"Journey 2" early games to the countryside pilot material exposure (more pictures)

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"TechWeb Report" September 13 news, giant network confirmed today flagship new tour "Journey 2" on September 16 to start the public test, will be in the television advertising and other fields to launch a full range of promotional attempts.  This means that "Journey 2" and its pioneering third-generation online business model officially to the market. It is reported that in the net swims in the countryside was the Shi Yuzhu stopped, "The Journey 2" the Public measure promotion center of gravity will transfer to "the Passion Pk, the romantic friend" two big core play. Launched in March this year, the "Journey 2" team and spent six months of closed development, optimization game.  At present, the development progress of the public testing phase has been completed, "Journey 2" in the public testing phase will be committed to improve the player happiness index. It is noteworthy that today there is a group of "Journey 2" into the countryside of online games to the rural areas of the material by the internet exposure. From this batch of picture material visible, the giant pushes the team into the Jiangxi province Ganzhou "Qing Yuan" to do the pilot and the research. Qing Yuan is also the name of the novice village in the "Journey 2" game, the first game scene name that all new players come into contact with.  Choose Jiangxi Qing Yuan as the first batch of research pilot in the countryside, "Journey 2" well-intentioned. "New countryside, new net swims", "make friends with town, Cross Village date, play the journey 2 older young friends do not have to worry about", "" busy when hanging machine, slack when the country war, play the Journey 2 games harvest two not mistaken, "" mob gambling illegal, collective country war rich amateur life ", these eye-catching banner banners appear in the Qing Yuan of the Sun Valley, Walls and even fields. In the doorway of Qing Yuan store, also posted on "Journey 2" of the Public survey poster.  The push staff even brought a notebook computer for the villagers to do a game demo. A week ago, "Journey 2" has tried to start in the public testing phase of the first domestic "net games to the countryside" plan, "Journey 2" to promote to 5, 6-level rural market, improve the rural entertainment conditions. However, due to premature, the plan was suddenly stopped Shi Yuzhu.  But before the plan was halted, the Giants had sent thousands of teams across the country to do research in villages, and the images were not ruled out as footage from the pilot phase. There are also insiders revealed that the giant despite the call to stop the "online games to the countryside" plan, but "Journey 2" will still be in some rural market pilot and open up.  In the survey, in addition to the evaluation of rural market to the acceptance of online games, but also focus on rural minors, left-behind children and other groups of supervision issues. "Journey 2" Master planning Feng in micro-bo speech or can support the above information. He said that in the "Journey 2" to do market research, the real sense of the countryside to enrich the recreational life demand. Although the plan was stopped due to minor regulatory reasons, it was expected that the time would be ripe for reopening. He even complained that "online games in the countryside should not be so completely abandoned." "The Journey 2" producer Guixe also to this "swims the countryside" the plan encounters the public opinion demonizing and quite has the criticism. He said in his microblog: how many people really understand the Chinese countryside today, understand their lives, understand their psychology, understand the changes of these years.  A group of never touch the mud, sitting in the air conditioning and drinking tea spit-star flying knock on the keyboard of the brick home called the Beast What qualifications self-righteous standing in the commanding heights of morality of their own do not understand, also do not investigate things. It is understood that the "Journey 2" public test target is the impact of 400,000 people mark, in the previous beta phase of the game, the highest online number has exceeded 300,000 people, as the 2011 game Industry Annual meeting of the players selected "2011 years of the most expected network game." (Weba) to share:
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