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With the rise of the Internet, a new industry also with the rise, IDC, you must be webmaster or network people will not be unfamiliar, presumably too many individuals or companies have encountered "IDC garbage", in this statement, what is called "IDC garbage", the reason they are "IDC garbage" is because they have made the customer's creepy garbage event in this industry!

I try to calm their words, not to let him out of the language, I want to encounter the IDC incident friends can understand my mood.

LENS One: The website suddenly cannot open, hurriedly long-distance call lets the engine room restart, IDC Trash Company personnel gives the reply: The technical personnel is rushing to the engine room to restart after 15 minutes. (This is understandable) after 20 minutes, continue to open the website, still can't open, ping after still can't connect the server! and call the computer room, their answer is, please wait a moment, one hours later, or as usual can not open. Call them again, get the news or technology has been restarted! Quickly open the browser, the result is still unable to open. and to the computer room to call: The site can not open, when you restart the ...!!! After one hours, the website can be opened.

Lens II: The site can not be opened for a day and a night, the previous year the machine tenant to find excuses to say that the machine old downtime is because the server system crashes, I think, the system crashes why has been able to use! As a result, they promised to redo the system. The next morning, the Web site as usual can not open, hurriedly called them, the result is still no movement. Later, friends contact the computer room, they say do not system, no optical drive! So I asked, what about it? Their answer is no way, do not system! Let it never open! This is an unbearable answer! The original trust, the machine entrusted to the past, but become the source of the present. But in the end they gave a solution. is to take a bus to Beijing to get back to do their own system to go! Holy.. Is this the company? Who is the boss of such a company? It is said that the second company has bought a building in Beijing! Friends say he has his way of success! Indeed, Hong Kong Triad can afford a country! Is this the way to success?

LENS Three: Your computer room processing speed so slow, always cannot open, redo system also do not do, we want to move the server, request to refund the remaining server hosting fee! Their answer is: move away, money will not return. What about the contract? Perhaps these small customers have long been trapped by them, your money is earned, but is not to give you service! is to let your website not open! Perhaps they do not mean this, perhaps they really want to let the client's server to recover early, but this is only their benevolent idea, their practice is so bad that you can not imagine the point! Perhaps their boss is good, there may be some low quality staff in trouble! I've been trying to find a reason to trust them, trying to keep myself from getting angry, trying to deceive myself into feeling like I'm worth thousands of bucks, but their actions tell me. Those are just the wishful thinking of these little clients!

Thought for a long time, also endure for a long time, finally wrote these, these years have been happy heart, but for a server with people over such a long time, oneself or customer, what customer is God, such a company, hosted before the customer is God, after the client became a slave!

Whether you are a person or company, in the hosting server, do not believe that "IDC garbage" rhetoric, some do IDC than do prostitutes are also cheap, the appearance of beautiful, lure you to the bait, earn your money, and then ignored! Presumably many friends are subject to this. I'm still a rarity in a company that can push clients into this position, but I wonder why there is no relevant department to manage the rubbish? Is consumption on the Internet not protected? Do they say no money is not a refund, not to deal with it? Why end customer can only suppress full gas installed grandson, even a P dare not put, you dare to put, unless you do your server can never open psychological preparation, do your things lost in the heart of preparation, to continue to be prepared by the atmosphere of the heart!

Call on relevant departments to introduce laws to stop this kind of situation continue to occur in the continuation of the Internet consumption is always a vulnerable group, the purchase of services after the management of the situation is too much. Now China's IDC market is basically a mess. Of course, in addition to some well-known brands. Really hope that every small company can be customer-oriented, the establishment of their own brand awareness, pay attention to the quality of staff, do not let a quality staff, employees under the efficiency of the destruction of your company's image! The company that buys a building is not a successful company, let the customer satisfaction of the company is really to the success of the company, hope that "IDC" garbage Jews, put yourself in the customer to think, standardize words and deeds, customers as customers to treat, we have no luxury, and do not want to be the customer as God, Just want to be a real customer!

If you are the leader of the company, then advise you in the hosting server or rent, try not to choose some unfamiliar company for the sake of cheap, so that is not to offend too much IDC, but want to let everyone suffer a little loss. 1000 dollars a year is not a matter of what, come out of the problem let you get the gas far more than those money!

Vigilant "IDC" garbage, so that people with conscience, have been the friends of IDC hurt the common supervision!

Disclaimer: This article is entirely visceral, in this article I do not want to hurt any company, just want to call up those people's conscience, let them put themselves in for the sake of customers, but not for an IDC, I entered the internet before the IDC company has worked, know that IDC has their difficulties, but, Hope that the company does not have the strength to the money to the small customers, so that the money to earn their own conscience will be condemned! I hope the relevant departments can provide justice for our clients. The introduction of relevant laws, let US law! (Zebian Admin01)

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