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Interconnect Liu Weijun:

Hello, as planned, today we invite the ideal securities online founder Li Xianghua to discuss with you about the user stickiness of the forum. Discussion form: Guest speaker 20-30 minutes, the collective deliberation time is not limited.

Li Xianghua is characterized by "humble in words", do not speak theory, content is a real experience, welcome to exchange.

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua:

Hello everyone! Just closed, today more depressed, haha!

Let me introduce my experience as a forum, to communicate with you, for the Forum friends, may be a little help.

In a few ways.

First, the interface:

Forum interface must be friendly, forum interface open, so that visitors can also browse. Visitors to your site, a lot of it is inadvertently through the search engine or chain, if you need to register the content of the site to see, then he is likely to turn off, this member IP may be lost forever.

On the contrary, if your website is friendly and rich in content, after you have seen it, it feels good, you will probably join the collection, and then your loyal member.

The second: The easy communication of the forum

My forum since 04 has been set up to register only Chinese username, the purpose of this is mainly for the later members of the communication between the convenience, although the registration of some trouble, but for the future benefits. But this is also related to the forum's customer base, my forum customer base is mainly shareholders, the age is too large, education is low, so, a lot of English names, for them is very difficult to remember, later communication is not convenient.

Sorry, the stock market plunged today, the Forum on the chaos, I let moderators clean up the post, then said, hehe.

Also said the benefits of Chinese registration, Chinese name is also more in line with the Chinese exchange habits, and even a lot of members in the net, also called the Forum on the nickname, what old Nets, Dapeng, not a bit, etc., very cordial.

The third aspect: encourage new people, support original

Original is a forum of the soul, there is no original forum, can only be followed by others, so, must pay attention to and cultivate the forum of original writers.

In particular, to encourage the original enthusiasm of new people, only in this way, the site will have vitality. There are many ways to encourage: add points, replies, highlighting, adding fine, top, etc., for the writer is a great encouragement, but also can set some titles,
Give some honors to keep the writer.

Fourth: Promoting the irrigation and communication

Sometimes the discussion and irrigation is difficult to clearly understand, forum is the place to discuss, this is a necessary process, therefore, in the forum is not a very good time, period, you can unrestricted to allow members free irrigation.

Of course, when the membership of the Forum reached a certain scale, it can not do so, because more members, too much irrigation, so that some of the normal post few people look very quickly to the last few pages.

My forum every day posted in 30,000 posts around, then no way, set a post interval can not be less than 50 seconds, posting bytes can not be less than 9, and so some restrictions, finally better. However, we can not deny that the forum's initial policy of encouraging irrigation has played a great role in the development of the Forum.

Part five: Respect for members, cherish members

Membership is the fundamental forum, no member of the forum can not be called a forum, OH, no one discussed the forum, there is no development can be said, so, for each member to the forum, we must cherish, before I did not notice the number of members of the Forum to have any benefits, 05 has also deleted more than 200,000 members. Later, the competition is big, just feel the importance of members.

Therefore, I give moderators rules, is not a special situation, must not prohibit members access rights. I now have more than 50 moderators, each ban a member, a day will be banned a lot. Therefore, it is now stipulated that the moderator to the members of the processing, generally only to prohibit the speech. Give the member a chance, perhaps, one of the members is your forum backbone [:D]

From 2001 to do a forum, the forum is also a few floating, experience is too much, there is a chance, we meet to talk, say so much, there are forum building problems, we exchange more.

Interconnected Liu Weijun

Thank the ideal will be years of experience dedication! Please communicate below!

Stationmaster asks:

I would like to ask some questions:

1 I want to know the forum, especially the practical forum, how do you see "content is king" this statement?

2 in the ideal, how much content is the ideal employee (including vest) released? What is the approximate proportion?

3 How are core users (non-employees) nurtured in your forum? How much does the forum's reward mechanism and offline contact play?

4 The first piece of the Forum is published by netizens, or by the company's people?

5 basically the number of users in the forum, you can do their own operation?

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua

Yes, the content is necessary, my forum has several editions, is my staff hair, mainly information, offline basically not, are online, may be related to my personality, not too like communication.

Forum is now basically member management members, I only manage moderators, moderators appointment must be my own, this is very important.

Stationmaster asks:

How many of the moderators are your employees?

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua

Only three super moderators are, the others are not, the first piece of the forum is of course the member hair. After 05, only to increase the number of people. My forum is inadvertently developed, did not think of things, the original is for the convenience of investors chat, did not think of other

Stationmaster asks:

Oh。 So why didn't you send some essence posts yourself at first? I see a lot of forums in the beginning of the time is the administrator to change their own vest hair essence posts ~

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua

My start and they are not the same, my initial forum, just chat with, the first essence, add to who, I have forgotten, certainly not my own.

Stationmaster asks:

Oh, so ~ if your forum has begun to be very clear, you will send the essence of the post?

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua

Should be, there will be access to content, only to retain members.

Stationmaster asks:

In fact, you think, from the moderator's own point of view, you think the moderator can also get a lot of benefits from the Forum ~

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua

Should be, the first is the honor, then, you can get more friends, many people to the forum, will first find a moderator, the moderator is the first trust

Stationmaster asks:

I want to know, how do you manage forum, Forum general request 24 hours of

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua

Hehe, the front said, basically is member management member, my forum has 24 hours telephone, my forum is has the post audit, the entertainment area post, needs the moderator to examine before, will send out.

Stationmaster asks:

I ask a question, add the user stickiness in the content have river suggestion

Ideal Securities online Li Xianghua

Content of the original and readability, there can be discussed content, members of interest. I have a few super posts here, and I have thousands of replies every day. Many members in the chat, when QQ with, hehe.

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