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Here Wuhan SEO mixed Kid First said, I am not saying that my blog is high quality, the reason to write this article, mainly because today I suddenly found that SEO blog has not been mentioned about blog articles, so summed up their own these 5 months experience, As well as reference to a number of friends of the unique method, because the various types of independent blog, so the method is not the same, recently has a friend consulted me about the independent blog, I am sorry not to help this friend what things, want to say is to build a separate blog very easy, But want to build a high-quality independent blog is not so easy, independent blog thousand thousand, really do less success.

How to do the independent blog, to create a high-quality independent blog, this question is the vast number of independent blog webmaster want to know, and I also particularly want to know, I am not ambitious, want to do a high-quality independent blog, haha! Okay, no more nonsense, let's get down to business, let's open the way to creating high quality independent blogs. (Even if we can't, we can work in this direction)

First, to create high-quality Independent blog:

1, the Blog program choice: Here you will certainly ask, I create High-quality blog and blog program has any relationship, the old saying "workers", good weapons can bring good results, often good blog program in some details above, security above done is very good, So the 1th article to write this blog program choice for the Independent blog program, we are familiar with the ASP zblog,php WordPress, other programs such as I contacted several years ago and used Pjblog, Emlog, other independent blog program I did not use, Here is not explained in detail, in the future if there is time I will write, I personally recommend the use of Zblog, Wordpress, Emlog in one, not only modified to be convenient, but also the safety of the line, according to different procedures, etc.

2, Outstanding Blog theme: Each blog has its own positioning, whether it is writing mood, or focus on a certain industry, otherwise visitors to your blog, do not know is God horse things, very egg pain oh. What do you do for your blog and what can you bring to visitors? These are all things must be considered, what is the flow of rubbish is the target, I believe we all have a deep understanding. For example, Lou's blog is focused on the original it class articles, and Red Tao, pray many, Shu Jun and other blogs are focused on the site optimization seo, mouchangqing is focused on website promotion, their own independent blog as long as in the industry to make a point, whether it is personal brand promotion or network communication is beneficial.

3, to remember the prominent blog domain name and name: Hehe, this actually everybody must say that I am the boast, does not matter, the honest ha, for instance my domain name is: www.***.com, the mixed kid's full name, but the blog (Logo) names I also call for the mixed kid, other's does not say, Let me take a screenshot to show you:


Here just in the first blog article "Open blog message" Inside found, I believe that I have seen the blog for my domain name, and so the impression must be very deep, and my domain name is called the mixed-kid, but also to create a personal small brand ha, ha ha!

4. Original content of high quality: the resources on the Internet are very large, netizens want to find what information, often Baidu, you can find what they need, keyword is will not find, often find some things are not complete, and have to look again, so we need high-quality original articles, Good article can attract visitors attention, people will come next time, only to help others to help themselves, often in the article to add a special interesting character words, will let the person who read the article feel particularly interesting oh, such as what egg pain, pit Dad, girls and so on ( We are in Wuhan SEO group use these words to do the net name of the crowd AH)

5, insist on continuous efforts: in the middle of a period of time I did not write a blog, because more busy, busy traveling to make money, the computer has no chance on, in this period of time, many friends asked me why not update the article, and through the background flow view, traffic is very little, even less than 100 a day, So insist on continuous efforts is a very important factor, want to skyrocketing is impossible, from scratch is also a process, and the target group is also need us to aggregate, it is impossible to all the people in the country know you, and need our long-term accumulation of users, only we continue to accumulate, continuous efforts, Our independent blog can bring more useful things to others, people are willing to stay here for a long time!

6, the article should have the regular update: here mainly said Lou, everybody knows, his article update frequency is a week, three or five, so that visitors know when to update the article, and the most important thing is that the updated frequency is just, daily update words may have sensory fatigue, and to tell the truth, Write some original quality articles every day, you really also can not share how long ran out of ammunition, and 2 days a, just meet the needs, so that the blog to bring a loyal visitors, we do a regular, visitors to the law to us here, rather than a long time not to ... If you are updated today, and tomorrow also updated, suddenly 10 days do not update, and visitors to the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow also came, but did not see your article update, people do not bother to come, is not very egg pain!

7, Blog Outstanding results: Here are the results of the blog is that you must have a certain professional or substantive, you write site optimization seo, write this writing all day, but you always in the search engine did not rank, so how can visitors believe you? So be sure to make some achievements, Others only know your experience has a certain desirable way, ask Zac if not share so many practical articles, not the keyword "SEO" long-term occupy home page, who knows him? who buys his books? Qiu Shi has shared some of the more successful cases, and many people have known him, These are the needs of professional achievements outstanding! Now write SEO blog so much, if even their own blog ranking is not good, how to drive others .... May be more intense words, I hope not to offend some people, I told the truth!

8, the establishment of Word-of-mouth: This is my first criticism under himself, I rarely help people, today there is a friend asked me a question, I was more busy, back to the sentence: you busy, and then someone said: It seems you are not very friendly ah worthy of the name of the mixed boy, look at the picture:

And often can help others, others will be grateful to you, remember you, at least a live thank you sound very comfortable:


On the Internet to see a sentence: As the saying goes, the golden nest is not as good as their own kennel, gold silver than the user's praise, Gold Cup silver is not as good as the user's reputation! Is there a reputation for fear that no one knows your blog?

Second, to promote their own independent blog: (Let more people know this blog)

1, the third party blog post release: Here is I did not operate, but I have a third-party platform to publish the article experience, to promote the site at that time brought about by the traffic is also very considerable, but is free, far from saying, said today, because the first 2 days published the Site page ranking article, and then today a friend added me, Or look at the screenshot:


And this article itself does not account for the gold position, if the A5 is the top or something, it is conceivable that such exposure is very strong, here on the test to the writing level, the general comparison of the big impact of the third party platform has Eric, Donews, Chinaz, Admin5 and so on, If the homepage is recommended here, the exposure rate is very big oh, hey!

2, blog exchange visits: Remember that there is a period of time housekeeping some bloggers are disgusted blog visits, everyone has their own ideas, my attitude is to adhere to their own way to go their own choice, in good articles, no one to see is a heap of excrement, in the blog visits can know more information, to know more friends, to share their experience to more people, Remember---cows are flawed, 365 lines in the network, line has its own champion, other people's experience is also experience, the bull is also afraid to say what they will, if said, such a cow in my son is a pile of excrement, and blog comments to reply, this is my plan to do, But the rogue still does very badly!

3, to participate in various interviews: here in fact also need to reach a certain degree of influence, the general interview program will invite you, this is also a promotion of their own brand, I also had the honor to participate in Webmaster Encyclopedia interview, Hehe, although still a rookie, but I have been on the road ahead, to participate in various interviews also let me recognize more friends, Thanks to these friends, all the way have you, I am gratified!

4, Other: the other inside the promotion method is very much, such as QQ group (under the premise of others do not resent), such as the production of blog themes and then share, this is done in a better Shanhan, and then there are some popular areas to share the wonderful blog, this is there, For example, when I post my original posts in some forums, many people know me, and then through a number of links into my blog, a better understanding of my blog, if my blog is attractive enough, it will certainly attract him for a long time, there are many methods here, everyone's ideas are different, ideas are different, Everyone enjoy to play it, in short, to promote their own blog, is not to affect the user aversion to improve the exposure rate!

Summary: Write so much at a breath, also did not go to organize, with the sex and write, there are definitely omissions, I have to write the method, but overall, I do not enough, but also hope that this blog can remind themselves, ready to follow the example of Pine Brother, update three articles each week, Monday, five, and then try to help some friends Hey!

Original article please indicate reproduced from Wuhan SEO mixed Kid Blog, this article address: http://www.hunxiaozi.com/post/52.html

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