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The St stock, which Zhao Yang once been touted as a value-investing institution, has become the new favorite of some funds in this year's market.  In addition to star fund manager Wang Yawei intervention *st Changhe, since the beginning of the year up to more than 90% ST million Jie is a breath fed four funds. Mysterious buy "maiden" stock 2009 ST million Jie a quarterly report showed that the company's top ten circulating shareholders in the new four funds, are: Huaan Strategy preferred Stock Securities Investment Fund, Securities Investment Fund, Huaan Baoli Securities Investment Fund, Anshun Securities Investment Fund. These four funds belong to "Huaan department", total 18.1227 million shares, accounting for the proportion of 5.91% of the circulation.  Among them, the optimal shareholding ratio of Huaan strategy accounted for 3.82% of the total proportion of circulating shares, and accounted for the highest in four funds. St million Jie formerly known as Shandong million Jay High-tech Co., Ltd., the original shareholder million Jie Group has once boarded the top of Shandong private enterprises, in Shandong Zibo Local, million Jie group almost nobody. But after 05 years, the company's performance began to go downhill, four consecutive years of performance losses led to special treatment of stocks. May 2008, the company to the operating income to fill the hole of profit, for the company's "star-picking" laid the foundation, because the non-operating income exceeded the total profit of more than 10 times times, was at once questioned the profit manipulation signs obvious. After that, in order to radically improve the fundamentals, the company carried out a series of reorganization of assets, the big shareholder LU Group held 5 commercial real estate into the company, and by the end of 08 to successfully transform into the real estate industry. When the real estate assets into the total of St. million Jie brought a net profit of 279 million yuan. However, it is quite interesting that the original assets of St million has produced huge losses in the days before the sale. According to the company's annual report, its losses amount to more than 600 million yuan.  Phase cancellation, St million in 08 still not out of the quagmire of performance. Huaan Four fund so consistent action, in addition to the big shareholder LU Group's strong confidence can be explained, the buying time is still curious. Reporters after the investigation found that the current Huaan strategy to optimize the fund manager Zhang Wei and St million Jay has a source. Public information shows that Zhang Wei in the days before joining Huaan fund, once in the day with the securities as a researcher position. At that time, the securities were the largest securities companies in Shandong province, after the mismanagement, the Qilu securities took over.  Zhang Wei due to work relationship with the St. million Jie business situation has a more "in-depth" understanding. Perhaps it is because of this layer of unknown relationship, Huaan department four funds in the whole buying process is quite secretive. Throughout the first quarter, in addition to the March 2-March 4 Three trading days, the stock price continued to touch the trading board, almost no notice of any signs of the plate, and the exchange of public information also did not show the agency's buying seats. However, the reporter observed that, billboard, Qilu Securities have two sales department, at the same time to buy the St million Jie, the total purchase amount reached 6.32 million yuan. The operation of Qilu Securities and the existence of Huaan FundTacit understanding, we do not know. In addition, the reporter also noted that with St. million Jay has a "brother" relationship between the Ginza shares is Huaan strategy preferred object. At the end of the first quarter of 2009 years, Huaan strategy preferred a total of 5.5 million shares of Ginza, accounting for the total share of the 2.64%.  St million Jie newly introduced large shareholder LU Shang group, as early as 2004, the commodity retail industry-related quality assets into the original St Bohai, only after the new Ginza shares. Retail Tri Yangui Quilt cover about a year reporter in the query ST million shareholders found in the company's top ten shareholders, in addition to corporate shareholders and institutional investors, there is a natural person shareholder Tri Yangui. Who is Tri Yan?  This aroused the reporter's curiosity. Reporters looked at the St million Jie's past earnings, found that Tri Yangui really "appeared" in the St. million 08 years of the semi-annual report, the data show that Tri Yangui at that time held a total of 1.4325 million shares, accounting for the company's total circulation shares of 0.27% of the proportion of equity.  After a lot of investigation by reporters found that the Laiwu in Shandong Province and the Law Group (Brunei Water) office has a lawyer named Tri Yangui. Contact St million in the 07, due to a large number of related transactions caused by debt disputes, the inevitable cause of judicial concern.  In view of the geographical relationship between Laiwu and Zibo, and the special position of the client, we infer that St million's tenth largest shareholder is likely to be the lawyer. According to the information disclosed in the annual report, Tri Yangui should be involved in the stock in the two quarter of 08, the position cost is about 7 yuan, but along with the huge fall of the market overall in 08, St million Jie also not spared the difficulty. Tri Yangui intervention, began to fill the warehouse, in 08 three quarterly report, the number of shares rose to 1.6448 million shares, 2008 annual report showed that holding total of 1.6963 million shares, as at the end of the 09-year quarter, Tri Yangui held a number of shares reached 1.7198 million shares.  Because of the ST million Jay's share price until April this year only to rise to more than 7 yuan, then the retail Tri Yangui about a year or so are trapped in the time. However, with the intervention of Huaan Fund, Tri Yangui has basically solved the set.
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