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When students have difficulties in doing their homework, and in a short time to find help, how to do? Perhaps only need to use the phone to shoot down this problem, and uploaded to the "Learning treasure", within 10 seconds, you can get the detailed answer to this question. Learning Treasure, a technology based on the image recognition of online education products, its working principle is that a large set of exercises uploaded to the database, and then upload the user photos of the exercise to search for matching, and quickly give the best match results. This direct hit user pain point application, on-line less than one months time, namely realizes more than 1.2 million the downloading, and the Apple App Store education class application rank forefront. Not long ago, it also won the Jinsha River venture to invest 3 million dollars in a round. Study Treasure founder, company Coo Huang Tao told the 21st century economic reporter, learning Treasure's database is constantly updated, can basically cover all the knowledge points of all disciplines, and for some "variant" exercises can also give the most close solution. It is understood that none of the four founders of the Learning Treasure is an education industry background. How do you view the online education market for a team with a purely technical background when online education is fiercely competitive? How will the future business model be designed? Cut into the education market founded Learning Treasure, originated five years ago the agreement. Huang flocked to the company when he and another partner, Zhang Ming, planned to make such a product when he was in Alibaba. Although for a variety of reasons, did not put into action. But they always think that there is a clear logic to cut into the online education market. First, the education market is very large. "Normal household expenses, in addition to buying a house, is education, medical care, pension three big chunks." In these three items, the degree of marketization of medical care and endowment is not high, and the education marketization is comparatively better. "Baidu has been working in the Department of Business analysis of the Yellow River, the data is very sensitive," education accounted for the overall proportion of the Internet traffic is relatively small, and education is Baidu revenue of the most important five industries. Education industry base is large, highly dispersed, mainly localized. The tutoring market for education is about 6000 to 800 billion. "In such a large market, the level of online education is very low." Huang Tao said, the single traditional training institutions, the number of people and their income, the proportion of the entire education market is very low (less than 1%), but the layout of the offline teaching points, need to invest a high amount of time and labor costs. "At present, the competition in the teaching and auxiliary market is still in the extensive era, whether it is learning, good future, or new Oriental, the model is different, the teaching system is different, but the whole business thinking, cost structure is not Internet." "he said. And these constitute the original intention of creating learning treasure. And since the decision to do Internet products, the next problem is how to find the right user needs. "The people involved in the online education sector, including students, parents, teachers, three different demands, so the industry's participants in the main point of difference." There are main students and teachers, with online courseware and other resources to replace part of the teaching and homework, as well as a dedicated teacher, through the Web site quickly out of the volume; There are also flagship parents, like operationsThe school's communication, including kindergartens. "Learning treasure is the main students." Huang Tao thought that the subject of learning is not parents, not teachers, but students. This application helps to solve the students ' three demands: the pressure to do homework, the pressure to improve performance, and the pressure of learning management. "If you are able to plan at the age of 66, you have absolutely laid the foundation for success in this life, and it is very difficult for teachers and parents to hope that students can do it," he said. Said Huang. On the promotion side, Huang Tao and his partners have almost considered all the methods: search, integration wall, buy market position and so on, found at that time can not accept such input. Finally, they chose to push. In Harbin, Zhengzhou, Xi ' An, Chengdu, Chongqing, they find a lot of schools and provincial libraries, in the doorway to rent stalls, staff to advertise, many parents take the child came over to try, a look at the real answer can be taken out and installed. Through such a push, learning treasure has accumulated most of the original users, the early 300,000 are through the school doorway and students to communicate the development of the parents. They found that offline promotion was actually highly efficient, and that hiring a part-time flyer was more cost-effective than 50,001 locations in the market. The performance of the line in less than one months has confirmed their correctness, with more than 1.2 million of users active in the daily number of more than 150,000, far more than other online education applications.
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