Michelle Reis praise son adapt to new home quickly don't put full moon wine consider hundred day feast

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Michelle Reis Micro Bo by netizens praised the news, Michelle Reis home, a three mouth to start a new life. Michelle Reis online happy revealed: "It's good to go home, small JM seems quite accustomed to his new house."  "The joy of being a mother is revealed everywhere. 5:57 P.M. the day before yesterday, she through the IPs Shunyi in micro-blog told the discharge message: "Michelle Reis has gone home." For the major media and children's shoes these days of support and blessings heartfelt thanks. "Michelle Reis rest a few days later, said on the Internet:" It seems that small JM also quite like us to decorate his new house. As for the Chinese name of the small JM, Michelle Reis said that there are now five or six different options, but she and Xu still haven't decided.  Asked if it would be a full moon wine, she said the full moon wine will not be set, but will consider the hundred-day feast. Michelle Reis friends and IPs boss Peter feel Michelle Reis do mother changed very much, often will small jm hang in the mouth side. (Yu Le)
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