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Anyone who does business on the Internet, including network sales, network promotion, marketing cooperation, PR marketing and other aspects of friends, I believe that there is a experience: in the network, integrity is the first important, to each other's impression, can let the other party have a sense of trust, is the key to determine business success or failure. Especially for the network promotion of friends, all day in the network with people to deal with, but also so. The author in more than seven years of Internet experience, most of the time is doing business-related work, so in this regard also small heart, today to discuss with you.

There are many ways to suggest honesty on the web, but first impressions are the most important. So today to share with you seven points are usually easy to ignore, but often in the first time will affect the other side of our trust degree of how high small details.

1, the real information

Now a variety of network communication tools are developed, such as QQ, MSN, etc., at the same time, such as blogs, SNS, forums, such as the Exchange platform, is also very popular. And these tools, platforms, often need to let everyone input personal data. For ordinary Internet users, you can write, write, write, but for the network to build good faith friends, must not be so, the data as far as possible to the truth. If for personal privacy or security reasons, you can not write or set to secrecy. But must not have false information, otherwise it will make others to their own impression greatly discounted. In other words, if you have a friend on QQ, the information is written in the youth 28 of young girls, the results finally found himself is a teenage father, how will it feel?

Here are three documents that must be truthful.

A, name. Even his true name dare not say, there is no integrity to talk about, if not convenient to say real names, the real name of a column left blank.

B, age. It is not convenient to write, leave blank, or only sign the zodiac. If you want to write, don't cheat.

C, last name. The people of the Earth's dislike of the network Simon, do not want to say more.

2, the real avatar

If you can take my real picture, is the best, but this will greatly improve the trust degree. The reason is very simple, I look at the real picture. If not convenient, you can use some of the more lovely, affinity pictures or popular idol to do the avatar. Note that with well-known celebrity avatar is no problem, but do not use some non-celebrity: such as the neighbor two dog photos to do head, who knows who he is, do not know, all think is my photo.

And the most taboo is to take pictures of the opposite sex, this is very vulgar, and network Simon no difference. I qq on there is such a person, a big master, not the whole little girl photos to do Avatar, personal data in the gender is still empty, often see such a number, there is a desire to pull black impulse. In a word, it feels like such a dishonest person.

3, Network ID

For the network ID, nickname, can use the real name as far as possible with the real name, can not use the real name, as far as possible with some mature nickname. Don't use some so-called Martian texts to make nicknames. In this case, even if you are a very mature forums, but you will also think that you are a non-mainstream of the not reliable.

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In addition to the ID, such as personal signature and other materials do not appear in this Martian text, this is a very naïve behavior.

4, the appropriate leave the information

For a certain experience of network business personnel, I believe that there is a habit: every contact with a new business partner, or online consumption, will first search the other side of the information, to see the background and the situation is true. This time if the other party's data a lot, and real, will be assured bold in-depth exchanges. If the other party's information is very small, not, or a lot of false information, it will immediately alert. So if we want to expand the business on the network better, let others trust us, we need to leave their own real information, such as real work experience, real contact information and so on.

5, appropriate to leave a picture

With the popularity of blog, QQ space popularization, many people have developed the habit of online drying photos. For example, QQ, if you can see a few photos of each other in the other's space, will immediately feel the other person is very real. Therefore, in the appropriate time, in the space or blog post a few personal photos will greatly increase the goodwill of others. Note that you have to stick that cute, very approachable photo.

6, appropriate writing blog

Appropriate in the network to record personal life, leaving their own words, will let others see, generate trust. Because these words and records, will make you appear more real.

7, sincere chat

The last one is chatting. Language is an art, and there are a lot of skills, but here is only a point: to be sincere, not to mention the truth and worry people. Now the Internet is very convenient, a lot of things do not have to visit the field, a search will know true and false. Even if the secret is a moment, also can not deceive the world. With the development of the Internet, the Earth has become a village, sooner or later to be betrayed. So, it is better to be honest or kind.

In fact, sincere not to tell lies, when kindergarten, the teacher taught us, but ...

Today's topic is here, if you have the same friends, you are top. This article is about the details of the problem, so we also need to carefully go to the product: If you have any good experience in this area or ideas, welcome to exchange, the author's contact methods are as follows:

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