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Believe that a lot of webmasters are aware of the importance of site weight, the performance of the site has many kinds of weight, there are keyword ranking performance, the second collection of performance, for Google, PR is the site before the weight of performance, and Baidu's performance is the site Baidu snapshot, that is, Baidu spider crawling Records and time Site A high weight site, snapshot performance is 24 hours, performance in the home page snapshot. If the snapshot of your station in 24 hours after we will pay attention to, to a certain extent, the weight of the site is reduced. I believe we all know that in some webmaster sites such as CHIANZ,A5 release information, after a few minutes, or more than 10 minutes of a snapshot of the article out, included, so that the weight of the site is high, spiders often crawling on the site. We need to stick to the update, this is one of the ways to ensure a snapshot of the site, in fact, if you need to create a snapshot of the site every other day we need to stick to a few points, I believe soon your snapshot will be the next day snapshots.

1, the premise is the space of the website, the server

Our site needs 24 hours of continuous operation, to ensure the smooth spider crawling, will not be hindered (the site can not open the phenomenon), if your site is often not open, such a snapshot of the site is not good enough to believe how much more will bring the possibility of K station. So the quality of the website server is the first condition that affects the snapshot of the website.

2, quality content

I believe we all know, no matter which search engine, Baidu or Google, are very fond of original content, such as children's attitude towards new things. Since we know the hobby of search engine, we need to satisfy it and please it. Take Dongguan Li Yang network site, I give it an original article every day, or to give it a few false original articles every day, Baidu will give a diligent seoer a certain return-snapshot the next. Also, the site content of the original location, we need to put the site original articles on the home page can be shown where the spider can crawl to, such opportunities will be relatively large. There is also about the content of the original update time, whether it is false original or original update, we need to have a law, such as is one weeks update, or two days update, the best is daily update, Guangzhou Li Yang Web site I have been adhering to the daily update. Can be divided into time period, the general one day update three times is the best, time for the morning about eight, about five o'clock in the afternoon, there are 10 o'clock or so at night. Let Baidu have enough time to crawl site content.

3, the stability of the chain increase

The quantity and quality of the chain to some extent to explain the weight of the site, so the chain in the performance of the snapshot is still very important. There are many ways to get out of the chain, and I won't say much about it here. There is a site links, Baidu will follow each other's web site crawling to our site, so we need to update the site every day or a regular, so as to make the site's snapshots are the other days, the site is not often updated, even if the site's outside the chain is how powerful, or can not get the snapshots of the other times. The chain increase needs us to continue to increase, do not do 100 today, tomorrow will stop doing, so will not give the site every other day fast.

4, the right SEO techniques

We do site optimization do not try to get rankings for a short time, do not want to use keyword piling to rank, use the search engine loopholes, this will outweigh the gains. Or some illegal sites, down the right site to do friendship links will also bring negative impact on the site, the small is a snapshot of the reverse, stop the update snapshot, serious may be direct K station.

In summary, our site needs a stable server, but also the original, there is a stable outside the chain support, we as long as the intention to do, believe that the site's snapshot to get the next day's snapshots, the site's weight will soon be improved, the site's keywords will always climb to the search engine's home page.

Author: Li Yang seo, Dongguan website Construction Webmaster, copyright, reprint please keep a small copyright!

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