Liu Zhijun's work and past: media commentary on its development of high-speed railway

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Liu Zhijun's "Crime and Punishment" newspaper reporter Zhang Beijing reported that the Ministry of Railways Party secretary, Minister Liu Zhijun suspected of serious disciplinary violations, is currently being investigated by the organization, and the central government has decided to remove its party secretary posts, Guangzu took over the Ministry of Railways Minister.  A piece of news sparked a stir. "I have never heard of the wind before." A person close to the Railway ministry told the Huaxia Times reporter. Liu's dismissal was also filled with surprise even within the railway sector. Just in the news the day before, Liu also in the West extension line, the West Kang line, Xiang Yu line of the main driving equipment, line quality, security environment for a comprehensive inspection, and inspected the new Yanan station in Shaanxi Province.  12th Day, according to people familiar with the matter, Liu Zhijun also appeared in the Ministry of Railways, until the announcement of Guangzu successor, the following people know what happened. "This thing is so sensitive that no one is talking about it.  Said a staff member of the Ministry of Railways's Science research Institute. Although Liu's dismissal looks sudden, it is not without trace. Since 2006, when Liu's brother, Liu Zhixiang, had been convicted, the voice of Liu Zhijun's ouster has been sporadic.  During the "two sessions" of March 2007, there was a joint proposal of the NPC deputies to dismiss Liu Zhijun, which alarmed the Central high level, and then had the events of the Ministry of Railways and Bureau-level officials surveyed by Ho Hongda in June 2007. In early 2011, Shanxi Jincheng female entrepreneur Ding Shumio was taken away by the relevant departments, Liu Zhijun immediately happened. There is a deep correlation between the two cases, the source said. Ding Shumio is seen as one of the key vested interests in China's high-speed rail and derivative projects. A person close to Liu said that, beginning in the second half of last year, investigators have continued to seek talks with Liu Zhijun to understand the problem. "He is under a lot of stress and often can't sleep.  "On the day Liu was removed from office, China Broadcast Network also reported a lengthy interview with the Railways Minister Liu Zhijun: never to return home for the new year, but Liu Zhijun may not be able to return home for the new Year."  Work and over in the railway interior, Liu's nickname is "Liu Madman."  In addition to often put their lives in disregard of the experimental train, often sitting in the train cab looking at the driver driving, like a follower without haunt the railway station and other land, its proposed "to sacrifice the interests of a generation of railway people in exchange for China's railway development" and so on show its "crazy" general Maverick. In March 2003, Liu had just taken office, and all the railway passenger companies were withdrawn. In order to complete the railway system reform, the implementation of "Network separation", the Ministry of Railways has taken a series of measures to form a passenger transport company is the implementation of "Network separation" of the first step. At that time, 14 railway administrations all formed the railroad passenger Transport company, in the form completed "The network movement separates".  But the reform did not bring good news, in 2002, as the pilot of Zhengzhou Railway administration passenger company loss as high as 70 million yuan, which led to the decline in the welfare of railway workers, causing railway workers dissatisfied. In this case, the Zhengzhou Railway administration passenger transport company even had a staff jam, not outThe car even beat the leader's event. The abolition of railway passenger transport companies, the reform of the railway system as a "primary and secondary separation", that is, according to the requirements of enterprises separate, the government function of the enterprise to return to the government, according to the separate requirements of social and enterprise, the social functions of enterprises to return to society. The general direction is to transform the non-transportation operation unit into an independent market subject on the basis of asset reorganization and clear property right, and separate from the main transportation industry.  This clarified the main line of the subsequent railway reform. Subsequently, Liu Zhijun proposed the "Railway leap-forward development strategy" for several years after the national high-speed rail construction began to kick off. Since then, four horizontal four vertical high-speed rail network began to spread. He proposed that the railway should realize the "leap-forward development" and actively introduce advanced foreign technology to make the Chinese railways move towards a high-speed era.  From the beginning to put forward the construction of high-speed railway, to later master the high-speed railway construction set of High-tech, become China's foreign hands to take the fist products, in the forefront of the world, Liu Zhijun. However, the work does not arrive.  Railway reform has been slow and ineffective, and the continued growth of high-speed rail construction and huge investment have become the main reasons for the Railway Ministry's criticism during his tenure. 2006, when the deputy director of the Wuhan Railway branch of the Liu brother Liu Zhixiang for murder, more than 40 million yuan, a large number of unidentified sources of property was sentenced to death, suspended two years of execution. In early 2008, the snow disaster caused the Southern railway network into a serious paralysis, resulting in hundreds of thousands of of people stranded. In the 2008, the Ministry of Railways was largely excluded from the new Ministry of Transport because of the reform. The same year April 28, the rubber line occurred in a large accident, 72 people died, wounding 416 people, Liu Zhijun only a year later was sentenced to demerit. 2010, the new revision of the "Railway passenger transport regulations" and "railway passenger transport management rules", changed the provisions of the change, "because of illness and other cases of possession of hospital certificate by the webmaster consent can be in the car after two hours," and other circumstances tickets will be void, this clause caused a stir.  January 15, 2011, Yubunli, chief economist of the Ministry of Railways, told the media at the National Railway news conference that at the end of 2010 the ratio of assets and liabilities of railway enterprises was estimated at about 56%.  The railway system reform or the acceleration of Liu Zhijun's dismissal has made people see the hope of railway reform. There has been little progress in the reform of the railway system in recent years, even with the introduction of new reform policies and difficulties in implementation.  But when the boss takes office, it's a great concern to burn three fires.  The reporter learned from the authorities that the railway system reform will not let the railway company become the body of the legal person, in order to solve the existing problems of Zhengqibufen, and may study the original oil department, remove the Ministry of Change, the industry supervision and Public Welfare merged into the new Ministry of Transport, the operation of the establishment of an asset management company, in charge of "The National railroad Chess, if the railway company is converted into a corporation, the co-ordination and competition between the railway administrations will be out of control, and the transport will face a complicated tendency due to the differences between the authorities." Only the establishment of a national railway Corporation, in the National co-ordinationManagement, in order to properly play the role of railways, while the supervision of the responsibility out of the Ministry of Communications Management, separation of enterprises and enterprises.  The authority said. It is understood that companies that have been separated from the Ministry of Railways are not in control of the railway sector. In the steel, cement, rail and other major materials procurement is still under the Ministry of Railways, the project company to conduct a unified bidding procurement.  If the establishment of asset management companies, the existing railway defects-tariff and investment and financing system will operate in accordance with the market, not under the State policy regulation, will have greater autonomy. However, due to insufficient railway capacity, market-oriented operation will make the railway public welfare plummeted.  The person said that before the capacity is met, the railway system reform will be difficult to make much progress. In addition, high-speed rail construction is in full swing, a large amount of capital needs and national policy to nurture will be a powerful weapon in the construction of high-speed railways. It is understood that this year, the national Railway construction total investment of 850 billion, compared to last year more than 26.5 billion, still maintain high investment. High-speed expansion, creating a lot of achievements, if the Ministry of Railways operation, will inevitably involve the construction of high-speed railway positioning problem. At the same time, 2010 annual debt rate or breakthrough 56%. High debt risk will be another obstacle to institutional reform.
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