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For a novice SEO, especially personal site webmaster, how to choose a good domain name is very important, the following points are worthy of our webmaster to purchase the domain name to pay attention to the problem:

One, have a good domain name:

The standard of good domain name:

1, short: generally do not exceed 5 digits (so-called dapper in the judgment of the domain name is very appropriate)

2, easy to remember (easy to understand): For example, you are to do the game site, if your domain name is game.com or youxi.com I think you are not famous is difficult!

Try to choose the English phrase: If you can find the corresponding English phrase domain name, in English, you can find Chinese phonetic composition also. For example, the first time should be considered game.com. In the concept of big treasure: English phrase domain name than Chinese phonetic domain name more advantages, whether for people or search engines, are easier to remember.

3, the domain name registration time to be long: The domain name registration time is best two years: now very stationmaster registers the new domain name all is registers only one year time, this causes many domain names to be used after one year to deactivate, from the strict sense, the domain name registration time for one year is "the rubbish" domain name. Quote a word of celebrity (Zac once said, if you have a registration time than SE also early domain name, then you have to do what the domain name is basically invincible) domain name one-time registration of the length of time (with our normal thinking, if you do a garbage station, you will register 5 years or even 10 years? No, If you register for 5 years, 10 station, you must very much value this station only then, so se also think so.

4, based on the search engine considerations: The domain name has innate weight, with a formula to explain the innate weight of domain name, domain name suffix born weight, gov government greater than edu education more than org Public welfare organization than com=net=cn= other country domain names.

In fact, the inherent weight of the domain name is only a little factor, SEO can not be very big impact. Therefore, we choose the domain name, or from the user experience to consider, as short as possible, remember. If it is an enterprise station, it should be connected with the business position of the enterprise. Try to first. com domain name. Because. com has gone deep into the hearts of the vast majority of netizens. Status is unmatched by others.

5, check whether the domain name is K: 1, through the site:/Link: Two search instructions, see the domain name included, if included as 0, but a lot of external connections, then this domain name has been K. First to Baidu search site:***.com if not included page, then search domain:***.com, if there are included pages, it can prove that the station was K. 2, directly in the search engine input site address query, if found that a number of results in the complete inclusion of the domain name, and site has not, then this domain name may have been K. (There is no way that search engine indexing is not immediately published in search results.) 3, by viewing the site history page, the site world rankings, etc. to determine whether the domain name is the old domain name.

I survey the network for seven years, from an unknown webmaster, adhere to the present, every day in learning technology, and share their own experience, hope that in the sharing process, we can learn SEO technology, self happy, others happy.

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