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First of all thank you for reading this soft article, but also congratulate you choose to do the local portal, do the portal for at least 5 years will not be eliminated, perhaps in 5 years after the local portal will be like today's Baidu Taobao they occupy the national market, and we go to occupy the local market.

The first portal program we have chosen is the Web program, start to do this program every day is to stay up to 2 points more, continuous do 3 months, also got a certain effect, but finally because of economic reasons, business reasons have to put the experience to IDC above, continue to sell million network space, the West digital space, Hong Kong space, because only in this way to ensure our daily life, I was graduating from college only 1 years began to give up the work of entrepreneurship, and then soon married have children, so the pressure is greater. In this way the portal site for a long time, occasionally update the content. Baidu on my site seems very friendly, as long as a little update Baidu will give and included, and soon. Of course, this one I do a lot of SEO work.

This year is also not long ago our company was established, the site has a natural management of the company, the site also began to inject capital, began to develop, on the promotion of my section to narrate, so clear.

1, the procedure must choose suitable for your city's program, the current can do a lot of local CMS procedures, Dedecms php168 Empire DX and so I do not enumerate, they are different. Can't say who is absolutely good who is absolutely bad, the Chinese medicine is positioning your city for the kind, such as our city we are Bozhou China's largest source of Chinese herbal medicines, also known as China's largest drug. Hua Tuo Cao's hometown. Here is the lower city, the total population has more than 5 million people, perhaps you will say so many people, the portal should do very big, actually, here belongs to the inland, the economy, science and technology what the development is still relatively lagging behind, people are not very sensitive to the network. So the program I finally chose is the one that works for this city, a modest program, the main function is to provide information, convenience, such as shop function, news function is the second, there are many procedures do not shop, new network features, do the local portal do is also very good, but you have to pay attention to 2, one, If there is no news article function to your website SEO promotion is a difficult problem. Second, if there is this function to the new webmaster daily must do is to publish no less than 10-30 information, can not be published.

2, do the portal if you want to be big must have investment, want to download a free program, just do the technology can make a lot of money, I guess we webmaster webmaster early rich. I also from the grassroots stationmaster to the company operation come over, to use the dialectical method to see the problem, of course, it is not necessarily said that must buy the program to be big, if you are grass-roots webmaster suggested not to charge a large amount of money in the purchase process, for the development of the program, they will certainly say how good they program, Tell them how good they are doing with their programs and how much money they earn. Remember, the dialectical way to look.

3, if you want to be big must inject capital, no matter how many must have some, do not want anything free skinflint, if so you certainly do not, when you technology, SEO small effective when you can open QQ group functions, a total of exchange, you can open a forum, It is best to use dz7.2, or PW, content not too complicated. You can print a number of promotional sheets, no money on the printing of cheap, about a piece also 3 cents, printing a 2000-4000 long, to many places hair. A small amount of money, effective or very big.

4, the media promotion, these for the grassroots stationmaster has the difficulty, we are in our local television station advertisement, broadcasts continuously 15 days, and the advertisement is the soft advertisement form. If you do not, then use the publicity list is the best way, this method is also my brother taught me, he used to do very good.

5, to ensure that every day there are new information on the site, can not be displayed on the home page today or 7 days ago information, so I estimate the site no one to see.

6, the site can be suitable for activities, free gifts, can also do group buying function, we will launch the last few days to buy the function, the program is the most soil, (I hope the administrator do not delete the connection, in order to let everyone understand group purchase, there are some grassroots webmaster do not know) Do not choose a very large purchase program, mall procedures, so you must not do it.

7, the prophase do not put too many ads, can be appropriate to join some Baidu, Google ads, if you are better able to contact the local well-known enterprises to advertise the above, must be on the home page, you can do it for free, because this is a well-known problem.

8, insist is the hard truth, if you decide to do that must insist to do, do not have 3 months of heat below do not do.

9, must choose a more secure virtual host, or space, server can, our main program is placed in Hong Kong's server, the reason is this is an interactive site, the domestic form we all know, do not I here long-winded, once our site was continuously closed for 7 days, and then I do network police record, The reason is a registration machine issued a test answer spam information.

10, the domain name problem would like to share with you webmaster, it is best or must use COM, COM domain name in people's mind has been called an impression, their first reflection is suffix. com do not engage in eccentric cm Ru Lu and so on, do you will regret, and Baidu Google also do not like. Weight is not high. Domain name can be local pinyin, or a little bit of numbers, must be better memory, a little longer does not matter, do not engage others can not understand.

11, information issues, this is a portal fatal problem, many users will not publish information, perhaps you do not believe that their most basic information will not be published, so you do not want to register members, mailbox certification, that is tantamount to nonsense. The publishing permissions I set now are very simple, and there are also customer calls that will not post information. Adjust the program structure appropriately from the user experience.

12, if you choose the domestic virtual host I suggest we must choose a large service provider, but now the record is a headache. Do not covet cheap choice some IDC said I can not record, my 1G dozens of yuan a year, it is difficult to do well, the specific reason is not long-winded.

13, in writing the last: the prophase is to do the technology, do the procedure, do optimization, the middle is to do the promotion, the latter is to do the service. Grassroots webmaster do not always stay in the early stage, or die in the early stage.

Essays written, no collation, conditioning is not very clear, but the general meaning or write out, this text altogether everybody reference, do not recognize also do not hurtful. If you are willing to exchange can add I QQ 123802387 annotated admin5. Our website is

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