Minister of Water Resources: the national drought area is expanding

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Washington (reporter quiet) yesterday, the National Defense General website News, National Defense General Deputy Commander, Ministry of Water Resources Minister Lei in the Conference on drought-resistant conferences, said, due to the range and intensity of rain and snow is limited, coupled with temperature rise, crop green water demand increase, drought area is still expanding, drought-resistant  In order to do a good job in drought protection and Chun Gua, the Ministry of Water resources will lift the whole industry, mobilize all the forces, in accordance with the National Ministry of the General Water Conservancy drought resistance work plan and drought-resistant work plan of 9 provinces and regions, make every effort to take measures to ensure that the winter wheat area PU  In view of the problem of increasing drinking water difficulty in some arid areas, the national Defense general, the Ministry of Water is refining the people drink to solve the solution, the wide provision of emergency water sources, the organization of professional teams, to take the village, the package point, Packet way, through the pull and water, and other measures to ensure that the drought area of the masses can drink clean water, to ensure the safety of urban and Lei requirements, to do a good job of the water diversion, the Pearl River basin, Xiangjiang River and Gan and the Three Gorges dry season water flow unified dispatching. The Yellow River Xiaolangdi, Wanjiazhai Reservoir has increased the discharge, along the yellow area to be more cited, more regulation. In arid areas, we should combine drought-resistant water source construction and reservoir storage, rivers to water situation, as many as possible, to mention, more barriers, more storage, and strive to increase the pool water storage, and strive to increase irrigation, to ensure water and water safety.
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