"Links" is harder than finding a target.

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"Links are too hard to find, more difficult than finding a target", believe that everyone has such a feeling, in fact, find a friend chain is not difficult, through a lot of, the key is to see where you go to find, for this little brother specially built a QQ link group (group number: 76247438), is to facilitate the creation of everyone.

The traditional search for friends in the chain of several major shortcomings

1, sent out the Web site a large string, beautiful like a rainbow, but see make you queasy.

2, look for the unusually diligent, often SEO operation of the enterprise station, optional is really too little, densely linked links, people fear, the spine is cold.

3, you can search for, but found mostly by the front, that ranking has gone up, the other side is mostly indifferent, unless you take the first page to change inside pages.

4, can not communicate immediately, why do you have to contact him after doing well? is not feel very face:

5, even if you do the other side of the link, send a letter to the past, the basic also have gone down the drain, is not feel very unjust, very fire?

6, the link is withdrawn, do not tell you a sound, you are "passionately" continued "love", one day found, that kind of wohuo feeling, only can experience, not to say.

As a result, we all thought of joining groups in order to find high-quality, stable and reliable links, but also to learn from each other and improve. State-owned national laws, groups have group rules, the following is the younger brother wrote a few group of suggestions, after all, is a novice, deficiencies are welcome to correct and Add.

A few small suggestions of 76247438 groups, do not do with you:

1, send the link, the information as far as possible disclosure of detailed, this is also a kind of respect for others, saving is also your time.

2, the most basic should include: Web site, PR, included, and your request to others.

3, the old station, can indicate the site's completion time, into the DMOZ can be specifically described, and Alexa, in short, to highlight their advantages.

4, the new station, you can highlight the proportion of original articles, as well as site size, such as the total number of pages.

5, if racking your brains, still do not come up with advantages, can also say that your space is how expensive, domain name is good, or you pay for promotion, so others can guess you are not garbage station, and you are full of expectations.

6, as much as possible less "PR how many of the following free talk" or so on, otherwise discerning a look at the know you do not understand, the station is not good where to go.

7, you say that you 700 original every day, the effect is certainly less than "7" Come good, why, to think.

8, down the right, not necessarily your fault, there are people and you have the same, after all, do not light to the station to search, so in advance, others will certainly admire your character.

9, there is nothing to help the group of friends with problems, others are grateful, they are happy.

10, in 76247438 groups, weekdays do not talk, do not joke, also not enthusiastic, but open mouth asked "how SEO", usually no one will answer.

11, personal experience, in fact, we all know that the popularity of good, the exchange is really "friendship link", the probability of deletion is very small.

12, for the group of people to ask questions, if they do not understand, even if the answer "I do not understand", this is also the beginning of the establishment of friendship.

13, there is no evidence that women are better for links, links is a matter of principle, if the quality of the site is not high, you again in the group crying with a spoiled brat, are useless, will only be suspected of "Simon".

14, the group of personal webmaster, so you can tolerate a certain advertising, such as selling domain names, selling host, and even sell your company's products, but the frequency of advertising should not be too high, otherwise it appears that you are yelling, business certainly bad.

15, if you find that the other party deleted your link, please first stay calm, you can contact the other party for the reasons, if the other side for 3 consecutive days do not reply you, is the group, please contact me. The group cannot change the link, do not easily blame the group is too lifeless, the eyes are sharp. Suggestions to find their own reasons, usually: The chain is not clean, optimization over, you are not a direct webmaster, by K.

16, do not think everyone is very advanced, if your main domain name is "pure domain name" (such as xxx.com) or other "bbs.xxx.com", please note in particular the way Baidu site, otherwise the novice affirmation site:www.xxx.com, and then "wrong" You have not included or be k, not even contact with you.

17, the same, also don't think of the guys too silly, such as the main is a pure domain name or other, but take a with the WWW to come out for a link.

18, directly ask how SEO, I dare say, conservative people too much, generally not very detailed, very serious answer you. But the refusal is also an opportunity, such as the other people are not willing to change, there must be a reason, please do not miss this opportunity. You can ask him why he did not want to, and then think hard, so adhere to 1 months, I believe your site will be very strong, do not believe you can try.

19, please do not too much "Chinese" smart, link deception too much, do not enumerate, please do not for a link to let "self-esteem and self-love" lost.

20, link not friendship in, "never Bad" is the basic principle of the network, you may not care about others scold you a few words, do not hurt or itch, you unscathed. But for hacker attacks, blog negative information, etc., I think you will not care about it, gentleman easy to hide, the villain is difficult to prevent Oh!

Welcome to join this group of friends, but warn first said, the following several, are the criteria for the group:

1, the private withdrawal link, does not notice

2, SEO take down the right to change the station for links, cheat new people

3, SEO take the resource station to exchange links

4, False PR is your freedom, but to change the link before please explain

5, SEO love to play the cross chain of

6, the last 15 days, "Silence like gold"

7, full of PR, only to find PR higher than their own, our temple is small, can not accommodate you OH

8, motionless temper, full of foul language.

9, this group is a new group, expect a day to change to 10 links, cautious into

Finally, we have to talk about conscience when we change the link. Many private enterprises to see the site than the staff is important, many novice because the wrong chain and the site is down the right, and even K, Hard-won rice bowls have been smashed, pat their chest, ask yourself, you have the heart to see this scene? Heart is the meat long, believe that no one is not a stone in the jump out of , even if you are a stone, then we are the flames, believe that your heart will have dissolved that day.

(This article does not appear URL, contains only a group number, reprint please retain.) Of course, if you hate soft wen, feel deleted this Q, the article can be "soft" to "hard", then we also support your idea, that is to help and improve the article. Finally, thank you!

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