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is expected to surpass last year's 650 million results related variety show also occasion "suck gold" CCTV bidding "Spring Festival Gala" is still the brand annual CCTV advertisement bidding will be opened Big curtain. This month 23rd, 24th, CCTV will launch online bidding, this year's new measures.  In previous years, on November 18, CCTV advertising gold resources on-site bidding will be held in advance to November 8. This reporter yesterday exclusive to get 2011 CCTV Advertising tender book.  Reporter found that only "news broadcast", "Focus Interview", CCTV set of gold file, "Weather forecast", "Justified Man World", "Evening News", Spring Festival Gala, "News 30 minutes", "economic half-hour", "Economic news Network" Ten advertising products bid price is more than 10 billion.  In contrast to the 2010 CCTV advertising tender, the reporter further found that the different channels of the seating changes are not small, but the seating between the columns changes.  The overall situation for the first time in the "online bidding" November 18, the CCTV gold resources advertising bidding site, the hotel's parking lot is crowded with various types of cars, and this year, this situation will be eased, because many of the gold resources of the tender will be completed in advance online.  On-line bidding is the new initiative of CCTV's 2011-year advertisement bidding activities, which replaces the prior contract Presale method (refers to the product contract bidding for advertising agency).  Reporter found that the online bidding products cover a number of high-quality columns of advertising, "Evening News", "Economic Information broadcast", "I want to go to the Spring Festival gala", "Happy to start", "Hundred Regiment War" and other exclusive special advertising, and "2011 Spring Festival Gala" package ads and other tenders will be completed online.  Insiders told reporters, online bidding can make enterprises in the choice of more abundant decision-making time, but also reduce the company in the tender bid day pressure. CCTV has done three single purpose online advertising tenders, including 2008 young songs, the Beijing Olympics and the World Cup in South Africa.  And the Gold Resources bidding rally "Internet" for CCTV is the first time.  The Spring Festival Gala Price will be innovative higher this year's advertising prices will continue to maintain the trend of growth. In 2010, at the Advertising tender meeting, the 2010 Spring Festival Gala's favorite program title and 0 points, respectively, 110.99 million and 52.01 million transactions, a record high.  At present, 2011 The two advertising products of the base price than the 2010 transaction prices were higher than more than 10 million, more than 5 million respectively.  Plus 2011 "Spring Festival Gala My favorite Program" selection of the title, Gala 0 O'Clock, 2011 Spring Festival Gala Part of the total price is close to 300 million.  Industry insiders predict that, according to the current price of the base prices, the year of the Rabbit Spring Festival gala advertising revenue is likely to be higher than the 650 million income.  Advertising revenue is expected to reach 16 billion from the existing part of the advertising resources to look, the industry forecasts, CCTV 2011 Annual advertising revenue will reach 16 billion. Press OrganizationIt is found that only TV dramas, news programs and a variety of advertising resources, the total price of the tender is already more than 11 billion.  Industry insiders said that the tender price is only the lowest prices, the final transaction price will rise 1 billion-2 billion yuan.  Plus other advertising resources, CCTV 2011-year advertising revenue to reach 16 billion is not a difficult task.  Channel contrast the hottest channel is still "king" CCTV set of advertising resources have always been the most precious, suck Reuters Jin Li is also the strongest, this time is no exception, the central one still with absolute advantage to lead the other several channels.  2011 CCTV Set the total price of an advertisement is up to more than 8 billion. All other channels are within 1 billion.  Among them, CCTV two sets, CCTV five sets of base price more than 500 million. The coldest channel music channel or Lian Zhuang music channel 2010 with the annual advertising price close to 50 million of the base price become the 2010 CCTV coldest channel.  Although the total price of the channel has not been announced, but from the existing column of the tender price, the lowest price seems to still be the music channel.  Children, music, nine sets, 12 sets and so on last year is the channel year advertisement form carries on the tender, this time is becomes the column whole year advertisement individual tender. The reporter noted that the tender price of the "music prodigy", is the CCTV music channel launched a new column this year.  Although there is no big advantage in the tender price, but the emergence of new columns is bound to inject fresh blood to the channel, may have a boost to the channel. CCTV channel "value" TOP5 Channel Total price CCTV-1 more than 8 billion CCTV-2 800 million more CCTV-5 500 million more CCTV-3 300 million more cctv-news 300 million CCTV main channel ace column TOP5 CCTV set of "news broadcast" "Focus Interview" "Weather" Justified man World "" Evening News "CCTV two sets of" economic half-hour "" economic News Network "" 2011 Financial Channel Strategic Alliance "" dialogue "" Today observation "CCTV three sets" I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala "(this year's premiere)" Star Boulevard "" Happy China Line "" to the Happy Start "(premiere this year)," very 6+1 "news channel Oriental Space-Time "News 1+1" "International Time" "24 Hours" "Global View" note: Each channel according to the column base price from high to low ranked columns of the new category "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala" leading the 2010 CCTV advertising bid, "Happy China Line" to more than 70 million of the price is far ahead of the "  Happy dictionary, "Dream Theater", "Xu Le Hui", "Art Life" and other comprehensive arts columns.  However, in 2011, CCTV advertising tenders, in terms of the comprehensive arts, "Happy China Line" to take the third place, ranked in the first place unexpectedly is this September just the premiere of the "I want to go on gala"-the base price of more than 50 million. Data show that "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala" since the premiere, the national average rating of 1.43%, more than 2010 years ago, the average rating of 8 months increased by more than 30%, a lot of old columns to go down, can be said to be the central three of a black horse viewing.  As a result, "I want to be on the Spring Festival Gala" will be next year's CCTV key to build a comprehensive arts column.  Benefit from this year's revision of the central three is not only "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala", this year launched another new column "To Happiness" is also very much valued, advertising base price also ranked in the top five.  As for the old CCTV column "Starlight Boulevard", "Happy China Line" and so on, can say "admirable", its base price are more than 40 million.  News category "Justified man World" after the revision of the 2010-year advertisement in the book, except "News broadcast", "Focus interview," The floor was not released, "Evening News" to nearly 150 million yuan at the bottom of the top of other news column. 2011 Advertising Tender Book published the "News broadcast" of the upset price, its reserve price far ahead of other news columns, stable boss.  Focus interviews followed. In addition, "Justified man World" has sprung up to more than 400 million of the total price of the base, the News column on the list of the third top.  and "Evening News" only ranked fourth.  It is reported that "Justified man world" of "superior" and CCTV launched last year's news reform is not unrelated: "Justified man World" after the revision of the ratings than the revision before the improvement of nearly 30%.  Financial category "Economic half-hour" show brand strength from 2010 advertising tender, in the financial column, "Economic Information broadcast" the most advertising potential-to nearly 360 million yuan to win the price. and from the 2011 advertising tender Book, "Economic Information Network" has been the old column "economic half-hour" beyond.  "Economic half-hour" to close to 200 million of the total Price won.  "Economic half-hour" is a financial channel of a brand column, the economic phenomenon and economic events have a deep analysis of the audience are also highly educated, high income, so gold is not surprising. Link CCTV 2011-year advertising revenue source bidding products to take out the gold resources on-site bidding, advertising-oriented. For example, "news broadcast", CCTV-1 TV Drama Special Theater, CCTV-1 evening TV series cooperation enterprises such as gold advertising resources. This year's on-site tender will be held on November 8. Signed subscription products for specific advertisers to provide personalized service, will be completed from September 14 to November 6 signing.  Online bidding products to take out some of the outstanding columns of resources in the online bidding, will be held on October 23, 24th. Author of this edition/journalist Zhou Meng
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