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The first: To be a place to make money.

Second: No such a few strokes to do the local site you do not expect to make money

The third article: Want to make money the local website not good vision is also useless

Fourth: Make money in the local site without good body and spirit of the fight easy "premature"

Fifth: Want to make money where the site will not be packaged and die fast

Sixth: Make money in the local site before doing self-examination

This time is busy, the front six articles written out, there are dozens of webmaster added me, consulted a lot of questions, but the most or "you see what I fit to do?", "What website do you do, let me see" ... And so on and so on the idea of no goal, such a waste of time, waste of youth, waste of saliva, and then do not do. Now I write the seventh article, that is, for these problems to give you some of their own views and suggestions, hope to see later, if you add me, do not ask the same question, because I sometimes is very impatient ... (except for beautiful mm)

The word is turning

Do the necessary conditions for local sites, in fact, I also mentioned in the previous article, I began to think impassability, why we have to ask similar questions, I figured out, because these friends ignore the site to do a very core thing, that is attention to detail.

If I mentioned in the previous articles some of the factors that affect the success of website operations (by industry terminology, also can be called the keyword) you have not noticed, and with me to ask the same question, that explains a problem, you do not have the basic skills of operating a website, this sentence is not sound, but it is the truth.

Simply repeat: To run a local site, you need to have the following capabilities, if not, your recruiter or partner to fill the gap.

Good mentality, professional technology, first-class business ability, alternative planning thinking; if there are supporting government resources for your use, of course, better, the funds, I believe that we come up with a block should be no problem, in fact, this is almost.

A netizen tells me, he does not understand the technology, will not talk about the business, also Xiao not to do what the local website is good, just think this line is promising, so also want to come in to get a look, my suggestion is: aloof! It's better for you to stand outside than to let others "burn".

Some netizens asked me, he has a good program, there are some technology, pockets are still a little money, but will not talk about business, talk about business master cooperation can not find, also will not, if so, do not run the local site. You don't know how to get it, even if they want to give you money.

There are friends told me that my site is now more than 800 IP per day, PV thousands of or tens of thousands, I can not collect money? I told him, I 50ip/days, I still accept advertising fees, why can't you? Yes, in fact, some sites are 1000ip/days, you still can not receive any advertising fees, the key is not a station, Is the person who runs the website.

Below, I give you the local site to analyze some of the construction of the industry and characteristics, if you add me, I hope not to ask the same question, Billan only 24 hours a day:

A comprehensive portal site

I saw some webmaster friends sent me a Web site to help him look, open a look, the website interface is familiar, the function is very strong, the class head many. A little advice, a first-tier city to operate a local portal, prepare 10 million to do the bottom, does not cap, second-tier cities prepare 2 million to do the bottom, three-tier city operation prepares 400,000 to do the bottom ..., attention, all is not capped, but also wants a good project manager (the project manager is difficult to find, has the ability to do by oneself, You don't have the ability to see it, otherwise it's easy to spend your running money for a short time. Do not think that the next program to change a few lines of words, change a few pictures will be able to handle everything, the portal, everyone knows just call the portal, just from your entry and exit. What's the use of a local portal?

Ii. Local Forums

Local forum, the thankless thing; just imagine, even if you 1000 people online, what can you do? Forum enrollment number and active number of forums, my algorithm is 1:20 (press 30 minutes refresh once; Some forum administrators play tricks, he set 48 hours to refresh or longer, so, Sometimes you see the number of people on the line scare, which is a 48-hour record, and the person who shows up online may have left the forum long ago; that is, 1000 people online, you should have at least 20000 people registered. If below this number, that is the forum administrator set a long time to refresh the number of online, if higher than this number, for example: 40000 registered, currently online (of course, to see time, I refer to the normal period of time) only about 1000 people, oh, the forum is not enough viscosity, not worth, no play head, A lot of people are registered and ran away, what is the use of a registration amount?

Local forum operation, how do you make money? Commonly used is to hang a few ads, if the organization activities, netizens are very fine, you want to make money, no way, there is channel sponsorship or event sponsorship, it is a small money, and you put in the energy, is too not to draw. In fact, ten years ago I have a nearly 100,000 people's forum, the following has nearly 200 moderators, too tired, operating more than a year was I turned off, after all, bandwidth resources is money ah, at that time I still take one months only 1000 more poor salary.

There is a big problem with the forum, is the problem of content filtering, if you have 24 hours someone on duty, or you with the local network supervisor, otherwise, the above send a little illegal, anti-government, pornographic, close your station, drag your server to punish your money; Do not put hope in the forum system of those small keyword filtering function, if others look at you jealous, you have a set of ready.

Third, local dating site

Now the city men and women are very hungry, do not laugh, that is you, you are not thirsty ah, when the monk try (as if the current monk can also pick up girls, alas, monks themselves are out of bounds, not to mention you).

Bubble Forum, on QQ, play MSN, play network games, into the video chat room, if you know a few mm to talk, about to open a room this is normal, now mm also put open.

Local Dating Network, there is a great advantage, is registered are local people, to meet, to date, to engage in activities, very simple.

As long as your dating network has some beautiful mm, engage in activities have beautiful mm appear, your dating network is very easy to fire up. "You do not have a beautiful dating network mm registration?", alas, spend a little money please mm to register, engage in activities when not mm money, sometimes for the publicity also give her a little face fee.

Local dating network, making money can earn several aspects: membership fee, offline activity fee, advertising fee, business sponsorship fee, marriage intermediary fee, custom type of dating intermediary fees ..., you can earn if you have business ability.

Iv. Classification Information Network

The classified information Network was initially a success story in the United States, copied back to China, the earliest replication should be net, the interface is simple some, then after a period of time to upgrade, packaging, domestic classification information Network more and more beautiful, more and more powerful functions, but, do classified information network, you know how many people really profit? I have seen a lot of people shouting slogans, have not seen the money (of course, may also earn money not to speak, is secretly happy, it is only a very few, and operating strategy is absolutely unconventional).

Do the local classification information network need patience and large database, for this large database, how long you can achieve?

A friend said, my classified information network one day has 1000 IP,PV is also good; I asked quietly, did you make any money? How much do you charge for advertising?

If you want to do public service, please do classified information network.

V. Education and Training Network

This has a play, however, if the brand of education, through the education system approval, that is, to have the approval of the former opinion, hehe, to get the approval of the Education Bureau, there is a relationship, is a word, it does not matter, black to frighten the dead.

However, Chinese language and culture is profound, Chinese legal loopholes repeatedly, to drill, it is also possible, of course, if you make money, honor the leadership is also possible.

Now the schools are in the recruiting war, they are very thirsty, at the same time now, a lot of people do not have a diploma but always want to get a diploma to prove their value (my diploma was burned, I also helped some people test the diploma, now my ID card left).

The above is the profit point, how to profit, you analyzed ..., do not add me qq ask me how to operate education and training website to make money

VI. Catering Network

This also has a good, but early three months you have to take off a layer of skin, if take off a layer of skin, you find a person to help you, let him desquamate.

Eating and drinking, in a city, every day in a different story.

Every city-level city including the following counties are thousands of shops, 10 to choose a family to be enough for you to earn, so, the early collection of information to be specific, meticulous;

For these catering industry, eat affordable, they are very real, as long as they can bring customers, they are willing to spend money. Can receive membership fees, display fees, promotional fees, commission, etc., planning is very important.

As long as we all know that you this Food Network, at the same time through the Food Network of this medium, they treat dinner also do not have to find West. Of course, you must let the customer say "I am in * * Food online to see your store information," This sentence is for your advertising, this is the legendary "effect."

The following is simple to say, one such description, too hard too tired.

Waiter, tea pot!

Vii. Real Estate website

Request information update fast, content localization, original more, picture many, include real estate more, the website interactivity is stronger, and the property industry's network is good (now the property market seems to be depressed, this time to start, need some courage and strength).

Prerequisite: You must understand this line, if you do not understand also want to find a person who understands to be your partner or consultant.

Viii. Talent Network

I heard that the first few major talent network in the loss of money, to do the loss of death, alas. Talent Network feel not to make money, in fact, still have margin; Of course, if you burn faster than you earn, then of course it is a loss.

Network operators to collect membership fees, to do headhunting, for enterprises to provide human resources consultants, talent assessment, institutions to join .... Can collect money, as long as the master of Human resources, money, you still afraid of not earn.

However, the talent network, your Web site procedures must be good, but also very well, special customer experience, must be very good. Here is good, not powerful, but practical.

However, early operation to spend a little thought, the first three months is ready, six months is the momentum, a year is strong and on, planning is key, operating such a website, must be strong.

My next step is to run the local talent website, the domain name program is ready, in the customer experience is still doing optimization, on the internet, I am often asked what site I operate, I will publish this site, to meet the curiosity, I hope to add when I do not ask again, now has dozens of webmaster add me, one person asked, I was asked to be afraid. (Yongzhou recruitment network, please do not register, because this site is only for local; by the way, I use a genuine one; because some friends like to ask this)

IX. Web site Navigation Station

In a place, a small area, the site navigation is not used? Useful, high commercial value?

How does it work, you know? A lot of people do not know, but many friends like to do, because simple, online this program a lot of, change a logo, change the contact method is done.

Tell you a recruit, Occupy Internet Café homepage, you thought? Why haven't you done it?

How to expand the business? You want to ask me? The home page of the Internet Café is occupied by you, you already have specific business expansion ability.

X. Travel Websites

If the local tourism resources are rich, you can do it, but the initial data added is very time-consuming and manpower.

Travel websites are best able to call the local tourism bureau resources, at the same time can integrate tourist attractions, travel agencies, tourism service units, but also can sell local travel card ...

But be patient with this site.

Xi. Building Materials Website

Home Improvement building materials, profit space, the earth people know.

Do this site, online membership fees, advertising fees, but the key is offline activities, very important, but also an important source of money, especially to buy, brothers and sisters Ah, have the resources to take account of, it is best to sign the contract.

12, BtoB website

If your local enterprise many, especially many, then, will be Alibaba, Hui Cong and so on Big BtoB website to aim at!

If you want to take a loophole, find a local association of business associations such as the Federation of Federations or entrepreneurs.

13. Other

There are also some local forms of Web sites, not listed.

Ça, successfully running a local website. The front six all have, still have to choose the industry, you are not good at do not do, do not follow suit, others can make money, not that you can make money.

You have to consider your understanding of the industry, your team's executive power, your marketing skills, your resource integration capabilities ..., if you have, congratulations, you can go forward, if not, do not have a hard bow, this year, money is not good to earn; feel no flowers, take some for me to help you spend, I wouldn't mind.

Above belongs to my personal suggestion and the opinion, is not the standard, if you have the good idea or the idea, may also discuss, please add me qq:13457386 (overtime please specify "The local website operation")

If you add me, please do not ask me what I have said clearly in the article, thank you.

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