"Cloud Farm" investment scale of tens of millions of dollars, official website domain name for alphanumeric combination ync365.com

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March 23 News, March 19, Lenovo Holdings announced strategic investment in the country's largest agricultural power platform "Cloud Farm", the scale reached tens of millions of dollars. It is reported that this is Lenovo's first investment in rural electric platform, "Cloud Farm" platform official website domain name for ync365.com.

At present, the cloud farms into the agricultural enterprises have hundreds, on-line brand thousands, with more than 200 county service centers, more than 16,000 village-level sites, the market covers Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and other more than 10 provinces, on-line one year, registered users more than million, known as "the country's largest online agricultural store."

According to the WHOIS information, "Cloud Farm" official website domain name ync365.com for alphanumeric combination domain name, the domain name registered in 2014, has been renewed to January 2024. ync365.cn suffix domain name is also "cloud Farm" registration protection, and "cloud Farm" three spelling domain name yunnongchang.com/.cn was registered in 2013.

Lenovo Holdings did not disclose the scale of the strategic investment. Chen said the details of the strategic cooperation could not be disclosed because of commercial secrecy, but the scale of the investment was "tens of millions of dollars". Lenovo Holdings is very optimistic about the agricultural market, of which only the agricultural market size is 2.2 trillion.

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