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The article has the style, the soft article also has the style, in the old Xie sees, the good soft article, has the article significance, moreover has the dissemination sex. How to find their own soft style?

1 Find your forte, everyone's strengths are different, a bit of people, more will be the theory of convincing, some more good language to grasp the ability to convince, and some more like to use the opposite things, to criticize, satire and so on.

2 Find your point of view, Soft Wen's point of view, is the soul of soft. This in my "soft Wen study key" has specific instructions, interested friends can go to buy a look, now has an electronic version. Here, old Xie is not in the open.

3 language Use

Some soft writers, is a conversation with a tone of soft writing, hoping to achieve a silent effect of the spread of the smooth.

And some soft writer, using strong words, the matter put forward a large number of different opinions or views, hoping to achieve a wind and rain like the spread of the effect.

In our soft language study, we should do more training in this area. If you find your soft style, then please write according to your style, because such a soft text, will be more than you can write a different style of soft text more excellent!

Of course, we can also go to a lot of different styles of soft text, due to the different events, promote the different products, each have the need. It's a hard place to do well for a softer writer.

Then the webmaster in the soft writing, because the station is different, if it is a game station, it is more necessary to develop your favorite soft style, it is best to their own language to keep, pay more attention to the story-style training of the soft text. If it is a portal station, it is more necessary in their own point of view up and down, cultivate the ability to grasp the matter.

Soft Wen is the door can continue to learn, constantly to think, and constantly to innovate an art. I hope the webmaster, in doing a good job at the same time, do some more soft text thinking, perhaps a soft wen, it can change your station destiny!

Old Xie QQ466715240, welcome the majority stationmaster and old Xie many exchanges soft Wen, the old Xie also very much hoped that thinks of the soft article to everybody, hoped this is to have the function.

This article is the old Xie in ADMIN5 original starting first station, reprint please specify: Old Xie soft language service and training

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