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"Can you arrange a few visitors this time?" A hospital leader at Peking University International Hospital complained on the phone. In less than a week, this cost 30,000 tons of steel, digging the foundation to transport 400,000 cubic soil, the main building length than the Liaoning aircraft carrier deck 60 meters longer than the hospital will open. This hospital from birth is the focus, it does not want the national financial penny, it brings together the Peking University Medical department's strongest team of doctors, it claims to use with all domestic hospitals different design concept, it even at the gate to replicate the lively and Boya tower. In short, it is too special. "Can you imagine that there was only one big pit in a few years after the start?" "On the evening of November 27, the Peking University Boya International Hotel, a year later, the founder Group director, Executive committee chairman and CEO Li You, once again accepted an exclusive interview with the Economic Observer, pointed to an aerial view of an international hospital. "If you can't open the business as scheduled by the end of next year, everyone in the industry group will go out and look for work." A year ago, Li you junlingzhuang at THE pep rally. This is the Nineth affiliated Hospital of Peking University Medical Department, has 1800 beds, also is the largest single hospital in Asia: medical skills, outpatient, hospitalization, three parts of the building is connected to a structure. Hospital total area of 450,000 square meters, while hospitalization, outpatient and medical skills added together, nearly 300,000 square meters. Looking back at the decision to be a hospital. Li you said, "good difficulty, like smoking my ribs." "No money, also very capricious Li you still remember, ten years ago one day, he was in founder Building 9 floor elevator Mouth hold founder Group Chairman Wei Xin, hoarse roar way:" You are a fool! The quarrel between the two people even directly across the road to the east Gate of Peking University. In the early 2003 winter, when the National People's Congress vice chairman, Peking University Medical department director of Qide Brush wrote the "Construction of world-class hospital, leading the medical system reform." It was also in this year that Peking University handed the Peking University International Hospital project to founder Group because it could not afford to invest as much as 30多个亿 in the hospital. Prior to this, the 2003 restructuring, founder Group in it and medical and pharmaceutical innovation industry and research and development investment has reached 13 billion yuan, it has been from a single product of the IT enterprise transformation into a large diversified holding group, the business covers the five major industry direction, subordinate six listed companies. 2006, Li you began to visit the best hospitals in the world with Wang San. He had spent three days at Linkou Chang ' an hospital in Taiwan, "I paid special attention to their mortuary." "That year, he lost a respected mentorship, he stubbornly believe that when the mentorship died, the domestic hospital morgue to make the mentorship walk without dignity." At that time was preparing for the Beijing University international Li you deeply touched, secretly thought, Beida International must not be such. Now the international morgue in Peking University, in addition to giving each deceased the space is large enough, and after the patient died, the body to the Taiping Elevator is dedicated, the route is dedicated, to the cremation route is also dedicated never allowed to share with others, not to encounter patients. But when, the Beijing University International Hospital project was difficult to set up, in order to ensure that the land is not recovered by the government, before the Olympic Games, Li you decided to the Beijing University International Hospital project address to dig a gigantic pit. "It was a start, but then we stopped the construction on the basis of the Olympics," he said. Li You said that there was only one reason why there was no construction at the time: no money. Budget investment 30多个亿, don't want to make a penny in 10 years. This is a dream for the founder group who just stepped out of the 2003 in the brink of bankruptcy. "We are the school of Peking University, and finally I have figured out that this is a political task." Li You said that although he thought he had figured it out, in the 2004 and 2005, the hospital, which only existed in the dream, did not have the slightest meaning of commencement. As a matter of fact, this hospital alone doesn't make much money. They need to replicate their support services to other hospitals and make money out of this model. "We are building a new hospital management model, which is the hospital standard," he said. "Li You is more willing to use model hospital to describe her" 10 years of pregnancy "results, this model does not mean the award and honor, but just want to tell people, hospitals should be like this. From foreshadowing to practice 2006 may be a crucial year. That year, Wang San Airborne Peking University People's Hospital, for a continuous loss of three years of hospital, Wang San took up the hospital information reform of the Lancet. It is said that shortly after his arrival in the General Assembly said: "This matter (medical information) I must do, who do not agree, not you go, is I go, but I think you go more likely." "Also in that year, founder Group will send a lot of cadres to overseas hospitals to study, they pay attention to every detail." For example, squat down to measure the height of each step of the staircase in the Stanford Hospital; More importantly, they learn the management systems and philosophies of overseas hospitals. The Virgo Li you are in every detail, and it's not an account of everything. 2006, he went to Taiwan to see how other people's Hospital to do, in the Chang Gung Hospital Laboratory for a full three days to see their testing process. Subsequently, run the planning, run the project, run land expropriation, 2010, Beijing University International formal construction. "For a business is not a simple thing, the hospital opened, one year we have to lose 500 million, a continuous loss of five years." Even so, Li you insists that this is what founder must do. This hospital is almost a collection of advanced business models that founder Group explores. Combined with large data technology of the diagnosis and treatment system is not only reflected in the improvement of patient visits efficiency, but also reflected in a number of service details, such as the use of micro-letter can be used to navigate the courtyard, but also know that their line to the number, the drug from the pharmacy out of there. The information system is not only convenient for outpatients, but also for hospitalized patients. Every nurse station has a mobile medical car, all of which are covered with WiFi. The Beijing University International Front desk management All is the medical department is doing, but backstage is according to the enterprise model in the support. Only the doctor is the career establishment, the other nurses, the staff all marketability. YearMay, Peking University People's Hospital was appraised HIMSS-7 grade, became the second in Asia to receive this appraisal hospital. For the People's Hospital to complete the medical information system is also founder. From 2006 to 2014, founder to meet this standard with the people's Hospital, it took 8 years. Wang San management concept plus the world's best medical information system, so that people's hospital diagnosis and treatment efficiency of three times times higher than in 2006, the hospital turned around, the patient's visits more secure. Most importantly, a set of standardized terminology, data systems, really makes medical large data at home become possible. Today, Fangzheng Group's founder letter production, in the domestic already has more than 200 of the three-Jia hospital customers. "We and Peking University set up a medical Information Research institute, mainly for medical large data study." Li You is very optimistic with the medical information related business, but he also said that he is selfish, regardless of the cost to help people's hospital to complete the system, mainly because he wants to put the world's most advanced medical Information System translation to Peking University International Hospital. A school-run enterprise and a university to start a non-profit hospital of this size, although ambitious, but difficult. But Li you take this as the Founder Group Development transformation Inevitable, "I do not think a business to make money is the ability, the ability is that you really made a few things." What is the value of an enterprise to society, whether it is to promote social progress, is to measure a good enterprise standards. "And these ideas are the DNA of the spirit of Peking University," the professors are willing to be poor, bent on trying to get things done, rather than trying to make money. Li you said. Li You is now proud of "things" is a business model. Whether it is it, or medical, these models are both like his children, and like his weapons. The founder of his expectation is to make money from one business model after another rather than to sell the labor force. Of course, these business models will have the technical expertise, products and talent expertise, constitute a healthy and complete business model, "only a complete business model can be long." "On the spire of the hospital March 1, 2010, in a floating snow day, Peking University International Hospital has finally begun." At this point, Li you led the founder group out of the dilemma, funding is not a problem. But after 2010 years of health care investment environment, and founder of this industry, has undergone a very big change. Domestic began to emerge a number of strong competitors, they or the central government, can successfully take over the state-owned hospitals, or from wilderness, to specialist hospital for the path of rapid realization of the listing financing. But you don't want to do that. He is very stubborn that still rely on the Peking University Medical department, to make Fangzheng unique model, "social capital to run a medical, the success of foreign cases in the end to return to the Medical university model, only a good doctor, good brand, to form a virtuous circle, all other possible." "He has always thought that he is building a model hospital, in addition, but also to shape the new Chinese hospital management models." "Well, it's in the spireTo be a hospital. Li you said. With the construction of Beijing University International Hospital, Li you and his team have also begun to build a business model for the Beijing University Medical Industry group. The question they ask the most is, how do you make money? "You can't rely on Beijing University International Hospital to make money in this public hospital, the first thing the hospital should consider is commonweal." "Li You said that the founder of health investment model design, including the International hospital as the core flagship and the layout of the industrial chain network around the hospital, which, listed companies Peking University Medicine (000788, shares) of the annual income has reached billions of yuan." May 8, 2013, Peking University medical department and founder Group formally began a comprehensive in-depth cooperation, Peking University Medical department in the personnel, brand and so on to founder to form more in-depth support, followed by founder Group's listed companies in southwest synthesis renamed as Peking University Medicine. Many people will wonder, the significance of this cooperation, Li you: "We go to talk about public hospital acquisition, other enterprises are financial staff, our side may be the Peking University Department of Medicine subordinate Hospital Dean, you say, who knows the value of the hospital?" Who cares more about the long-term development of the hospital? Li you believes that the opening of Peking University International Hospital will be the best footnote to the development of China's new medical reform and founder health care industry. The hospital will visit 8,000 patients with a preference for pillows, leaving all south-facing rooms in the building to hospitalized patients ... Of course, will also consider for the doctor, not only the Peking University Medical department's best medical team gathered here, but also hope that doctors believe that their professional dignity, not only have a decent income, can also integrate their professional skills into teaching and research. In the Beijing University Medical Industry Group's promotional film, The Prologue is: "This is a circle." "It is a dream trip for Li you to build up a top hospital and the ecosystem around the hospital, perhaps the biggest pit in the Asian hospital," he said. "China will not have a second company like ours, billions of will not be able to invest in return, but also to develop their own in the medical industry, a successful business model." "The interview Finally, Li you answer why founder in the medical industry model is difficult to replicate, said, in the other people seem to dig the pit like a bottomless pit, in his view can be through the model of production and research and development of a big founder, this huge industrial chain, is a perfect circle."
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