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When it comes to doing a variety of topics on the site, many personal webmaster friends will often sigh now do not know what the theme of the site is good. With Baidu and Google search, it seems that any site has already, now do a "domestic exclusive" "domestic only" type of site is unlikely. Even if your site is "the first in the country", not how long time, follow the Web site will be a succession of out. Whether it is a company or a person to do the Web site blindly to follow suit, what fire what new to do what, this is the Internet content of the topic repeat a major reason.

The same topic content to produce a large number of Web sites, the last real winners are not many, most of the site is difficult to achieve the desired success. For example, QQ class, Non-mainstream class, music class and even Webmaster class website. Some of the themes of the audience are large, but there are a number of Web sites early, at this time if you do not have enough power, money and time, or do not follow to do as well. Even if you do it can only be limited to the circle of a small amount of traffic, it is difficult to become a climate, better to do other topics. As the saying goes, when the chicken is not to do the Phoenix, and those who have been famous for the old site Rob traffic, rather than change the subject of the flow of their own to come. For example, you go to do mobile websites and mobile phone home These old sites rob traffic is obviously impossible, beyond them is not possible. But if you specialize in mobile phone software, mobile wallpaper and other content will be big, and appear more professional site, user groups more prominent. Now many such small theme website days are very nourishing, many people do not look at the small theme site, but the theme of small does not mean that the flow and small profits. Small traffic does not mean that the profit is small, the key is the value of traffic, many times 10 IP generated value can exceed 100,000 IP, such examples are not uncommon.

Site theme of the choice is to do the first step of the site, the site theme of strange, dazzling, as long as the thought, you can make it out. We often say 10 kinds of subjects: the 1th Category: Online job search; 2nd class: Online chat/Instant message/ICQ; class 3rd: Online community/discussion/mailing list; class 4th: computer technology; 5th class: Web/Website Development; 6th class: Entertainment website; 7th class: Travel, 8th class, Home/ Education, Category 10: Life/Fashion; Each large class can continue to be subdivided.

For example, entertainment category is divided into sports/movies/music and other small categories, music can be divided into Mp3,vqf,ra according to the format, according to the form of classical, modern, rock and so on. At the same time, various themes linked and cross-linking can produce new themes, such as tourism forum (tourism + discussion), the classic play (soccer + film) in this way, subject matter can be thousands of. Even train time inquiries, can also be subdivided into the K-word train moment inquiries, T-word train time inquiries, EMU time inquiries and so on. The following principles should be followed for choosing a site theme:

1, the theme should be small and fine: positioning to small, content to fine.

If you want to make a comprehensive site, all you think wonderful things on top, then often counterproductive, giving people the feeling is no theme, no characteristics, everything, but everything is very superficial, because you can not have so much energy to maintain it. The latest survey also shows that the theme stations on the Web are more popular than the foolproof stations, like stores and department stores, if I need to buy something on one side, I will definitely choose to buy a shop.

2. The theme is best for your own good or favorite content.

For example: You are good at programming, you can build a program enthusiasts website, interested in football, can report the latest situation, star dynamics and so on. So in the production, will not feel bored or powerless. Interest is the motivation to make the site, there is no enthusiasm, it is difficult to design a good site. You do not know anything about planting flowers, to do a site about growing roses, certainly will not invest much enthusiasm and energy, at best, just to complete the task, the site will not have much development.

3, the subject should not be too indiscriminate or too high a goal.

Too much is a topic that everyone can see everywhere, such as software downloads, free information, pop music. The goal is too high refers to the subject has some very good, well-known sites, you have to surpass it is very difficult. If you want to get the flow, it is not very easy, and it consumes a lot of energy and time.

After the topic is identified, you can do other work around the topic to determine if it is appropriate to do the site. Analysis of potential visitors to the topic to see if it is worthwhile to do a site, but also a key element. We all know "Zhou public dream" This theme has some websites do well, some websites tens of thousands of IP day is not surprising, but you want to take "dream of bloodshed" this theme to do the site, not only not necessary, also no value. Furthermore, to analyze the profitability of the site model and the possibility, if the visitor value is small, or your website theme is difficult to produce commercial value, light for traffic to do the site is not a good choice. We tend to see a site a day 10,000 ip,b site 10,000 IP a year, but B site may earn 10,000 a day, a site 1 years also earn less than 10,000, this is the theme and the difference between visitors. In general, the small theme of the site, whether it is advertising or e-commerce or services, are more close to the theme, but also easy to produce conversion rate.

The first impression of the site comes from its own theme, and identifying the theme of the site is a fairly important step. If it is not a portal site, the theme of a Web site as far as possible to choose one, too many people dazzled, so that visitors at a loss. Even if there are other content, just as embellishment and foil, must not be distracting. At present, choose a website theme is not very difficult, many webmaster also chose many good topics, but finally did not make achievements. Personally think, stationmaster failure reason 80% still come from oneself, say have no content to do website is just an excuse. Not single-minded not adhere to the common fault of the individual stationmaster, of course this also includes myself, is also my biggest regret. If I 06 that will continue to keep the UFO site, then now hao123 on the UFO site is probably my site, I gave up the decision I lost the opportunity. Persistence is victory, focusing on success, which is timeless truth and one of the secrets of many Web site success. (maoy/)

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