Million network released the first domain name information security lock technology and services

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Domain registrar china million network recently released the first domain name information security technology and services, in order to protect the domain name registration information is not modified or malicious tampering, to protect the domain name security.

According to the introduction, the domain name security mainly relies on the domain name holder in the Domain Name Service management account and the password authentication information, but may the domain name holder's security consciousness not to be strong causes the weak password setting, or the password divulging and so on the domain name asset security to cause the great threat. and enable the domain name information security lock, will be at the same time in the domain name registrar and its superior registry for multi-level, various locks, and enable more secure authentication mechanism, to avoid tampering with domain name information or malicious transfer of domain names, greatly reducing the likelihood of such events occur.

It is understood that China's 57% of the key domain names exist to resolve the risk. Most of the sites, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, the site, automatically after the establishment of the domain name operation and maintenance services to the domain name registrar, domain name Registrar of the follow-up service capabilities will appear particularly important.

China million network vice President Yingqiao Bridge said: "Rich domain name value-added services to help users improve the domain name brand security, reduce the use of domain name potential risks, to create a healthy domain name industry chain." ”

It is reported that million network currently manages the domain name nearly 2.5 million, has launched the free Domain name examination, the free Domain name privacy protection, the brand domain name protection plan, the new top-level domain name application consultant and the outsourcing operation and so on service.

Commercial newspaper reporter Zhang Yiwang

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