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A novel station 10,000 IP traffic why only earn 10 a few yuan this topic. Traffic is not bigger and more profitable. is the net earning training still "reliable"?

Then people will say because you do not have the difference, no product characteristics, no high quality of traffic (I said the high quality of the flow is white-collar boss, such as the flow) if the lack of these points of the flow of course is worthless. So everyone will say you a station 10 a few yuan, do 100 station not 1000 yuan? This is also the principle of doubling, in the network who can do every day to build station maintenance it? This errand is very bitter, who can completely hold 100 station. Then you have to struggle in the food and clothing line, all 7474.html "> grassroots webmaster is not all investment." Want to start a business to survive. Heavy blocking has long been a number of grassroots webmaster forced to exit the realm of the network! is this "reliable"?

I think the first thing to do to make a stand to attract high quality traffic! If a novel stands for a few rich people? Are they going to spend it on a novel? Just making a little League ad money. To do the station to first position a good target crowd! And know what you're doing! For example: Why does Alibaba make money? will not and Ma Yun's eloquence, leadership, market positioning of the separation! What is the crowd he is targeting? is some small and medium-sized enterprises, others Needless to say, these small and medium-sized enterprises to join Alibaba will pay 3000 yuan membership fee! Here we can think of how much business he has! Absolutely a vault, need money to go to the vault to fetch!

Success can be replicated, MA Yun positioning Small and medium-sized enterprises, as a webmaster why can not this positioning it? It is worth a lot of traffic to ponder!

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