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Let the old birds shine! Like a warrior said to avoid killing me oh, here is just for beginners to aim. A joke) soft text, so exactly what is soft wen, also bother to search encyclopedia, grilled dictionary to take some personal understanding to say it, soft "is the equivalent of" hard "is a kind of article advertising, but not very direct and obvious advertising, Let people read the article unconsciously or even very voluntarily to see your website, to point to your Web site, to the beginning of the end are not aware of your entire article is for this site or Web site and write the soft text is a hidden text ads.

Daily life in the major newspaper newspapers, Soft Wen is actually everywhere. Authoritative periodicals such as the computer newspaper, but with the webmaster closely related to where to see the soft wen, look in addition to the webmaster net outside of it, but from the A5, can be considered soft wen is not much, can really reach the realm of soft wen less, not to say that you write not enough gorgeous, the method is not new, But most of them did not realize the soft text of the "soft" mood, mostly with a Web site, thought is a good soft text, but also do not look at the content and form of soft text, such as an article written in the Internet industry articles, no matter how long you are, but interspersed with an unrelated web site. Unless you have a complete knowledge of the Internet, few people do not know that you are not deliberately added to the ads. Some stand more eager to copy, and then add their own name on the title and so on and then the title, the address of others to modify their own first do not say soft and soft effect how, from the heart I despise this kind of person's

The garbage station knows the purpose of the soft text is to increase the external link resources for themselves, another purpose to increase the flow of the site, that is, the soft text to bring direct traffic. Do not underestimate this flow, how you soft good, decide no less than search some hot keyword to bring you flow, but this kind of soft text to Stationmaster's request is relatively high) now A5 on the soft wen mostly still stay in the first goal stage, that is, to increase the purpose of the chain to write the soft text, The following is a simple one from the two aspects of the garbage station these two forms of soft text to write. There are many kinds of soft paper forms, different types of Web site soft text used by the same technique is not the same as the hint of the soft text is not a specific form is not limited to comments or even just a made-up story. Today talk about how to write a soft text from the point of view of a garbage webmaster.

This article on the overall content of the article master and matching the URL of the relevance of the requirements are not so strict, one: outside the chain for the purpose called the chain soft text. Also not limited to forms, such as you a female website, article is a webmaster experience or other leisure can be inserted into your site, as long as can be inserted into the site where people feel this place to put a Web site, Even without that Web site makes people feel not fluent on the line although no one to direct point to your website or even enter your website but the purpose is not this, but to increase the external link you aim to achieve the premise is to be able to publish the site through the publication of the audit on the line. Content you can be unrestrained but to target your release of the platform to target the choice of soft text theme. For example, you intend to A5 hair, then you have to write some and webmaster-related articles, such as experience some SEO skills, and so on, and then reasonable add their own URLs, if you say even some experience has not written out, Then your site also do not expect to rely on soft wen to get outside the chain or honest to find your Links bar.

This realm is also the garbage webmaster soft text The most powerful form of soft. Someone has relied on such soft wen in Baidu has not included in the case of easy to make the site IP over million. Write this soft wen not only to consider the release of soft paper platform, two: flow for the purpose of soft wen I temporarily called traffic soft text. More important to consider the type of your site, the entire article, regardless of the subject matter or writing skills are inseparable from your intersection of which site or Web site theme. For example, you want a soft female weight loss station you have to revolve around the topic of weight loss and women to write, the release of the platform is not just anywhere can be issued even through the audit also, the purpose of the soft text can not reach

But specifically to a soft text from the beginning to the end how to write, here just from the garbage station of the large soft text to discuss how to write. I just can't say it clearly in words, if your purpose of soft writing is only the first kind, the suggestion of the chain type is more to A5 to see, see more to understand the second type of flow not only to own a good writing the most important to open thinking, the writer's thinking talent soft to this realm, a temporary groping and learning process. Common progress and learning.

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