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Do the optimization of the people, may know the content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor this sentence, see the importance of the chain, friendship Links as a chain, the weight of the site to promote the Site keyword rankings, as well as the amount of navigation has played a vital role. Links can also allow people all over the world to find your site, really become your site will never disappear radio waves. People in the exchange of links, how to judge the quality of the site is good or bad? If you only look at the PR value of the site, you obviously have been outdated, a lot of PR value can be hijacked, so how to determine what kind of site is worth their own to exchange it? First of all to look at each other's PR value, you should also look at the other's snapshots, The best snapshot can be 24 hours, if the snapshot lag at least indicates that the site situation is not very good. Should also take a look at this site included, if it is a stable included, indicating that this site update is sustainable, spiders generally prefer a stable update. Next to see and you linked to the site's keyword rankings, this ranking is also very important criteria, ranking well at least to show that the site has a certain amount of traffic, but also to see the site domain name registration time. Finally also want to see 0 of the total number of web site friends can be kept in 30 or so, the highest cannot be more than 50, if the other side of the site friend chain too much, then the weight of the transfer to your site is meaningless.

How to find a more ideal site to do friends chain?

First: The best and most effective way is to find your competitor's website link, of course, the competitors here certainly ranked better than you, so you save the time to find links everywhere, and through this method can find a relatively effective friend chain, second: Look for and your site keyword similarity better than the site, Of course these site rankings must be good, perhaps this requires you to communicate with each other well. There is to link exchange platform, now there are a lot of websites or forums have this function, you want to exchange the requirements of the site to write clearly, and leave your QQ number or mobile phone number, so many people will take the initiative to find you, but also save you a lot of time.

How to determine the anchor text when you are a friend? The first consideration is your site's main keywords, because this is the weight of your site transfer is very important, of course, the ranking of this keyword is also very important. Of course, it's not the same. When your site's main keyword ranking is better, then do a friendship link, you can consider using a number of primary keywords to do anchor text links, (here the secondary key words I proposed, because in the actual work, I found that in addition to the site's main keyword accident and some key words Baidu index is also very high, these words you can not use the long tail keyword to describe it, because the ranking of these keywords is also not good to do so that your site will be the main keywords also bring you very good traffic.

In the exchange of friends, the first thing to consider is relevance, what is relevance, is the site of each other's theme and the theme of your site is relevant, the better the relevance of your site ranking the better, as if your peers also voted for you. Second: If the relevance of the site is not particularly suitable, you can also find some, public service, the official website or some navigation classes of the site, such a site Baidu will generally give a high weight. Finally, it is important to emphasize that if there is no correlation with their site, then such a site is not good, otherwise it is easy to let Baidu K off.

Links as far as possible to the home page mainly, we all know a site's first page weight is the highest, and through a variety of inquiries tools to find, the basic is the weight of the home page. This is also good for the transfer of weights. Work will often encounter some of the high weight of the site and we do friendship links, we will be very happy to think that the sky off pie, in fact, the other side just and you do the link inside the page, the general internal page weight is very low, so in this place we should pay special attention to.

Since it's so important to be a friend chain, is it best to do 10 or eight a day? Of course not to do friendship links generally 5 a week, eat a fat will only let your site is k, so do anything to be gradual, so that looks more natural, Baidu likes natural.

Finally say one-way link, what is called one-way link? is the other side of the site link to your site, and your site does not connect it. Simply said there is no back chain anchor text link, the general one-way link transmission weight is very high, if the other side of the site's weight is relatively high, then its effect is stronger than the friend chain more than 50 times times. Now many webmaster use this method to do rankings, the effect is very good. Of course, this single chain is generally paid to buy, to 40 as the minimum standard. In addition, through this method can effectively improve the weight of your site, your entire site keyword rankings have played a very large role. The above is http://www.sh88888.com webmaster original little experience. Have reprinted friends please bring my website thank you.

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