspects of optimization, so that the site using search engines included, you can use the Word tool to find out the local relevant long tail words, and then distributed to various directories, and then a good forum for the exchange of links, content optimization plus outside the chain to increase the weight of the site. I think as a webmaster, it should be very necessary to learn some SEO knowledge.

Second, the use of QQ publicity

Most of the users of local forum are some office workers, young people are more, which of the young people do not have QQ? So use QQ to promote is very necessary, you can make the local friends, life, leisure, financial and so on QQ group, anyway, as long as you and forum related industry QQ Group are added, And then in the QQ group to promote. Of course, you do not promote the promotion is not in the pure advertising, so not only will not play a promotional effect, but also will result in adverse effects, you should be integrated into the QQ group, buried in the inside of a seed, until the mixed ripe, and then to promote.

Third, online advertising

To do some good local site, and they negotiate, hang up your ads, such as you can go to the local talent network, classified information network to hang ads, although these are required costs, but you have to really put the forum to do, we will be willing to spend the money should be spent.

Third, the promotion under the line

There are many ways to promote online, the main purpose is to let others remember your site, you can talk to the bus company, hang up your website on the bus, you can talk to the local cabbies, hang a website in their taxis, you can hang up your site in a crowded summer, you can send out flyers, Even you can go to a certain community billboard hanging your ads, as long as it is not illegal, it can be said to do nothing, to achieve the publicity effect on OK.

This article is about how to do the promotion, in fact, the forum to develop, the station's article is also needed to do a good job every day to provide fresh, new and interesting content, and timely to do the forum activities, such forums just like a forum. Reprint Please specify:

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