I love mules: are keyword stuffing really useless?

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Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall

Baidu for cheating, the station group and so on repeatedly blows, this thought Baidu at present to cheat the website the technical processing already did not have the big question, did not have the Chengxiang to see a collection n many cheats the special case.

Baidu "Jewelry Nest", there are surprises, I believe that everyone will be bright. A keyword piling to can not pile up the station group, in the home page accounted for 7 locations, the remaining 2 encyclopedia and an authentic jewelry nest.


These sites I have to see the next, in fact, is a site, but with the N more than the domain name to bind this station just, and nothing special. I remember a lot of people who used this method many years ago, but it seems that no one has done so. On a single site, the collection of each domain name, outside the chain, including the site itself did not find special place, but the title of the home page, description, keywords Three tags are all the key words, in addition to these, but also in the generator tag in the stack of keywords.


His keyword density is how much, I checked, incredibly did not imagine so high, I check the result is: keyword density: 7.73%, incredibly still less than 8%, oh, this will give SEO a little enlightenment?

This example of a strong explanation, the appropriate stack of keywords or some role, of course, such as plainly and clearly the piling up in the end is not all stations have a role, and how long, interested people can go to test tests. This article is provided by my love Mule, the original source: http://www.ebaite.com/blog/post/12.html, Welcome to reprint, if you do not mind, please keep the link, if you mind, replace your own link also no harm.

Affirm: This article appears the case, stationmaster can look, do not take oneself is doing the station to do the test directly.

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