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Absrtact: Recently, the Community O2O's Song of Ice and Fire makes it a hot topic again. On the one hand, ding-dong community announced a large amount of angels after the failure of the capital chain broken news; On the other hand, there are still community O2O projects to get large financing. and

Recently, the community O2O's Song of Ice and Fire has made it a hot topic again. On the one hand, ding-dong community announced a large amount of angels after the failure of the capital chain broken news; On the other hand, there are still community O2O projects to get large financing. Recently, I also learned that Lakara, who has been doing financial services for the convenience of the community, has also started to do the O2O business, and has been doing it for half a year. In my opinion, Lakara do the community O2O business has its natural advantages, it has chosen a more solid play.

The cooperation between Lakara and community shops is not a matter of overnight. As a member of a Third-party payment company in the first instalment of a domestic acquisition of a payment licence, over the past decade, Lakara has provided convenient financial services to nearby residents through convenience stores, community shops and bank outlets in more than 300 cities, such as credit card repayments and public service payment. Gradually, Lakara is not satisfied with only a pay company. At the end of 2013, Lakara set up a special electric company, relying on its own community store resources throughout the country, into the Community O2O service areas.

Lakara do community O2O Business Fulcrum is a call "open shop Treasure" smart flat terminal, the community of convenience stores and shops (after the text collectively referred to as Community store) through the open shop Bora use Lakara provide a series of community O2O services. What does this "series of services" include? In general, two large chunks: electric business services and financial services, including the Independent Bank, life services, convenient payment, electronic shelves and POS collection of five functions. And, Lakara carry out Community O2O service Rhythm is: first B-end, and then C-end, finally build a B2B2C business form.

First of all, for the B-terminal Open store service. The service was officially launched in March this year and has been in operation for more than six months now. This part of the service contains more rich content, with Lakara deputy general manager Li Yue words: "Our goal is to help the community shop better offline and online at the same time to run their own business, with this goal-related services we will gradually follow." "Here, I'll read it one by one."

First, the store to help the Community shop to solve the problem of purchase, so that they can buy a lower price to the category more goods.

Many of the three or four-line City community store because the size of the purchase is very small, so in consultation with the dealers to purchase prices, such as a series of conditions negotiated lack of discourse right. Moreover, in many cases, their purchase of the distributor has been two, three-level dealers, in the price is not an advantage. The first thing Lakara do is help them lower the incoming threshold. In other words, the community shop owner through the store to open the terminal to enter the Lakara of the Electronic business site, directly above the purchase, the purchase price than the shopkeeper himself out of the purchase of a lot lower. Why would you do that? Lakara in the country docking more than 300,000 small micro-merchants, such a scale so that it can with the most upstream brand suppliers as well as all over the level of a distributor direct dialogue, such as Cofco, Gome and so on, and to a very low price purchase. Community store with the help of Lakara woven a large network, virtually improve their own in the transaction of the right to speak.

In addition to lower prices, we can expand the category. Another benefit of docking with a brand-name dealer and distributor is that a community store will be able to buy a lot of merchandise. And in the selection, Lakara followed the "fine ideas", that is, each category in the selection of Representative boutique, which is similar to the idea of love fresh bees. Li Yue says they want to make every store a "small Carrefour". Of course, this refers to the richness of the category, rather than the actual size. However, Lakara not only with the supplier of super category suppliers, they are still expanding the team of partners, what gold ornaments, train tickets, air tickets These seemingly with the Community shop is not a small product can also be sold in the community store. Of course, these deals can be realized based on the trust relationships that community residents have built up over the years.

In this service, Lakara does not involve the logistics link. After the shopkeeper orders, will be the local distributor responsible for the Community shop distribution delivery, in theory 24 hours to arrive. and Lakara's business model is undoubtedly to earn the difference between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain.

Second, Lakara and mobile app help store to expand trading scene.

In fact, this is for the C-Terminal Services. Consumers can buy Lakara products from shops in community stores, or through a "convenience store Around" app (which is still under development and whose name has not been finalized) allows users to use the service based on community stores.

From the store based on the purchase of online shopping scenario, the target user group should be three or four-line cities are not accustomed to shop online at ordinary times. And the shopping habits of the store shop owners to help them build. At present, this service is not very convenient, it should also be as a transitional form, and the consumer based on the app is the future of the main battlefield C-Terminal Services.

In the future, users can log on to the Lakara Web site by app, select the order, the backstage will show a few stores of the merchandise in the vicinity, store shopkeepers will receive the corresponding push notice, using the form of robbery to respond, and by the shopkeeper to complete the distribution. Shopping based on mobile end will undoubtedly help the small store drainage. However, it is an important problem for Lakara to sync with the community store in the SKU, and there are such problems in the current retail community O2O service.

In addition, Li Yue told me that Lakara would also help store owners build their own micro-public numbers when pushing, in the hope that they could gather people from the surrounding communities through micro-signals to form a more viscous relationship with them.

Third, open the store to the Community shop owner to provide a series of ancillary financial services.

On the one hand, residents can still access the convenience of financial services through the opening of stores, as in the past, on the other hand, the store can also provide ancillary financial services to shopkeepers. The service is still in deployment and should be available at the end of the year. Although it is not clear what specific financial products will have, but I guess may include these kinds: credit card payment, supply chain financing, simple financial product purchase.

Up to now, the store provides services mainly for the first of the above services, and only in the north to a wide range of cities such as the pilot. But from the data, this year's achievements can be seen as a bright: daily average order reached 30,000 orders, daily sales of more than 2.2 million.

So the question is, what is Lakara's advantage compared to community O2O, which is based on retail services such as Community 001, Love fresh bee, hey store?

First, there is no doubt that the size of a large shop. According to the data given by Lakara, it operates more than 300,000 businesses in more than 300 cities nationwide, covering more than 80% communities, accumulating more than 80 million users and accumulating more than 800 million users. Community Store and Lakara has formed a stable cooperative relationship for many years, but also established a basic trust, and community residents of the brand also has a high degree of recognition and acceptance, which is currently any entrepreneurial community O2O company 1:30 will be difficult to do.

Secondly, the relationship between community shops and community residents based on experience and trust. What is based on experience? This is relative to the traditional electrical business. Users in the online shopping is unable to test the product, and shopkeepers in order to attract residents to buy Lakara goods, often choose to let residents try products. Even some shopkeepers cook rice into rice and invite residents to taste it. What is based on trust? Because many years of living in a community, shopkeepers and residents often have the trust between the neighborhood, which can play a good role in the large amount of consumption lubrication. Selling gold ornaments in a store is an attempt based on trust relationships.

Again, Lakara's advantage in financial services. The Lakara of the financial services, who are in the service of the O2O, have no need to worry about key payments, and their years of partnership with the banks will also help them to carry out financial services.

Finally, Lakara "not bad money". Want to put the community O2O this heavy line of service to do without a solid capital investment. As Lenovo holding company, Lakara own profitability is also better. According to their data, based on self-service card terminals, Lakara monthly turnover of more than hundreds of billions of dollars. Have a parent company, Lakara Electric business in doing to push, do promotions are very open hands and feet. This also contributed to the Open store trading volume of the steady climb.

As 36 Krypton author Shen Analysis: The key to Community O2O service is not only the aggregation of businesses within the community, but also the follow-up service booking, platform supervision, user feedback, payment and other ancillary facilities, while providing businesses with easy-to-use efficiency tools and electrical services to help its continuous optimization operations. In my opinion, Lakara's attempt was carried out along this line of thought. First service B, do a good job B-end and C-terminal platform to build and supporting services, is the basis for further service C-end. In fact, many community or non-community O2O service providers are taking such a train of thought to build the business sector, such as line Line 0, Cloud housekeeping, home food and so on. And, do the community O2O business most bogey "all-inclusive", as soon as everything is tantamount to the burn. Lakaraki to pay for the establishment of the consumer scene, starting from the retail, and then extended to financial services, can be said to be a relatively smooth way.

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