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The overalls and employee evidence thrown away the Nikkei Chinese network reported that citizen in early February closed the watch parts factory in Guangzhou, China, and all of a sudden sacked about 1000 Chinese employees. The rare hard-line approach among Japanese companies has provoked opposition, and its impact has spread to Japanese society. Why has citizen taken such an action in some areas where there have been signs of thawing since the meeting of the Sino-Japanese summit in November 2014? Thrown out of overalls and employee Certificate February 10, the Japanese economic news visited the citizen group in Guangzhou, the Chinese subsidiary of "Citizen Precision Co., Ltd.". Most of the staff have agreed to terminate the labor contract, but there are still more than 10 female employees who do not agree to terminate the contract and gather in front of the factory. In the surrounding area, workers ' work clothes and employee certificates, which were still in use until recently, were discarded like rubbish and littered with rubble. The anger of workers who have suddenly been dismissed and abandoned by the ruthless seems to have remained. The Chinese female reporter who interviewed this situation, after learning that the author was a Japanese journalist, raised a question--"What do you think?" The tone is as if the Japanese had been mistaken. "To announce important notices, staff please gather," Zhang Ming, a female employee, 35 years old, was stunned to learn of the "important Notice" on February 5 2 o'clock in the afternoon. "The factory will be cleared for bankruptcy tomorrow." Therefore, the labor contract with all 1000 employees will be released tomorrow. To sign acceptance of the termination conditions of the labor contract. If refused to sign, will not pay compensation "the closure of the factory, which has a history of about 20 years, appears to be sudden." Because it is before the Spring Festival, many employees are looking forward to home visits, the result of a warm atmosphere dispelled. There are women who are constantly crying because of their anxiety and then questioning the managers. The "happiness" suddenly disappears. An employee surnamed Zhang has been working in citizen Precision Company since he graduated from a high school in Guangdong province for 18 years. Not only married and had children, but also "thanks to the factory, only to obtain happiness." Before this day, the factory of citizen Precision Company is full of gratitude, but now life suddenly changed. On February 8, when the deadline for agreeing to terminate the labor contract was near, many employees were still reluctant to do so, and in that case, 2 young men came to the head of the company and signed off on the labor contract. "Can we just sign?" As the helpless air began to fill, one of the employees said, "They are not people in our factory", so 2 people want to escape. These 2 people are not aware of where to come from the "child care", the purpose is to create a signature atmosphere. Although the factory staff to catch up, but the police on duty did not seize the two "child care", instead of beating workers, let "child care" fled. As a result of this incident, the signing of the staff is not smooth, 8th night, a strange man to the staff call the threat: "Best to be honest signature." However, there are still 70 employees who have not signed up to date. Li Xiaohong (40 years old) from Sichuan Province"How can you accept this form of dismissal," said angrily. Citizen don't know how difficult it is to get a migrant worker to re-enter the age. Why didn't you tell us until the day before? I hope the company told us earlier. What's the best place to work after the Spring Festival? The dismissal notice is 1 months ahead of time Li Xiaohong's complaint is not unreasonable. In China, if you dismiss more than 20 employees, there is an obligation to release the notice 1 months in advance, which will ensure to some extent that employees have time to find a new job. However, in the event of a factory bankruptcy liquidation, there is no need to fulfil the obligation of 1 months ' notice. The citizen's sudden dismissal notice is in line with the law, but it is hard to accept that China, which has become common sense in the early 1 months of notice. In this respect, citizen Headquarters explained: "The company has a large number of employees, various plant power equipment, and the production site to use some chemicals, if the staff long stay in the factory and emotional instability, the factory is in an uncontrollable state, not only can not normal production, more likely to lead to staff personal safety of major problems. On the other hand, local factories have explained that "early notice may affect workers ' moods and do not work properly", and there are differences between the two. Chinese public opinion reacted immediately. "Do not allow such irresponsible Japanese enterprises exist", "quickly get out of China", "This is a good opportunity for high anti-Japanese" ..., on the Internet, Citizen encountered a curse, the television coverage nationwide also aired a criticism of Citizen's special program. There is a historical understanding between China and Japan, so even if we do the same thing, Japanese companies are more susceptible to criticism than those in Europe and the US. The surprise dissolution is likely to provoke resentment from Chinese consumers, thereby damaging citizen's brand value. So why did citizen shut down the plant in such a way? Citizen's explanation is that this is "part of a global business restructuring". There is a view that one of the reasons for shutting down factories is the soaring labor costs. Compared with 5 years ago, China's minimum wage rose rapidly to about twice times. And Guangzhou's wage level is higher, since May, the minimum wage (1 months) will be increased by 22% to 1895 Yuan. The geographical advantage of labor-intensive industries such as watch components is gradually being lowered compared with the countries around Asia. China, which cannot be easily withdrawn, is also complicated by China's peculiar "exit dilemma". Unlike Japan, which sometimes needs to inform local local governments in advance, it is not easy to withdraw in China without a thorough advance clearance with the local government and approval. When there is a potential negative impact on the local government's economic growth goals, there is often a case for the government to reject the withdrawal of companies. In the event of a tax concession at the time of emplacement, the withdrawal should be fully refunded in principle. Sometimes it will evolve into a huge amount. Because of the complexity of this transactional process, one person who advises Japanese companies to withdraw from the plant says: "From the start of the withdrawal preparation to completion," small and medium-sized enterprises with less impact on the local economy will take 1 years, while large companies will take a minimum of 2 years.The final hurdle is to dismiss the staff. The amount of compensation paid by employees, and the resulting uproar, has occurred in China. This is not just a problem for Japanese companies. When Motorola closed its research and development base in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, in the summer of 2012, 400 employees were strongly opposed to the fact that compensation was too small to develop into turmoil. Disputes over compensation are largely due to disagreements over the amount of money that is imposed by law. The legal amount is "working life X1 Average monthly wage". If you are working for 5 years, you must pay a minimum wage of 5 months. On this basis, "kit α" has become a problem in large enterprises, the increase of 2-3 months wage is regarded as a universal standard. Citizen as "kit α" was the first to raise the pay for January, which is less than the usual 1-month average wage due to fewer days of work. The final compensation was higher than the initial hint, and citizen signed the contract with all the employees before February 12. But where does this citizen's "wonderful performance" come from? The government is also a party to labour problems in China (factories, etc.), said Chen Yifan, a lawyer at Humen Central law firm (Tokyo Port), which has been consulting China on labor disputes. In other words, if the Government were to support itself skillfully, things would go well. Worry about group events in recent years, labor disputes have arisen in China as labor costs have risen and factories have moved and closed. What worries the authorities most is that the workers ' opposition has turned into group violence, which eventually led to the government being criticized. As a result, there has been a tendency to help businesses in recent days in order to smooth out the business. In China, not only Japanese companies, but also the general enterprises have been set up in accordance with the Authority's intention to play a role in the "organization." As long as there are more than 3 Communist Party members, the enterprise must exist within the party organization. This is the company's supervisor, and it is the organization that has something to act on. It is common sense in Chinese corporate society to dominate the "Chinese" (Chinese employees), including party members, in the complex case of close factories. There are many times when there is a common understanding of who the Chinese people are. What kind of representations will be taken? These "Japanese" (Japanese employees) need not know. The extent to which the citizen headquarters has mastered the method of shutting down Chinese factories, and taking into account the relevant impact, there are ambiguous places. Japanese companies in China have citizen to the citizen, which has announced the closure of the plant since February 5, and has completed its surprise dissolution in just 1 weeks. "I really hope not to take that approach." Because we have to stay here to expand business "(Japanese companies in Guangdong Province executives). "Don't you know the hardships after the anti-Japanese parade before 2.5 ..." (Senior Japanese business executives) The nightmare of attacks on Japanese-owned companies such as Panasonic and Aeon appeared to be resurrected in the anti-Japanese march before 2.5. Recently, large electronics companies such as Toshiba and Panasonic have announced the withdrawal of production and closure in ChinaFactory, the "go to China" trend is very prominent, but people said: "In fact, from many years ago to prepare, until recently reached agreement on money, and finally announced." After the reflexive Day parade, many Japanese-funded enterprises are strengthening communication with Chinese employees and painstakingly creating a "sense of oneness". The days of withdrawal are also more flexible. But the worry is that the image of Japanese companies will deteriorate as a result of citizen's surprise shutdown, which may have been dashed by previous efforts. In the Japanese Society of China, it was already closely watching what would happen to the "Abe talk" scheduled for this summer. The focus of its concern is what will happen to China's dilemma, such as the content of the "Cun Shan Talk", which amends the past colonial rule, and citizen's surprise-closing factory has further exacerbated the concern.
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