Limited purchase order bursting around the volume of turnover fell 40%

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The extent of the local real estate market and restrictions on the purchase rules issued intensity, Shenzhen's restrictions on the purchase of the most stringent, will make turnover quickly fell into the trough of "Caixin Net" (reporter Li Shen) "11" before and after the holiday, all over the introduction of real estate regulation rules, the focus of regulation is "limited purchase", that is, increase down-payment ratio and tightening of mortgage.  Statistics show that up to now, the country's major cities in the housing turnover generally occurred around 40%, some of the city's housing prices fell slightly.  Galaxy Securities monitoring data show that October 4-10th, the country's 35 large and medium-sized cities, 28 of the city property transactions fell on the chain, only Shanghai, Nanjing and Dalian and other cities rose slightly, the largest decline in Haikou, the chain fell 75%; in the key cities, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, the larger decline in more than 40%. Beijing is the volume of prices, the week house deal 214900 square meters, the area of the chain down 40%, the average price fell 2.76%; Shanghai week deal area 507,400 square meters, the chain Rose 22.16%, the average value is reduced by 3.95% to 13548 yuan/square meters. The weekly average price fell the most obvious is Canton, for 12421 yuan/square meters, the chain fell 6.28%, and the sale area is the most obvious for Chongqing, the weekly turnover area of 391,200 square meters, the chain down 46.49% around the turnover and turnover of different prices, and the rules of the time and intensity. Zhongyuan Group research manager Liu Yuan that Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen are similar in their policy of restricting purchases, taking into account only incremental factors, not taking into account existing stock houses. In particular, Xiamen's policy only for the fourth quarter of this year, the impact is limited.  However, in the long run, if the policy can be implemented over a long period of time, it will continue to reduce the potential buyers, far-reaching impact, and Shenzhen's restrictions on the purchase of both the increase and the stock of dual factors, will strictly limit market demand, the Shenzhen housing market volume is expected to quickly hit the trough. In addition to the impact of the purchase order, historical data show that during the National Day Golden Week, one or two hand residential turnover is usually lower than the September average. During the National Day of the year, the first four cities, Beijing, Shanghai, the weekly turnover of residential 60% to 80% quarter-on-quarter decline, the decline is similar to 2009.
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