Is your website ready for Valentine's Day?

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Is your website ready for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is imminent, but the person in love is far away from the field. What should I do if I want to give her fresh and beautiful flowers in the festival? Yesterday, the reporter visited several shopping websites in the country, found that many young people choose to buy online flowers, let flower shop that day to send it to the hands of lovers.

Like the physical store, many of the online florists also have a "Valentine's Day" advert in place on the homepage, while a wide variety of bouquets are presented in pictures and detailed descriptions, waiting for guests ' selection in the "window" of the website. More careful business, the different bouquets by price and color classification. "I didn't pay until the flowers were delivered." The average number of online shopping, I do not worry about this ... friends Colin told reporters that his girlfriend in Beijing, Valentine's Day two people can not meet, he found a home in Beijing flower shop, Pat (refers to the internet shopping) after the bouquet told the shopkeeper need to send to the address.

and four diamond-level sellers "romantic Full House" said, because this year's Valentine's Day and the Spring festival holiday approaching, she has not how to rest these days.

In addition, the reporter found that, in addition to the network flower shop outside, chocolate, watches, jewelry and other online shops, these days business is good.

A brief introduction to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Day or San Valente Festival (St. Valentine's Day), the February 14 of each year, is one of the traditional Western festivals. On this day, men and women send chocolates, greeting cards and flowers to express their love or friendliness, which has become a favorite festival for young people in Europe and America. Maybe there are many lovers in this world how many interpretations of the origin of Valentine's Day. And the Chinese are now using almost fanatical enthusiasm to celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Day has crept into the minds of countless young people, become a traditional Chinese festival, another important festival.

In our country, July the first seven nights, the weather warm, vegetation fragrance, this is commonly known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, also known as "Gregorian festival" or "daughter's Day", this is the most romantic festival in Chinese traditional festivals, but also in the past the most important days of the girls. They to the sky of the bright moonlight, put on the seasonal melon, the sky worship, begging Heaven goddess can give them intelligent heart and dexterous hands, but also begging to get a happy marriage.

The origin of Valentine's Day

Legend of a

In Ancient Rome, February 14 was a holiday to show respect for Yelena. Yelena was the Queen of the Roman gods, and the Romans worshipped her as a woman and a god of marriage. The following February 15 is called the "Rupatadine Festival", which is used to show respect for the other gods under Yelena.

In ancient Rome, the life of young and teenage girls was strictly separated. However, in Rupatadine, the boys could choose a girl whose name they loved to carve on a vase. In this way, the young man can Dance with his chosen girl and celebrate the festival. If the chosen girl is also interested in the young man, they can always match, and eventually they will fall in love and get married together in the church. Posterity for this purpose will be February 14 each year as Valentine's Day.

Legend Two

Valentine's Day is called St in English. Valentine ' s Day (original: "Saint Valentine"). Literally, it is hard to see the connection between the Chinese and Western terms. It hides a moving story. In the Third century, there was a tyrant in ancient Rome called Claudius (Claudius). At that time, both inside and outside the ancient Roman war, in order to complement the soldiers, the tyrant ordered: all men of a certain age must enter the army to serve the country. Since then, the husband left his wife, the teenager left the lover, the whole of Rome enveloped in the long acacia. However, tyranny forbids love. Not far from the tyrant's palace, there is a very beautiful temple. The monk, Valentine, lives here. He was revered by the Romans, and the people of all ages, whether rich or poor, were clustered around him, listening to the prayers of the altar before the blazing flame.

The war in ancient Rome has been continuous, and tyrants Claudius recruited a large number of citizens to the battlefield, people complain. Men don't want to leave their families, boys can't bear to be apart from their lovers. Claudius flew into a rage, he was not allowed to hold a wedding, even all of the engaged also immediately to dissolve the engagement. Many young people say goodbye to their loved ones and go to the battlefield with grief. Young girls are also depressed by the loss of their lovers.

Valentine was very sorry for the tyrant's cruelty. When a couple came to the temple to ask for his help, Valentine's wedding was quietly held in front of the sacred altar. People spread, wildfire, a lot of people come here, with the help of the Valentine formed a companion. The news finally passed into the palace and reached the ears of the tyrant. Claudius again furious, he ordered the soldiers rushed into the temple, will be a wedding from a pair of couples are dragged away, into the dungeon. People begged for the 劾 of the tyrant, but they all returned in vain. Finally, he died in the dungeon.

The grieving friends buried him in the Yous-Saint-Prat church. That day was February 14, and that year was 270 A.D.

Legend Three

It is said that Valentine was one of the earliest Christians, and that the age of being a Christian meant danger and death. To cover the other martyrs, Valentine was caught and put into prison. There he healed the eyes of the warden's daughter Blind. When the tyrant heard a miracle, he felt very afraid, so he beheaded the man. According to legend, in the morning of the sentence, your wrote a loving farewell letter to the warden's daughter, inscribed: From Valentine (Sent from your Valentine). On the same day, the blind woman planted a red apricot tree in front of his tomb, in order to reposing his emotions, this day is February 14.

Since then, Christianity has designated February 14 as Valentine's Day.

Legend Four

Historians are more willing to inquisitive, and their interpretations of Valentine's Day seem convincing. In fact, far back in the year of 270, when the city of Rome had just laid the foundation, surrounded by a wilderness, groups of wolves wandering around. Among the gods worshipped by the Romans, Lupocus (Lupercus), the animal husbandry God, governs the protection of shepherds and sheep. Every year in February, the Romans hold a grand ceremony to celebrate the pastoral day. The calendar was a little later than it was now, so the festival was actually a celebration of the coming spring. It is also said that the festival celebrates Faunus (Faunus), which resembles the ancient Greek person's foot, a horn-pan (Pan), and a head of livestock and agriculture.

The origins of the Pastoral festival are far too old to be confirmed by the scholars of the First century BC. But the importance of the festival is beyond doubt.

For example, in historical records, Antony Antony the Crown to Caesar (Julius Caesar) at the Faun festival in 44 BC.

On February 15 each year, the monks gather near a cave in the mountains of Palantine, the Roman city, where the founder of the ancient Roman city (Romilus Andremus) was raised by a female wolf. Among the festivals, there was a young nobleman, armed with a sheepskin whip, running on the streets. Young women would gather on both sides of the street, hoping that the sheepskin whip would whip them to their heads. People believe this will make it easier for them to have children. In Latin, the sheepskin whip is called Februa, and the whipping is called Fabruatio, which actually contains the meaning of ' purity '. The name of the February (February) came from this.

As the Roman forces expanded in Europe, the custom of the pastoral festival was brought to the present France and Britain. One of the most enjoyable holiday activities is similar to lottery. The young woman's name was placed in the box, and then the young man stepped forward. A pair of men and women to become lovers, time is a year or longer.

The rise of Christianity has made people remember the customs of the gods gradually. The priests did not want people to give up the festive joy, so they converted the Lupercalia (Valentine ' Day) into the Valentine's Day and moved to February 14. Thus, the legend of the monk and the ancient festivals are naturally combined. The festival was the most popular in medieval England. After the names of unmarried men and women were withdrawn, they exchanged gifts, and the woman became a man's Valentine this year. The woman's name will be embroidered on the sleeve of the man, and the woman shall be cared for and protected by the man's sacred duty.

The pope announced February 14 in about A.D. 498 as Valentine's Day. The Roman way of mating was considered illegal by Christians. In the Middle Ages, in England and France, the February 14 was usually considered the season of bird mating. So add one more thing to the day, which is that it should be a romantic day. The earliest Valentine's Day gift was the Duke of Orleans, a poem written by Charles to his wife in the Tower of London. Because he was captured in the Battle of Agincourt. Now this blessing, written in 1415, was collected in the British Museum in London. A few years later, King Henry V hired John Lydgate to write a song to Catherine of Valois as a Valentine's Day gift.

The earliest Valentine's Day

The history of the modern sense of Valentine Valentine was in the early 15th century. The young French Orleans was captured by the British in the Battle of Agenkot (Agincourt) and was held in the Tower of London for many years. He wrote his wife a lot of love poems, about 60 of them have been saved so far. The tokens of the Valentine's Day were made in the flowers about 200 years later. A daughter of Faninghenri (Henry IV) held a big party at the Valentine's Day. All the ladies received a bouquet of flowers from the man who chose her as Valentine.

In this way, with the ancient Italian, French and British customs, we were able to send a message of love to our friends on the February 14 of each year. Flowers, heart-shaped candies, with lace and folds to cover up the gift of the name of a token, not only represents a sincere love, but also the courage to defy the tyranny of the best memory of the monk.

The custom of Valentine's Day

The "Valentine's Day" of the Year of February 14, also known as Valentine's Day, is a time to be cautious-especially for single people and romantic people. "Valentine's Day" early in the morning you should be from the keyhole to peep out. According to legend, if the first person you see is walking alone, then you will be single, if you see two or more people walking together, then you will certainly find a lover, if you see a rooster and a hen, then you will be married before "Christmas". But now the courtyard has been a rare rooster hen infested, urban areas will not have chicken traces, so if you can see a pair of pigeons or a pair of sparrows also have the wonderful work.

Bachelors pay special attention to the first person they meet in the morning of Valentine's Day, because if you are unmarried and are looking for a partner, you are destined to marry the first person you meet on February 14, at least that person will play a pivotal role in your life. If you are not afraid of shame, you can call your sweetheart early in the morning and ask for a ride to work. Or confined, to go out at noon is a good countermeasure.

"Valentine's Day" is one of the oldest festivals, dating back to the emergence of Christianity, but "Valentine's Day" is a recent statement. According to legend, St. Valentine was the two bishops of the same name in ancient Rome, and both were killed in 270 A.D. The last thing they did before they were killed was to write a love letter to his wife (the priest was able to get married), and since then, the name "Saint Valentine's Day" was used in early religious ceremonies. According to the same legend, "Valentine's Day" that day the birds into pairs, the bees are also dual-fly, the same is true of people.

Different times, "Valentine's Day" when the prediction of marriage, the way to attract lovers is not the same. From ancient Rome to the Victorian era, people used two of flowers and half bloom to predict marital status. Unmarried men and women planted two plants and half flowers, the first letter of nickname is the same as the first letter of their respective names. If two flowers are open, it indicates that the husband and wife are happy for life; if two flowers are opposite, it indicates that the husband and wife will go their separate ways; if the flowers are in full bloom, the future family rending; If a flower fades or dies, it means that one of the spouses will die prematurely before the other.

If you don't want to resign, you can try an ancient method from the British white Buckinghamshire: that is, in the evening of "Valentine's Day" lit a candle, at the bottom of two needles, to ensure that the needle through the candle core, Bian Bian said: I tied not just a candle, I want to penetrate the heart of xxx, whether he is sleeping is awake, I want him to talk to me, but pay attention to, you choose the dream lover to actual some, do not expect not to ask the characters. It is said that when the candle burns to the needle, your lover will push open the door and run to you. The second option is to put the right foot socks on the left foot every night before Valentine's Day, and mutter: "Dream of the living, not the dead, this is the young man, I want to marriage." "After speaking, keep silent until the next day." The third way is to tie your left sock to your neck before you go to bed. Be careful not to be too tight, if you strangle yourself, it will be a big mistake.

Unmarried women believe that if they put their shoes in T-shaped under the bed and open the window, they will dream of their sweetheart or find him standing in front of the bed. The success rate in rural areas is higher, as her suitors can glimpse specially placed shoes from the window.

Although "Valentine's Day" has declined for more than 100 years since the Victorian era. Today, the festival is becoming more and more popular. Valentine's Day is a festival of love, romance and flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards that are precious to our hearts.

Different times, the custom of Valentine's Day is different. The 1837-1901 British Victorian Valentine's Day custom is the most unique: February 14 This day, a pair of lovers, will be a plant with two budding buds of the spring transplant in a special basin. The first letter of the nickname must match the first letter of the Valentine's name. A few days later, if this spring on the double bud in full bloom, each other, it will herald the lover of the elderly; if the two lei each cent West East, the phase North spits the core, this to the sentiment, the person will eventually laoyanfenfei, if the flower opens huge, splendid, said later descendants Full House, the family joyful; if a flower withered and withered, the lover of one person has the risk of premature. In the white Buckinghamshire also prevailed on Valentine's Day night Prayers Custom: Light a candle, insert two fine needles, from the bottom of the candle inserted into the candle heart, meditation of their lover's name, Pray Love always, to the candle burning to the needle, it is said that the loved one will promptly knock gate. There is also a Valentine's Day custom: In the week before Valentine's Day, 7 consecutive nights, the left foot socks off to wear to the right foot, repeated wishes: "I wish My Heart Love can enter tonight Dream." It is said that under the moon, the old will leave behind a lucky red silk thread. And take off your socks around your neck and pray for love.

After the Victorian era, Valentine's Day customs faded, in the thirties or forties of the 20th century, with the popularity of greeting cards, Valentine's Day and the heat rekindle. In some countries, Valentine's Day has evolved for women to express feelings towards men, so, March 14 and become "also plot", that is, the man to the woman gifts to show "favor."

Valentine's Day is a friend of the days, belong to the family days, belong to Valentine's Day. In the West, Valentine's Day is not only the best time to express affection, but also the best time to propose to one's beloved. At this point, Valentine's Day is not what the ancient Romans designed this holiday?

Valentine's Day Gift

Usually in Valentine's Day, to give a red rose to express the feelings between lovers. Lined a color red rose with a beautiful green leaf, then put in a transparent single flower plastic bag, in the lower half of the maxiskirt with ribbons tied with a beautiful bow, forming a fine beautiful small bouquet, as the best gift for Valentine's Day. Rose is one of the world's leading gift flowers, showing specificity, emotion and vigor. Roses generally have red, pink, yellow, white and other colors. Famous varieties have Elizabeth Queen (red), First love (yellow) and so on. Valentine's Day to send the most red roses. How about giving roses to a lover? Of course, the more the better, a love has a unique meaning, three sticks represent "I love You". Send 6, 8 to represent auspicious number, send 11, is to give 10 branches to the most beloved person, the other one to represent themselves. As to send 24 is international wont, 12 for a dozen, representing the 12 months of the year, there is the pursuit of perfection, weeks the meaning of love.

Valentine's Day chocolate is also indispensable. Chocolate has been inextricably linked to love since it was born. People in love use sweet chocolate to express their affection for their loved ones.

In the United States in the 1980, diamond traders began to do jewelry for Valentine's Day promotional activities, making Valentine's Day gift types from chocolate and flowers in the two categories, and more jewelry this category.

Valentine's Day culture

Valentine's Day dinner dates usually represent the key to the development of a relationship.

Country/Region Culture:

• The United States: Men on this day to his female friends that "Happy Valentine's Day" has no special relationship, but gradually evolved into a public greeting form. But men are less likely to greet another man in public.

• UK: Since 17th century, Valentine's Day has become commonplace.

• Japan: Women send chocolates to the men she likes, while men ホワイトデー,white on white Valentine's Day one months later, the result of a Japanese businessman's hype in 1965.

• China: After the reform and opening-up, with the development of commercial speculation, many young men and women also began to celebrate the festival. Because of the different interpretations of the word "lover" (in Chinese, "The Lover" sometimes contains the "Mistress", "Lover", that is, the meaning of the relationship between men and women outside the legal marriage, has been criticized, on the other hand, because of the fear of Western traditional festivals constantly pouring into Chinese culture, diluted the celebration of traditional festivals, The festival has often been opposed and resisted by conservatives. Until now, this time of year, there are similar comments in the media.

• Hong Kong: Under the long-term influence of Western culture, celebrating Valentine's Day has been a long history. Men and women will give gifts to each other, men to send women's standard gift is usually flowers, chocolates, jewelry, etc., women send men are usually watches, neckties and other men's clothing supplies, and often to the restaurant to enjoy candlelight dinner.

Macau: On Valentine's Day, men send women flowers and women give men chocolate. Both sexes attach great importance to this day's festival.

Taiwan: Also celebrated this festival, the young men and women who have not been in contact with each other often on this day to the sweetheart confession, the couple also will date on this day.

All kinds of Valentine's Day

1, "Tanabata" festival:

In China, the Lunar New Year of July at the beginning of the night, the weather warm, vegetation fragrance, this is commonly known as the Chinese Festival, also known as "Gregorian festival" or "daughter's Day", because it is the day of the Cowherd Weaver, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day. It is one of the most romantic festivals in Chinese traditional festivals, and it is the most important day for girls in the past.

The origin of the seven "Tanabata" festival in July

Tanabata July Seven, is the legendary cowboy Weaver from Bridge to meet the day. The Weaver in People's heart is a hard-working and kind, ingenuity of the angel, so July Seven this evening, young girls and women will come out to worship the ritual, and to the Weaver Gregorian, hope that they can also like the Weaver has a pair of dexterous hands, a bright heart, will live a happy life.

2. Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival, also known as China's Valentine's Day. This appellation has been long since. Lantern Festival is also a romantic festival, in ancient times, the average woman especially ladylike or Jasper, are "three steps not out of Summen", only to the Lantern festival, You can come out to watch the lights. Lantern Festival Lantern in the feudal traditional society, to the unmarried men and women to meet an opportunity to meet, the lantern Festival flowers are just a chance to enjoy the flower, unmarried men and women by the light can also find their own objects. During the Lantern Festival, it is time for young men and women to meet their lovers. So the lantern Festival is a symbol of love in the Folk Festival.

In Taiwan, there are traditional customs of unmarried women who steal onions or vegetables at the Lantern Festival night and marry to a good husband. Commonly known as: "Steals the onion, marries the good 尪", "steals pulls the vegetable, marries the good husband", hoped the marriage happy girl, wants in the Lantern Festival night to steal the onion or the vegetable in the garden, looks forward to the future family happiness, the Tang Dynasty Dengshikou also appears the dance Baixi performance, Thousands of maids, folk girls singing and dancing under the lights, called the line song, Tage. Ouyang Xiu (Sheng Chazi) Yun: Last year lantern, flower market lights such as day, Liu Willow on the moon, people about dusk. Xin Qiji (green Jade Case) wrote: The public find it 1100 degrees, and then look back, the person is in the lights dim. It vividly shows the ancient lovers ' lantern dating scene. And the traditional opera Chen San and five Niang is in the Lantern Festival flowers to meet and love at first sight, Lechang official documents and Deyan in the Lantern Festival night, "Spring Lantern Riddle" in Yu Wenyan and Shadow Niang in the Lantern Festival.

3. White Valentine's Day

March 14. White Valentine's Day popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other regions, is what we know the continuation of the Western Valentine's Day, in the gift-giving aspect is also different: specifically for the February 14 female send male chocolate, March 14 male will return a gift.

In fact, White Valentine's Day, which originated in Japan's folklore: February 14 valentineday was originally a girl to boys appeal to the affection of the day, by girls send Valentine's Day chocolate to boys son.

In Japan, or the world of great men, February 14 Most of the girls give gifts to love, if the man also intends to return on March 14 to show their mutual affinity. But in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the distinction between men and women is less obvious. March 14 to send each other a Valentine's gift, that means that each other is already affiliated.

White Valentine's Day story:

Listen to the Western Valentine's Day, but also heard the Tanabata Valentine's Day. So you want to know what "White Valentine's Day" is?

"White Valentine's Day" first originated in Rome in the Third century. On February 14, the Roman emperor saved a pair of lovers who were to be executed for violating a love-marriage ban, and the Roman Emperor set up Valentine's Day to commemorate the occasion. On March 14, one months later, the sworn love of the rescued lover will die, to commemorate this day, and then set another as white Valentine's Day.

In addition, it is a Valentine's Day related to Japanese folklore. February 14 was originally a girl to boys appeal to the feelings of the day, by girls send Valentine gifts to boys son, but gradually developed to the end, has been the same, now Valentine's Day by WHO initiative to send gifts is not important. In Japan, if a party received a Valentine's Day on February 14 to express their love, but also to the other side have the same goodwill or affection, will be sent on March 14 to each other a Valentine's gift, said that this year each other has been affiliated with each other. So they set the March 14 as "White Valentine's Day".

If you also receive a gift of anticipation, why not take advantage of "White Valentine's Day" to make each other feel your love?

This is the white Valentine's Day, originated in Korea. In Korea, February 14 the day the girl gave her favorite boy chocolate, if the boy is also interesting to her, then on the March 14 that day to send this girl chocolate

1.14 Diary Valentine's Day, Lovers ' Diary Love Diary

2.14 Valentine's Day (St Valentine's Day), traditional Valentine

3.14 White Valentine's Day, boy return gift

4.14 Black Valentine's Day, for singles

5.14 Yellow with Rose Valentine (Yellow and Rose Day), in this day to wear yellow clothes, eat yellow curry rice is to tell everyone you are still single meaning, in addition, in this day to send red Rose is to confide love, send White Rose is hesitant unresolved, if send yellow Rose, will say good-bye

6.14 Kissing Valentine's Day, couples use kisses to express their love for each other kiss

7.14 Silver Valentine (Silver Day), bring your loved one home to a good chance for parents to know

8.14 Green Valentine's Day, hot summer, take a cool forest trip with the other half

9.14 Music Valentine's Day and photo Valentine's Day, which is a good day for a big social event, and many couples take a photo of the blue sky on this day, so it's also called "Photo Valentine's Day" (photo).

10.14 Wine Valentine (Wine Day), of course, drink a little grape wine to pull

11.14 Orange Valentine's Day with the movie Valentine's Day (Orange Days & Movie Day), the couple can catch two movies, after reading. A glass of orange juice.

12.14 embrace Valentine's Day, hug in public. Proclaim your love to the world

Chinese Valentine's Day 7.7 Tanabata Valentine's Day

December 31 Online Valentine's Day is for the memory of network emotion

Valentine's Day related

Valentine's Day gift TOP10

Another year of Valentine's Day, my heart began to feel the familiar anxiety. Maybe you think a man like me is so sentimental, but I am not embarrassed, for her, for my sincere love.

So, on such a night, I went through every corner of my heart and began to look for something that could be called Valentine's Day gift.


If I were a well-behaved person, I would send her roses. On weekdays she doesn't like flowers, and of course she doesn't like roses. But last year's Valentine's Day I clearly saw in her eyes a thing called envy. But I don't think I'll send her a bouquet of roses, send one, or a car or a boat, you know what I mean.


If I were a warm and sweet person, I would send candy. My girlfriend likes to eat candy, which is why I think of candy. I really appreciate the creative candy makers, because not only is the candy delicious, the packaging is exquisite. Think of college, a boy in order to pursue a girl, once candy and all kinds of grotesque rubber in advance put the lucky star in the glass jar, I do not know why to send the eraser, also do not understand why the girl unexpectedly did not be touched.


If I am a man who has no money to buy flowers and bother to calculate, I will ... You know what's going to happen to me. "Poetry" is a very mysterious thing. Do not think that I was wrong, Miss very Xuan, this poem is more Xuan. "Heaven and earth, but dare and June" seems too sad, I prefer "I would like to be a lamb, with your side, I wish you every day with a thin whip, gently hit me." Of course, if I can create a better one, I don't need this.


If I am a millionaire tycoon, I will have a Valentine's Day dinner with her, of course, candlelight dinner, that also used to say? The black dress, the snow-white cloth, the silvery cutlery against the bright rose. Romantic violin streaming out of the heart itch difficult to scratch the notes, during the meal not tottering time to take out the paragraph engraved with her name necklace to her and put on her. Has carved the name, in case of break up can not want to come back, people have money of course don't care, I don't blindly think, this gift is the most boring.


If I were a scheming man, I would send her a ring. Gold is too tacky, the diamond is too expensive, send platinum, a small circle, first put her cover. Don't get me wrong, the ring is not a trap, even if it is, this love trap and what is not good? If Platinum is not good, then send ivory, appear to have taste.


If I were a very fashionable person, I would give her perfume. Because I have heard that the smell of gas can be kept in the memory of the longest thing. Unfortunately, my knowledge about perfume is limited, so I can give her a surprise when I figure it out. From then on, I can in this familiar taste, intoxicated.


If I were a small young blood girl, I would make a card for her. This I like, like a young girl in love stitch to sew her own dowry. This card without any financial value will be appreciated by someone I love, which is enough.


If I were a man who knew a lot about girls, I would send her toys. The best kind of plush, teddy bear, Garfield. Every time I see this, she will exaggerate for these lovely things, I never mind, because I love her. It's a bit like a birthday present, but what if it's not for the pursuit of her?


If I were a romantic and attentive person, I would send her a record. Together intoxicated in both people like music should be a wonderful thing, I hope she will not be too touched and kissed me, because you know my strength is not too good.


If I were a man of no sense, I would pack myself up and give it to her. She once said that I was the best gift to her, do you know how moved I was? So, I can no longer sloppy, according to her favorite image to design their own, and to rub a little her favorite perfume. Everything is all right, before knocking on her door, tie a bow on your head with a ribbon of preparation, because you mustn't forget that now I am a Valentine's Day gift.

7 Kinds of weapons on Valentine's Day


Bright and flawless diamonds, symbolic of the precious love, is more appropriate, wedding rings are generally diamond! If you have already found that Sansen is willing to spend with her, then, with Valentine's Day this opportunity to send her a diamond jewelry as a token of love.

With diamonds, the sweetest language is "I propose to You" Yo! ^_^ this time, a diamond ring is the most suitable gift. If not to propose, diamond necklace or earrings is also a good choice, or design chic brooch, hairpin, bracelet, more show your unique mind. Valentine's Day diamond not too big, let her think you too extravagant is not good.

If only in the jewelry shop to order the bare diamond, and then specially invited people to design and processing, to give her your own diamond jewelry, that is to become a treasure collection of the heirloom Oh!


The taste of chocolate, is the taste of love--strong love chocolate is a special weapon for girls! " Can you observe my heart? The taste of chocolate, like me? " Thank you for always being so nice to me. " I like You "... There are many different kinds of chocolate in the language.

To his confession, is Valentine's Day the girl's patent, don't miss the opportunity. ^_^ If you know each other's taste, of course, to send his favorite chocolate, you can successfully get his favor Luo, otherwise, you can choose a chocolate, revealing your mood. Try: Gentle disturbed secret love, with milk chocolate to vindicate, let him feel your sweet and meticulous, Xi Hee, take the first step of success! Hot feelings, of course, to choose nuts chocolate is enough, otherwise how to show you in his heart unique? Into bitter love, try to use pure chocolate to dissolve the feelings between you frozen, tell him, although Love also has bitter taste, but your mind as ever. The sweetness after the bitter taste is particularly memorable!

Office romances, give him a cup of hot chocolate good, do not show traces of the vindicate, can let you two a tacit understanding all day.

This is also a good chance to show the cooking. Oh, the chocolate of their own hands, meaning and different, but do not do too bitter!

Intimate Contact

"I really want to hold his/her hand!" This teaches you how to use this Valentine's Day to start "first intimate contact" smoothly.

The secret is: Be sure to go out and be as far away as possible! There are more opportunities to go outdoors, if only in the room, it is more difficult to find enough excuses to actively pull his/her hands.

Outing is a good idea, and relatively cold place easier to succeed Oh, if it is mountain climbing, holding hands is very natural Luo. Feel the cold words, gently leaning against him/holding her, everything in silence! Watch the starlight on the top of the mountain and enjoy the moonlight on the lake, which is Valentine's Day for only two of you ...

If you don't have an outing, take a walk in the city and take him/her with you when you cross the street. If you join the club or disco Valentine's Day party, dance together, it is not just hand in hand Luo.

There are too many steps, watching horror movies, old-fashioned fortune-telling and so on ... These are hand-held small tricks. Also can say: "Ah, your fingers really long ah"-pull handle; Your hair is so good "--touch the hair; How do you weigh, I call it-hug ... ^_^

The opportunity to intimate contact is not difficult to create yo, don't be too nervous, before you ask him/her to practice the mirror first!


Subtle alcohol is the best way to create an atmosphere on Valentine's Day. Don't be too strong, red wine is the best choice, you can choose other kinds of wine, in short, it seems that romance is the most important. Taste to choose a slightly sweet for Valentine's Day, champagne is also a good choice.

If you have a few drinks on your date, choose a good wine for Valentine's Day. If there is seldom a chance to drink together, then use this opportunity to brew "wine + Flowers" Valentine's Day. Small wine drunk moment, summon up the courage, the heart of the words out! Even if the failure, can also push sin to alcohol, a "I seem a little drunk," around embarrassing scenes, do not worry about the future without the room to meet.

If you choose red wine, after the ice to drink the best taste oh. Remind you, do not drink too drunk, affect the next program.


The flowers, the old school love letters? So this candle must be able to impress his/her heart. If you have a planned appointment. Make an appointment with a small colored candle (size to be able to carry it concealed) and a lighter.

If you are outdoors, wait for the dark (after 7 o'clock), find an excuse to take him/her out of the crowd, at the moment of his/her not noticing, take out a candle lit, candlelight two people, what can not say? You can make a wish together to see if you can achieve in this year yo!

If in the room, can excuse the circuit fault out of the light, and then suddenly lit the candle, so that he/she was pleasantly surprised!

Quick, ask him/her, and finally remind you, don't forget to bring a lighter Oh!

I didn't think so. Love letters are actually a very effective killer. If you are more confident in your writing skills, try this one and you will definitely leave a lasting impression on him/her.


What do you mean, "love letters"? "The Handbook of winning Love Letters"? Don't look at all, be sure to write your own love letter. If you are found by the other side, you are a cliché copied from other places, not only can not add points, but will let you in his/her image greatly discounted. Because it looks like you're a liar. As long as you write it, even childish, it doesn't matter, brave lover to where will be popular. However, if you are not fully confident, do not be too disgusting.

The best way is to choose a good stationery, write well and then neatly copied again. Although it is the internet age, but handwritten love letters are never replaced, do not greedy simple and only send an email to him/her, that is not enough!


"Flowers are really not creative!" Don't say that, girls like flowers, and the more they can. Of course, Valentine's Day flowers will not be red roses, but you can send the flowers in accordance with her character yo. If she is a gentle and pure girl, can send a bunch of lilies to her, if she noble charming, then send violets or tulips, if she lively and lovely, then needless to say, the cosmos is the most suitable for her flowers! Don't forget, not only to send flowers, but also in the bouquet with your card, it appears that you are prepared, the card is best to write a few sweet words in person. Flowers will wither, your handwriting can be her permanent preservation of the collection. If you want to give her a surprise, then do not write on the card, and do not personally to her, to do her Valentine's Day mystery admirer, she will be proud of the day to secretly laugh oh. If you can't muster the courage to confess to her, use flowers as your opening line.

If you are serious, you can go to the flower shop to order flowers earlier, if very busy, you can get off work early on Valentine's Day to buy a bunch. In addition, silk can not nocturnal oh, in front of everyone to receive flowers for girls is very face things, so, to a little more than the place to send flowers to her is the most effective.

Remember, any time, flowers are sweet love vindicate, if Valentine's Day you do not have any preparation, that also must send flowers to her, a red rose can nourish your love. Do not wait for her to be angry or sad to cry when regret Oh!

Roses, chocolates and flowers

In the West, Valentine is Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is not only the best time to express affection, but also the best time to propose to one's beloved.

In the custom of Valentine's Day, flowers and chocolates are necessary to celebrate. Do you know the meaning of this?

Rose on behalf of love is known, but the different colors, number of roses also have another auspicious meaning it!

Red roses represent passion and true love;

Yellow rose on behalf of cherish blessing and jealousy lovelorn;

Purple Rose represents the romantic truth and precious unique;

White roses represent purity and innocence;

The Black rose represents the gentle sincerity;

Orange rose friendship and youthful beauty;

The Blue rose represents the goodness of the good.

The meaning of chocolate:

Hazelnut Chocolate--fidelity

Nutty Chocolate--a cutie

Wine Heart chocolate-drunk with you

Milk chocolate-my honey

Valentine's Day in addition to sending roses, you can also use the following flowers to create a romantic, sweet atmosphere, more specific expression of love and the blessing of the lover.

Rose--Courtship of the stars--affection

Lily--a century of good and sunflower--love

Acacia--Joyful calendula--infatuation

Red bean--Acacia orchid--Wayward beauty

Red Chrysanthemum-I love lilac-shyness

White Lilac--Read my tulips--the Parable of Love

Willow Branch--attachment to violet Laurel--Eternal beauty

Cosmos--Always merry Margaret--Lover's Love

Valentine's Day strategy cheats 12 style


1. This cheat book only applies to February 14, other time is invalid;

2. The cheats are fictitious, and if they are identical, it is a coincidence.

8:00 to 8:30 call your own lover.

Reference language: Happy Valentine's Day! Today because you are special or today you make me passionate ...

Cheat 1: Do not make the evening meeting at this time.

9:00 to 10:00 while the boss is not paying attention (maybe the boss is doing the same thing), call or order chocolates and roses from the Internet; Use all means of communication (e-mail, OICQ, BB Machine, BBS) for the three-dimensional bombing, the central idea is that you care about each other, the more disgusting the better.

Cheat 2: Buy flowers best before 10:00, too late to buy. If you want to save money, 13th buy flowers in the house one night, 14th flower value has been turned over 10 times times, 15 to 20 yuan, too expensive!

Cheat 3: Valentine's Day 3 treasures-Rose, chocolate, plus chewing gum, is a necessary weapon.

10:00 to 12:00 hard work. This is for the supervisor and the boss to see, mainly for the afternoon leave convenience.

12:00 to 13:00 take advantage of the lunch time, consider the evening of their own clothing, hair and evening activities, location.

16:00 to 16:30 Grooming repair time, it is best to go to a beauty salon to do a hairstyle.

The perfect time to send flowers from 16:45 to 17:20. Wait for the flowers to send the flowers, immediately call the past, finalize the dinner time, place.

Cheat 4: Many companies get off work at 17:00 or 17:30, too early or too late.

Cheat 5: Be sure to wait under her office building to be sincere.

Cheat 6: Spend the best to find someone to send, personally send will lose the mystery, if you are not handsome, MM will be in front of colleagues feel no face.

Cheats 7: When the phone is best to give mm a dilemma choice: "Do you say evening to eat Western food or to eat candlelight dinner?" I am waiting for you downstairs in your company. ”

19:00 to 21:00 dinner. At this time can express some affection, but not sublimation feelings.

Cheats 8: The place of the dinner must be able to create a mood, such as piano background music, candlelight and so on. Remember that dinner is not an end, it is a means.

22:00 to 24:00 find a suitable place to stay together, the atmosphere of the lovers, the bar is a good choice. This is the play, the emotion can sublimate, may have some physical contact.

Cheats 9: Holding hands, waist, hug, kiss is unavoidable, but avoid not to think crooked, nothing more.

The best solution is: in the bar, holding the hands of the Iraqis, affectionate eyes, the table and kiss. This action can be repeated several times.

Cheat 10: When mm does not move for you, you can use the wine to eat the roses on the table. This is a recruit killer, I vomiting blood recommend! Valentine's Day of the year, when I swallowed the 5th rose, her lips across the table in front of me ...

Cheat 11: If the lover is married, the best date is the day before Valentine's Day (February 13), so no one doubts.

Cheats 12: Valentine's Day the most unlucky three things: Meet the boss with a secretary, looking for a lover with bad breath, send a lover home fare not enough. This blot should pay attention to guard against.

Valentine's Day to play romantic 14 strokes

1. Chat at the point of candlelight or with red scarf to cover the lights.

2. Make an appointment at the flower shop, please send the flower to wait at 7 o'clock in the evening where you are dating him or her.

3. Meet on the beach or the beach, fire baked potatoes.

4. Walk in the micro-rain without an umbrella, while walking to the roadside to avoid the rain people nod and smile.

5. Memorize the stars, about him (she) to the top of the constellation of each other to point to him (she) see, and then look at the starry imagination, of course, do not memorize the line, casually refers to a beautiful star, and then make a moving story.

6. Sing old songs, the older the better.

7. If you are ready to woo each other, you can say: "I heard that there is a way of courtship in their hands to draw a heart, if the other party agreed to draw one." "One side in the palm of his hand with a red strokes, the red pen aside."

8. Prepare a wide cloth in advance and write a good word on it. When you are in the café chatting with her is happy when you suddenly silent, from the pockets of cloth to shake open, above can write "with you, really happy!"

9. When he (she) dates the watch to stop, look at the table said; With you, my time is not moving, I really hope that the time is still 7 points.

10. Use a long match stick one by one to insert the name of each other on the cake, flashing from the beginning to the end.

11. Buy a restaurant and pay well in advance. When chatting, suddenly the light is dim, the waiter launches birthday cake and sings Happy Birthday song.

12. Go to the wild to eat a lover barbecue picnic.

13. Buy a "traditional crosstalk election", lonely when two people look at the side, often have unexpected happiness.

14. Learn the ancients, look for plum in the snow.

Valentine's Day horoscope

She's in the goat seat.

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Saturn lets the goat block on Valentine's Day hearted, in fact goat women still want someone to accompany Valentine's Day to relax, but this more need a special project. She'll want you to work with her on the way to the festival. If there is no creative plan, the goat woman will be very unhappy.

Aquarius She

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Libra and Saturn give Aquarius a strange idea. You have to make an appointment with her for the holidays, or the Aquarius holiday is probably going to be with a whole bunch of people. Like the group activities of her, a preference for nature, if you can go with her to the suburbs to enjoy a rare comfort, she will have a Ico way of return.

Pisces she

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Water elephant constellation Pisces feeling delicate, although romantic, flowers and chocolate, can already make Pisces very happy, but you can arrange other such as hiking, garden and other activities, let her music.

Aries She

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Never let a white woman's Valentine's Day fall alone, she wants to be able to let both sides hot sweat dripping to spend the festival. You have to respect the idea of white seat, let her decide to play is the best way. You have to let the white woman, who is ruled by Mars, happily release the heat that has been accumulating for a long time today.

Taurus She

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Venus-ruled Taurus woman, who likes to control the festive way of reality, send her outstanding jewelry, to meet her desire for material, remember you want to personally put a gift for her. And her elegant restaurant to eat dinner, if during the dinner, can give her a long awaited commitment, she will sincerely thank.


The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: to woo the two-child people affected by mercury, take her to visit something new, such as the latest unknown dating spot, or lead her to the latest information, or even explore her unexplored areas, which will make Gemini, who likes Dong Bensi, more special to you.

Cancer of her

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Affected by the Moon, Valentine's Day coincides with the lunar 29th, I am afraid there is no moon to see, it is recommended that you should be on Valentine's Day to stay all day around the cancer woman, so as to stabilize the mood she may be out of control today. A trip to your acquaintance or a place of special significance will bring the two people closer.

Leo She

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: The Sun is the dominant star of Leo, and if the weather is good on Valentine's Day, you have to be mentally prepared for a high level of energy loss. All the gorgeous or lively scene, are you and the lion woman in a good place, if you are too stingy for the sake of the purse, beware of upsetting her heart, for the holiday cloth shadow.

Virgo, she

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: under Mercury's influence, the earth sign Virgo Valentine's Day want to stay at home, will be busy to clean up the house, you have to be more considerate of her. Maybe go to her house to clean with her, she would like to be considerate of her people.

She's a Libra.

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Venus ' dominated Libra doesn't want to spoil the atmosphere with a whole bunch of people on Valentine's Day, and if you're going to order a Valentine's Day for her, don't pick it up in a smorgasbord of cafeterias or a crowded mall shopping mall. It is better to find an elegant shop and enjoy the world quietly.

She's a Scorpio.

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Mars and Pluto are intertwined with Scorpio's unique character. Take the Scorpio woman to the secret place two people tryst, the relationship has progressed to a certain degree of people, can heartily in each other's spirit and the meat between the free stretching; Sexy underwear is a gift to ignite her fire. Of course, if you and she are just starting out, you can start by watching the movie.

Sagittarius She

The way to spend Valentine's Day with her: Jupiter brings good luck for Sagittarius, and I'm afraid that you're not the only one who wants to pay attention to other rival rivals around her. If you do not want to compete, you can win the Shine with the Sagittarius woman, you have to arrange a Valentine's Day holiday, not only Valentine. If you want to discuss it with her, come to a short trip for three days and nights, take a woman out for a trip, and enjoy the romance alone.

Is your website ready for Valentine's Day?

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